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  1. Would be really stoked on the band just straight up booting it themselves and taking all the money.
  2. Nah fool, that was @phabletzza about 11 hours before your post. No thank you.
  3. PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    Super glad to have been from/and still live in San Diego and have been around and become friends with John and these dudes. Great guys. Fucking legends. So so glad Hot Snakes are still a band. The world needs Hot Snakes(and RFTC).
  4. Have neither of you ordered records outside of the US or do neither of you have “translate” on your computer? It it was super simple and easy.
  5. Ehhhh I doubt it. Just order the fucking records. Seems like everyone else interested, did.
  6. Usually with a release that’s limited to 500 or less, retail gets kind of screwed on getting copies. I’ve also seen Midhaven/Revolver not be the best distro for a lot of bands. The cover for Smack Baby does look a little off. Failure style. Most major label represses I’ve come across have been this way. Not having the right files, which usually means not commissioned by the band, or shit got lost. Been 20+ years. And if Grass doesn’t get any money from this, good. Fuck them. They have enough Creed and Evenesence money anyways, they should have known to do this, and a fe other gems in their catalog, themselves.
  7. PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    I love Rick’s art too. But it’s fucking Gar, surfing! Too good!
  8. PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    I'm assuming the song and pre order are going to drop tomorrow or Friday. I just got the reissues today and they look fucking great. Super happy with them. I especially love the stickers that they/John posted. One of the best "extras" I've ever gotten with a record.
  9. Fuck! Just what my wallet needed. With how much both of these usually go for, I had to pull the trigger. If they end up available for cheaper in the US, whatever. If not, I'll be glad I did this.
  10. I will tell you, if you're a fan of DW, you wont be disappointed. Great record. Sad to see them go and sad I wont be able to see them again.
  11. Fuck yeah! My dudes. Everything this band/these guys have ever done is pure gold. Hopefully they add an SD date to this tour.
  12. Ohhhhh this band. The band that I used to hate, but listen after listen in our office I began to love, but also hate myself for loving it so much. Great live band too. I shouldn't, but I think I'm going to have to pick this up.
  13. I hate it that I care so much, but when the fuck are they going to put this shit up?!?
  14. FS: Test Pressings & Other Cool Stuff

    What pressing is that Avalanches LP?

    Got that show at the 200 cap room I work at in San Diego. Gonna be fucking wild.