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  1. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Boom. Roasted. Get this man a biscuit
  2. Someone please buy this and let the board know if said blowjob is included. Appreciate it.
  3. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    You're doing Gods work (if a god existed) so don't sweat the turds on the message board (almost all of us). You do you. You do you
  4. That catalog number is different than the one I got from amazon though. Meh'
  5. New Website Detects Deals On Amazon

    Can you please track the Nina Simone box set and any other Nina LPs please?
  6. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    I dig what you're doing. Keep on keepin' on. Life's a garden, dig it.
  7. My first order last week (?) was cancelled after 48 hours. Then they went up again. I ordered again and this time I got shipping confirmation. Frustrating.
  8. Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    Flickerstick would be. So.Good. So would the Seven Deadly Sins Soundtrack. Anyone watch this show? So fun. Good action. A bit pervier (real word?) than expected. Enjoyed
  9. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Pretty talented 8 year old. His work is great! That's just my opinion though.
  10. Not going to lie. I thought you wanted to trade for a Jurassic Park dildo. No judgements here. I should probably get my eyes checked though.
  11. WTTF Frank Ocean Blonde RSD only

    Oh and obviously I have a copy of Frank Ocean Endless to throw in the mix. HA. Now you can laugh.
  12. WTTF Frank Ocean Blonde RSD only

    Hoping to find someone that has an extra copy of Blonde that they want to trade. I don't care if it's open or sealed. As long as there are no audio issues. Near Mint status on the record. I don't mind Sleeve tears/bumps/dings too much. Looking for the RSD Official release. No bootlegs. If you're in Chicago, I can meet up for a trade! I have a few things that are worth something but not quite BLONDE status. Just looking for a fair trade. Let me know! Feel free to laugh at my desperation, trust me i'm laughing as i'm posting this. Brand New - Science fiction Limited - Sealed (i think it was limited to 500? Paper bag version) Tyler the Creator - Scum Fuck - Yellow Wax - Sealed with sticker The Exorcist Sountrack - opened - clear wax with smoke effect - SIGNED by William Friedkin Piglet - Lava land (coke bottle clear vinyl - limited to 100) Gloria Barnes - Uptown Sealed (black friday edition) Infected Mushroom - return to the sauce - White vinyl Signed Black swan (mondo) Clear with swirls (sealed) Mad Max (Mondo) White with Silver Color-In-Color opened I'm sure I have a shit ton of more sealed stuff and opened stuff I just haven't had a chance to listen to. Let me know what you like and I'll go into the lodge and see what I can find. Again if you're local to Chicago I'd prefer to meet up. Thanks for looking. Feel free to message me directly.
  13. Records You Are Lucky To Own

    I have a 1 of 1 Kevin Devine Little Elephant on Clear. I feel lucky to own that.