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  1. Pedro The Lion Pressing INFO

    I don't have any special info, but don't see Epitaph rereleasing the New End Original album or Denali.
  2. So the 2nd pressing is more limited and wont be available in stores? No brainer haha.
  3. Thank you! Sick. I always try and hook it up. I wish, then maybe we could get rid of all these MF LPs haha.
  4. PO: Soccer Mommy - Clean

    Just because something seems like it's killing it here in the US, doesn't mean it's anything outside of that bubble. I'm pretty sure she has never toured over there, also.
  5. We're still here! And I have a couple of those TSR/CYLS shirts here in the office. Place an order on the Topshelf store and I'll send one of those out
  6. PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    Yeah, saw them at Cheer Up's on Tuesday or Wednesday. Can't remember, long week.
  7. PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    Bought mine off Silver Platters Sunday night after seeing them and getting back from SXSW. Looks like they're gone. Glad I did that.
  8. Pedro The Lion Pressing INFO

    Yeah, that looks like Coke Bottle for sure. Like everyone has mentioned. Epitaph is rereleasing, almost, all of the Jade Tree catalog. Weirdly enough, everything that they've released, so far, is on two variants; black and clear.
  9. Someone mentioned Dischord getting these as well? I'm assuming without the shirt, and possibly not the box set though?
  10. I really dislike how Domino wont let you combine shipping on two or more items that are "pre-orders". Does anyone know a way around this?
  11. True, but I'm a glutton, and I'll but both anyways. haha
  12. Wish I had the money right now. I still haven't picked up Always Hell & Always Night, because I'm dumb. Really like this project.