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  1. This is lame. It'd be one thing if it was like $10-$15. But $30? Really?
  2. Waxwork Records Thread

    yeah $45 cheaper, it was $205
  3. PO Now: Iron Chic "you can't stay here" out 10/13

    The first or fest? I have the first edition splatter pressing, would be willing to trade for a first pressing of the constant one if you're interested.
  4. Waxwork Records Thread

    Just saw them post a picture somewhere of F13 saying they're packing them up this week
  5. The Mondo Records Thread - Nostalgia Cash Grab Edition.

    Just got my Box of Souls box set in. Pretty awesome. There's a few small things about it that are kind of a bummer, I wish the booklet that came with it was a little more substantial (its more like a pamphlet than a booklet, but still cool anyways). The inner box isn't printed with Freddy's sweater pattern but rather a printed paper that is wrapped around that inner box, so a few edges are already coming loose. Not a huge deal but worth mentioning for the price tag. However! The artwork on the jackets are amazing, the jackets are all matte finish so they look incredible together as a set, the box itself is pretty heavy duty and mine came packaged extremely well with no damage at all. I haven't spun them yet so I can't speak for sound quality as of right now, but as long as they sound good I feel like this was totally worth it. If the original pressings didn't cost $50-$100 each then I would probably feel differently, but I'm pretty content with the package.
  6. The Mondo Records Thread - Nostalgia Cash Grab Edition.

    Hahaha. Doubtful. I usually don't go for most of the re-issue ost's unless they're a bitch to find an OG pressing. Case and point for this. Just buying the first 4 OG pressings would cost the same price as this box set.
  7. The Mondo Records Thread - Nostalgia Cash Grab Edition.

    Supposedly the first 1000 nightmare box sets were supposed to ship last week, I wonder if anyone got shipping notifications or got theirs. I don't even think the first 1000 sold out. Wondering if they just took them all to Mondocon to sell and then will ship out the leftovers this week.
  8. Waxwork Records Thread

    Most likely they'll be the same price maybe an extra $5 or something. At least thats what I would hope. I just hate how vague that is, does last remaining mean 5? 20? 50?
  9. Waxwork Records Thread

    I wonder how many are the "last remaining copies" hasn't been sold out for months?
  10. PO Now: Iron Chic "you can't stay here" out 10/13

    As did mine its a damn nice jacket! The splatter is ok, but I think the smartpunk variant will probably be the best looking. Haven't spun it yet, hoping to tomorrow.
  11. Waxwork Records Thread

    I hope they fixed the sound issues, listened to my splatter copy the other day and there is sooo much surface noise and pops. Luckily they're mostly audible when its the quit parts but it also takes away from the mood of those sections. Still a killer soundtrack though.
  12. PO Now: Iron Chic "you can't stay here" out 10/13

    I love this album. Been playing it on repeat constantly now. Its different but the same and thats exactly what I love about this band. Every album is different from the last but still has enough familiarity to it that I instantly love it.
  13. PO Now: Iron Chic "you can't stay here" out 10/13

    Oh yeah didn't think of that either, I just want to hear the album so bad. One of my favorite bands and those new tracks rip.
  14. PO Now: Iron Chic "you can't stay here" out 10/13

    Realized my shipping notification is actually for tomorrow haha. Checked my mail and still no download, I'm wondering if maybe they only sent this out to like the first 50/100 people or something. I know I wasn't in the first week or so of preorders.