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  1. Zac Cooper left nice comments/hints on the Blink 182 merch guy's page about wanting the gold variant to keep his collection complete. And he ended up with one. It wasn't as "random" as you'd think.
  2. Please not just a picture disc...pretty sure the tests were on black vinyl. Picture discs are the worst. But pumped this is coming out, finally.
  3. Whoever got that Lakes album for $3...nice. Fantastic album.
  4. Ugh awful thread bump. Take it to the sales section.
  5. Well thats because you're not like the other 90% who bought one just to look at. And also because it's a T&N reissue. Quantity over quality.
  6. No clue what "heavy" even means when it comes to the Killers lol.
  7. I have the Best Buy edition with 2 bonus tracks and they are definitely some of the most aggressive RA songs I've heard in awhile. Great songs, imo.
  8. Makes me want to compare it to the box set version..which all records in it were supposedly remixed for vinyl.
  9. I'd say since the release date is still 3 weeks away it's shipping separately. You're just lucky they shipped them separately and you're not having to wait a month for Gone Now.
  10. T&N is all about the straight digital-to-vinyl pressing. None of that mastering for vinyl crap.
  11. If you ordered it from the Bleachers webstore, save yourself some time and check the release date for the 12".
  12. Bummer. The FYE version sounds amazing. Lows and all.
  13. Well...there are a few copies on eBay. Not cheap but they're there if you really really want one.