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  1. WTB/WTTF Daughters S/T

    hah Got any Canada Songs TP’s by chance ??
  2. Sold out on CDjapan but still available on amazon.jp thanks for the heads up
  3. I definitely can’t make that happen, But if your into Injury Reserve, I’ll trade you a sealed copy of Floss/live from the dentist office 2xLP, limited to 500.
  4. I'm selling my copy of Phantom Brickworks Limited Edition /100.
  5. PO: REZZ - Mass Manipulation

    I reaseved mine through deejay a month ago, paid $32 yesterday, got my tracking number today. Great service, though I was skeptical at first.
  6. FS: Movie Monster - Transistor (2014 Graveface KickStarter)

    Hey is it still available ?