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  1. Christ, that WM looks evil! Really kicking myself now, for missing it...twice!
  2. Drat! Ah well...easy come easy go..I've a few rarities so far..including the gorgeous Lava Lamp fro Salty Dog..I'll be content with that. I pre-ordered your mystery variant, way back in November, Ethereal!
  3. Any news on the possible spare Wax Mages Ethereal...I haven't forgotten!
  4. Got both the Needlejuice & Greenways issues today. The Greenways looks as it does on the site..but I can see what some of you have said about the NJ one. Whilst it doesn't look too bad..it's nothing like the mock up! I guess that one was always going to be a gamble for a new label...I'm happy that I got it at least! Not a bad effort for first release for NJ. Takes my total haul, so far, to 28.....yeah I know....what the hell have I done?! And whilst I have promised myself that I was done with Poly....that LED one from Romanus Records is still winking at me....but from what I've read on their FB page...it's going to be RSD release. Does that mean then...it won't be made available to overseas buyers? I haven't got involved with RSD releases before.
  5. Greenway Records edition shipping this weekend...they're doing a second variant limited to 50 copies soon, plus a few more TP bundles will be made available shortly. If my memory serves me....this label sold 75 TP's of this or something like that, hardly super exclusive now is it, eh!
  6. Oh...just thought i'd put this out...the Poly market is now well saturated..but saw this interesting take on Poly. This label has decided to ditch the standard front cover for a custom designed artwork created by Eden Cooke. Tiny Canadian indie label Kingfisher Bluez, clear vinyl with pink/purple splatter, limited 200 copies, ships 14th Feb. I came across this, as their bandcamp site also has the Neptoon poly variant available on it too..for anybody still thinking of getting a copy, buy the two & save on shipping!
  7. Ah finally! I sent them a message a week ago, querying what was happening with their pressings, as I also ordered a copy of all three of theirs plus a TP...got no reply. But it's supposed to be shipping out today, according to their site. I couldn't find their FB page previously...but have now...didn't know they also operate under the name of speedowax, as well. As for the Stolen Body pressings, I've received both of mine last week, the Crumbling Castle and Wanaland editions. They did send me shipping notices for them. Looking forward to getting that Aural Pleasures pressing too, I read that latest update...hellava lot work going into it, eh!
  8. Heya armadillo....well...Neptoon had a 'coming soon' page up for weeks...but then it just disappeared, so I had assumed they weren't doing it. Then out the blue, the order page appeared!
  9. Kudos to Neptoon Records...ordered their Poly variant 2nd Feb..received today! Just 4 days to ship from Canada to UK...pretty damn quick shipping! Looks fab btw..especially when held up to a light source...Neptoon did a great job of their offering. Apologies for not uploading a picky of it on here...I've no idea how one does that.
  10. If one has a mobile amardillo..i haven't. Never been interested in them. How the world has changed in just a couple of decades, to reach a point where it is generally assumed that everybody has got one now!
  11. My internet connection went down yesterday afternoon, a couple of hours before those few WM's went up...so I missed it again! Dark forces appear to be working against me. Could you let me know if you get any surplus please, Ethereal, thanks.
  12. Well...hardly a glowing response..oh well..it was just an idea. Just thought that since some more were being printed off..some of guys would like to replace the damaged ones you had.....pardon me for speaking! In any case, got a reply from the guy..he said it would be easier to send them out with any future orders for best protection from damage during transit & he'd need proof of damage upfront first...so given the response to this..I doubt you lot would be keen on doing all that, granted it's a bit of palaver..so I'm not gonna pursue it any further.
  13. Hi guys....listen up. Been chatting to the guy running Blood Music, on discogs he responded to a member regarding the Yellow/Blue splatter pressing....about the damaged/split inner sleeves. It seems he held back from sale, a few boxes received damaged from the pressers, and is waiting for the pressers to reprint some more inners. Some of my copies have inner seam splits, so I asked him if was able to get some more printed off to replace mine and anybody else who inners were split. He's now asking me for an idea of how many....so folks...if you've got any BM pressings with split inners, let me know...so I can pass on the figures to him and maybe he'll replace them. Might as well, since he's printing some new ones off! ;-)
  14. Aww bugger! That's another wax mage variant I've missed....sh** & p*ss!
  15. Are you still giving one away randomly, Ethereal? I seem to recall you mentioning this..i think!