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  1. Saw this on VMP.....FB colours vote, you can pick your fav three out of the 17...done mine...some nice designs there, but the first one looks exactly like the Gruesome one, couple of others very similar to other Flightless pressings. Check them out on VMP - http://forum.vinylmeplease.com/index.php?threads/all-things-king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard.4737/page-84
  2. I think all said and done..the one I choose will come down to the best price...so might be the Sofa King or that interesting Aural Pleasure variant...but haven't check out the shipping costs for that one yet. Been checking the stock levels of those that I can check...not a lot much shifted today.....but then I've just remembered..it's Black Friday, today! lol! Folks will no doubt be engaging in battle against other shoppers...how many will end up in A&E today, I wonder?!
  3. Yeah same here....I've gone for several of the UK/EU ones..and probably get the rest too in time....but had to get the Rhubarb & Same Ghost ones...the charity one (of course!) & a few others that were too nice to ignore! It's been an expensive month for me!
  4. I have a copy of the HeadOn/Pil..but not the Cellophane...really want that one...anybody got one going spare..preferably a sealed complete one with the 3D specs.
  5. Yeah..they've done something different there, I like it....hence the reason I like the Wax Honey version too....just something different. Yikes! That's expensive postage...I'm in the UK..so where are you? Wondering if it's going to cost as much for me? I was hoping that last liquid filled one would go on auction, & or the last Wax Mage from the RAINN charity page...but no sign of it yet. I wonder if Kanya West (why has he chosen that moniker?) could let us know what's happening with that? I'd like the liquid one!
  6. Well good luck to them...if it looks like they will sell all of them, then I will get one of each..but doesn't look like it at moment.
  7. I manage to get a sealed Oddments rainbow Splatter & Float Along trans Orange earlier this year too...and like you, don't have the first two...but have got a Willoughby's Beach....still sealed. There's a Anglesea CD on Ebay for sale...but the price is just too rich for my blood. Maybe one day someone will re=release that one too. BTW Craigduk....the Aural Pleasure edition is $21 not $35...ubless you've included postage on that too. My Poly orders to date: Blood Music - 1 x of all 5 editions Stolen Body - 1 x Crumbling Castle & 1 x Wanaland Greenway - 1 x Red/Blue half/half Splatter Needlejuice - 1x Crumbling Polycolour ATL - 1 x Purple/violet (but currently in process of changing it to the blood orange one) Too Many/Vinyl Moon - 1 x Wizard Blob Ethereal - 1 x Mystery Edition Salty Dog - 1 x Lava Lamp ed. Constant Rotation - 1 x of all 3 editions Gruesome/Same Ghost - 2 x Clear/Pink Blob & Splatter Rhubarb - 1 x Mystery Colo(u)r (I'm British it should have 'u' in it!) Pocket Cat - 1 x Laserdisk LP Bubblewrap Collective/Phwoar & Peace - 2 x Red & Black Haunted Attic Records - 2 x Red/Green Splatter To Get: Homeless - both variants Mystic Liquid - Trans Red/Yellow Diggers - (well....it's only 1 euro!) Shuga - Clear/ w glow-in-the-dark slipmat et al. Hot Wax - both variants (if they look likely to sell out...not looking promising) Aural Pleasures - Double 45rpm Trans Blue/Yellow (slow going on backers, but 41 days left to go so could sell out) Possibles: Fuzz Club - Black, Cassette Double A Side - Yellow/Purple ATO (if it's a gud 'un!) Crane - black Audiophile Edition Facebook Fan based edition (when it goes live) Heavenly? - dunno if anything's materializing with them And mibbe a few others.....when details on them become available. Which do you guys think has the best standard black version? I have only the Blood music one so far.
  8. Yes..i might go for that one to...the mock up apparently don't do it justice....the colours will be more spectacular than is shown. If this is true and this will be the only issue to have the entire album, syynths and all....then mibbe this is the vinyl holy grail for Poly fans. Still hoping somebody will put some insane wacky design up...there's been a couple so far - the 7" 36 second thing..which I didn't get...or that Needlejuice one....which I like what he's done there, but that artwork could be better.
  9. Yeah..I have managed to work out how to check quantities remaining now. They might sell the cheaper one out...but that boxset hasn't reached a 100 units yet. Personally speaking, I think that one should be more exclusive..say 200-250 copies max...they could sell that amount..maybe. I hope they reduce it before Dec 11th..cos I want one!
  10. I have been keeping up to date with the releases i can find...as one can see on the discogs page (in the reviews bit - username Dukeman)....I'm autistic (Asperger's Syndrome), so diligence & detail is a trait with me! I'm also one of 'those' completist's...although I confess I do not yet own all the King Gizz releases (I haven't started on PMDB yet)...& some are now way out of my budget....but i'm really hoping KG do finally re-release the first four albums next year. Would be nice if folks would be willing to list what Poly orders they gone for...just to keep things ticking over till number 5 drops. Who has bought the most editions I wonder? I have 23 so far...hope to get that up to 30 soon...but have missed a few...would've liked a Fuzz Club....so might get the standard black edition & cassette. Looking forward to getting my laserdisc, never had one those before. Finally....would anybody like to suggest on which of the releases gets shipped out first? My money is on the Laserdisk. To all record vendors that frequent on here & VMP....please do by all means keep me updated with any info on your releases....shipping dates, numbers sold... etc I'm a sucker for trivial pointless information like this....like I said, i'm a sad bugger!
  11. Ah thanks spoon! Does one need to be a member of FB to order one when it does go live, or are they creating a webpage for it?
  12. Awwwww! That wasn't fair...you said you were going to auction one of them! I was in the land of nod..when you put those up...bah humbug!
  13. Yeh...i'm a real sad b*****d! *sighs* I need a girlfriend....anybody got one going spare?!
  14. Anybody got any info on that facebook fan pressing and when it is going to be released? I'm not a member of FB.
  15. I see that Needlejuice is struggling to shift those Decagon shaped edition, only 47 sold so far. If only the artwork is a bit better, i'd go for that one too.