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  1. I wonder how many were preordered? Kinda makes the blu-ray set rare too since apparently it's not available anywhere else, right?
  2. Bump for anyone who missed the preorder post. Colored variant close to selling out.
  3. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    SMLXL Vinyl: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/ 20% off with code RSD2018
  4. It would be one thing if a significant portion of their albums were difficult to find but they completely undermined the sell-ability of this box set by re-releasing their hard-to-find stuff earlier this year as standalones. Someone didn't think this through.
  5. Box will only be available as part of the pre-order till mid-May, so order if you want one.
  6. Final 7"s and box set w/shirt option just posted: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/relient-k-7-vinyl-series-4-friday-the-13th-no-14aka-the-end-preorder?variant=8197757337689
  7. Electric Boogaloo pre-order is up! https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/five-iron-frenzy-2-electric-boogaloo-lp-smlxl-exclusivepreorder Color limited to 300, these always sell out.
  8. Wow, this is...so unnecessary. And to make the live album exclusive to the set? Awful.
  9. Slow down with all these posts about deals. Having a difficult time keeping up.
  10. $11.30 new for Better Call Saul, too.
  11. https://www.hottopic.com/product/underoath---erase-me-vinyl-lp-hot-topic-exclusive/11411224.html
  12. Not encouraging seeing LOTR not for sale hardly anywhere...
  13. Did those two guys seem torn up about it or maybe they were just fine with it?