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  1. Interesting..i wondered who pressed them? Not much info on discogs, other than '12barbruise', which didn't yield any results via google search.
  2. Anybody noticed the new Poly editions from Salty Dog yet? That's the label that did that gorgeous Lava Lamp amongst others. 5 new variants up for grabs; Black Jap OBI 150g Edition 25 copies (7 left), White Jap OBI 150g Edition - 25 copies (5 left), Woodstock Edition - 150g Orange and Bright Purple wax with some white splatter - 33 copies (8 left) - (almost as cool looking as the Lava Lamp), Nuclear Fusion Edition - 150g Bright Purple wax with some white splatter - 33 copies, & Theophany Edition - 150g Maroon wax, white splatter and a black blob imperceptible to the naked eye, until held to the light - 33 copies. All hand numbered as per before. The three multi coloured ones look really neat, especially the Theophany edition, which has a blob in it, that only be seen when held up to a light source. The label that produces only very small limited runs, I like what he's doing, so as I've have 5 of his earlier variants, I picked up another 4. OBI variants AUD 34.99, colour variants AUD 40. Shipping for 4 records came to AUD 44 dollars (about £24) - shipping to US probably cheaper, so, pretty good. If I recall, I didn't get stung with UK custom's fees with my other editions from SD, so works out about £25-28 a record shipped. Ships from Saturday 19th May , check 'em out. https://salty-dog.bandcamp.com/merch Woodstock Ed. Nuclear Fusion Ed. Theophany Ed.
  3. TheDuke

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Castleface don't have the licence to press other King Gizzard albums, as I believe ATO is now the official US distribution for their releases. But Castleface can & does continue to peddle out multiple variants of Quarters & Fuzz. I've enough of these, so, just to disprove DTD's theory of 'us' Gizz nuts...I ain't buying any more of 'em...especially at those prices!
  4. King Gizz Cellophane received today, 6 days ship from across the pond, pretty good. Very well packed, vinyl & sleeves in great condition. Thanxie muchy!
  5. Just asking around...still looking for a copy of Those Lovely Eggs - This is Eggland Fried Egg rsd issue....any leads, or has anybody got one I can purchase at a sensible price, ta.
  6. I thought they weren't getting involved this year?
  7. While I hink of it folks...i'm still looking for a copy of that Eggland fried egg picture disk....really don't want pay a flipper @ 3 x the rrp for it...anybody got one I can have for a sensible price?
  8. I emailed resident a few days ago...they have a large stock of Arcade Fire..so not surprising that it's still available. But they do state on their website, that not all items they have for sale are stocked..so I presume they're waiting for returns from unsold stuff overseas.They did mention that they're waiting for some Wire boxsets to come back from the states apparently.
  9. Tangerine Dream Zeit now sold out @ resident records...glad I got that one.
  10. Anybody still looking for Wire, Sufjan, Daughter, Arcade fire, Taylor 1989, The national.....all still available at Resident records UK..they ship internationally. http://www.resident-music.com/search&keyword=the national Got a few more goodies...so i'm happy.....couldn't log on for 5 minutes...thought the damn site had crashed!
  11. Flightless have got the baby blue variant up on site for anybody who wants one, plenty available....I wish I'd waited....just received mine from JB HiFi..and as usual got done with custom charges again! https://flightlessrecords.com/products/king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-gumboot-soup-baby-blue-edition-includes-free-immediate-mp3-download
  12. 5 hours behind UK time...so midnight Fri UK = 7pm EST US
  13. TheDuke

    Record Store Day 2018

    What country do you live in? As I've checked resident records UK, they still have some, which will go up online in 24 hours time. Also..for anybody still looking for these, the national, ben kweller, daughter, arcade fire, the cure, Bowie, Sufjan....all still in stock currently, and look like they'll still be available when they go up on Friday midnight.
  14. TheDuke

    Record Store Day 2018

    Hi folks....just got my copy of Wire boxset today, from my friend....but he sent me something else in with it, that I know nothing about.....anybody know what this Mystery white LP is? There's no info on it, just a link to a website...seems to be new unsigned artists...a freebie given out on RSD?
  15. TheDuke

    Record Store Day 2018

    Looking for a This is Eggland All the lovely eggs RSD picture disk, any leads folks?
  16. Granted you may not interested in shipping from te UK, but resident records still has some arcade fire remaining, since I've checked their out of stock list, and it isn't on there yet. You'd have to wait until midnight Fri/Sat to rder it though...hopefully it'll still be available then. PS...bit of a long shot..but does anybody have a copy of the fried egg This Is Eggland RSD available for a decent price? Discogs and Ebay have some but at stupid prices. No biggie, as I can get the orange retail version for £16.99...but would like that fried egg one..anybody? Or any leads on where there are some still left in the UK, thanks.
  17. That's cool then, I've seen what flippers are trying to get for them, 100% mark up in some cases..the greedy bar stewards! Right, i'm well chuffed with that then,
  18. Phew! So me mate wasn't yanking me leg then! I've bought from resident records before, got a King Gizz Gumboot Baby Blue coming from them too. Dunno how much exactly i'm paying for the wire boxset, hopefully it'll around the retail price....was there an extra £ for signed ones?
  19. Yes he lives there...I presume Newman was there then? Dunno which store it was though.
  20. Alright for those of you that can access Bulmoose...they bladdy won't let me in..cos I ain't a yank innit! Don't care anyways...managed to get that wire boxset..from a friend who found one for me...so I'm made up..and apparently it's a signed copy by Newman.
  21. Ditto..i haven't got that one yet...I really don't wanna go to a flipper for one, so hopefully a couple more will come up somewhere soon.
  22. I might be infor that WM too! that's potentially 3 of us so far, how ya gunna do this?
  23. TheDuke

    Record Store Day 2018

    Anybody in the uk got a spare wire boxset going, for a reasonable price?