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  1. Fun variant. Wonder how long these will last. Signed too.
  2. An incomplete map that requires the purchase of the other two...clever.
  3. Really cool to see the soundtracks finally being released on vinyl but man, $110 is too much. Hope they come down in price...
  4. Oh cool! Glad people will still be able to get it then.
  5. It's Feb 10 and they're still available...
  6. Eh whatever...maybe if I ever decide to sell it someday that bag will help lol.
  7. Dont want to argue but I absolutely would've ordered the $275 bundle if it had had the autographed poster in it without the bag at the time. I looked long and hard at both options and decided it was worth the extra $40 for the bag and poster--knowing that was the only way to get the autographed poster. They adjusted the bundle contents and I'm kind of annoyed about it.
  8. This album is really good. Worth the 8 year wait...only wish it were longer than 9 songs.
  9. That autographed poster thing was only available in the bundle with the bag...then they made it available in the non-bag version. Looks like I bought a $40 bag. *facepalm*
  10. Thought he was saying "Always gonna be a badass" on the line "Always gonna be about us"
  11. That Third Eye Blind deal...basically half off. Amazing.
  12. Take it to the PMs...more deals, less story-time.