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  1. My copy arrived today. I think this record is definitely worth the $25. Comes with a digital download and is on nice heavy black wax that sounds awesome.
  2. Please post in the Disturbed thread where this truly belongs
  3. Because they know you'll complain about it on a message board but still put it in your cart and check out.
  4. PO for the new record is up on Century Media. I really liked the first single that dropped last week. Two color variants, both limited to 300. I went with "smoke grey" since it seems to match the cover better. http://centurymedia.merchnow.com/catalogs/AT-THE-GATES

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2U_RR7cXHQ Sorry, don't know how to insert the video into the post. I know this isn't technically Disturbed, though it's likely in here somewhere, but the 1:10 mark in the video turns into pure gold about 5 seconds later. This will be my last non-Disturbed post. Moving forward, I will keep it trve with this nugget -

    His BAC is Disturbed(ingly) high! Another classic.

    The Down With The Sickness karaoke is the best. It leaves me wanting so much more from that guy. Amazing five star performance on the intro.
  8. Record Store Day 2018

    Man, this has me crying from laughter at my desk at work. Amazing.
  9. I miss Coliseum. Anxiety's Kiss was a perfect way to end that band because it was a perfect album and would be hard to top imo. Fotocrime is a rad project and I have really enjoyed the 7" and 12" EP. Definitely backed this one and didn't realize they had a full length coming out this year. Nice to see reasonable prices on a Pledge Music. Hopefully they do a US tour soon.
  10. Potential mail fraud - paypal questions

    Don't forget to follow up with Discogs too (assuming you haven't yet). They should review his account and hopefully suspend him or ban him for pulling a stunt like this. I'm an idiot, don't mind me. You said above it was done outside Discogs.
  11. Potential mail fraud - paypal questions

    Was this a Discogs transaction? If it was, could you provide his user name so folks on here who sell on Discogs can block him? And I'm sorry to hear about this. It's some shady shit that he'll sadly probably get away with.
  12. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Thanks for the heads up. As luck would have it, nothing I want qualifies.
  13. Amazon makes quite a few of them look like picture discs. That gives me a high level of anxiety.
  14. The art editions went on sale Wednesday morning and sold out in about 5 minutes. They did 100 of each record and were $100 each.