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  1. Yellow and Blue deluxe are still available on their own, just checked. Likely very close to selling out though.
  2. You guys preordered an album that's only half finished, according to their NME interview.
  3. FYE exclusive on clear is now officially up for pre-order. So far we have three variants: Marble Red (Bleachers store exclusive) Clear (FYE exclusive) 180g Red
  4. Even the kid in the video looks like he's trying to get away from the song.
  5. Great album. Consider yourself informed--all their albums are getting the vinyl treatment. I'll keep this thread updated as more are reissued
  6. Been listening and can't make up my mind about how I feel about the album as a whole. The production on it is amazing. The songs are definitely New Found Glory...reminds me a little of Radiosurgery but with electronic elements/synths thrown in.
  7. Yellow sold out for Nashville EP.
  8. Bump...colored Newest Album Ever is sold out.
  9. It's available here:
  10. Got a link to what I assume is the FYE exclusive clear but it's not for sale yet:
  11. Changed this thread to an all-encompassing Five Iron Frenzy/SMLXL thread. Our Newest Album Ever on two colors, one limited to 300, is now available for preorder:
  12. SMLXL exclusive on mixed marble baby blue and remastered: