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  1. Glad everyone is enjoying the album. Converge and DW/Epitaph have put in a ton of work in getting it out there to the masses. Your support is appreciated. -J.
  2. DW Direct Variant Store List: https://www.convergecult.com/deathwish-direct-exclusive-store-list Indie Variant Store List: https://www.convergecult.com/worldwide-indie-exclusive-store-list
  3. Glad people are enjoying the album, from 1/4 of the creator of it, it means a lot. Stores are on the lists if they ordered. If they didn't order before stock was low/gone, that's on them. Thanks. -J.
  4. Thanks for the support people, it means a lot. Now get to the stores this weekend! -J.
  5. Store list will be updated shortly as we are still organizing it. Thank you.
  6. Glad everyone is enjoying the album so far. A ton of effort and emotion went into this one, so I really appreciate that many of you have taken the time to listen. If you pre-ordered from DW, look for your order to arrive shortly as they have all shipped. Special thanks to the crew here at DWHQ for working so hard on getting them out the door the last few weeks. If you pre-ordered from KR, I believe they have all shipped already as well. Thanks. -J.
  7. A lot of activity going on now at DWHQ and KR. Stay tuned to @deathwishinc on IG for updates...
  8. Glad everyone is enjoying everything that has gone into this release so far. It's been a labor of love, and we really appreciate the support. KR Europe: Yes, they sold out that quickly, thanks. Indie and DW Direct Exclusives: A detailed list is forthcoming. -J.
  9. At some point we will do our best to get down to Florida. Logistically it is just difficult for us to pull off in the limited windows of time we have for touring. Thanks.
  10. Thank you to everyone who checked out the new song and Pre-ordered the album so far. We announced the first leg of shows/touring, which will be the East Coast w/ Pile and Give. Dates can be found at convergecult.com. Our exclusive band color will be available from us at those shows. We have a ton of other things in the works, more music and announcements coming soon. Stay tuned. -J.
  11. Thanks to everyone who has checked out the release. Converge received our exclusive color first, and have it available on the tour now. They are selling quickly, not sure if we will have them on the whole tour. Hope so though.
  12. All pre-orders for this release are now out the door. Thanks everyone for the support.
  13. 4 variants were made of the LP, an approximate editions of 250 of each: 1. Gold & Blue Mix 2. Gold Inside Blue 3. Silver & Blue Mix 4. Silver Inside Blue I let Caleb choose which one DW was to carry, and he chose "Gold & Blue" Mix. The combo/effects are different in person for sure, though the colors used themselves are the same. Thanks. No bundle, but you can make your own! Thank you.