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  1. Having a kid is the universe's sign to you that the time has come to set aside childish ways and become a man. Give me your address, I'll send you some Paul Simon records.
  2. So I just got a Facebook ad for this company, and not only has it not crashed and burned, they've put out 46 records? And they're starting to do distribution to record stores? And their releases are $20? So in short, they actually seem like a sorta cool operation now??? Pretty wild! Happy to have been wrong about this thing that I will probably still never spend money on.
  3. Hmmm this board may not be the place for you. Around here, our mantra is "fuck the artist, I want it on vinyl."
  4. Oh yeah, there's also a preorder for John Reuben's Greatest Hits, which supremely bums me out because now they'll probably never press Hindsight or Boy vs. the Cynic:
  5. Promoting a batch of new releases going up this Saturday on Instagram: I'm seeing: #3: Switchfoot: Hello Hurricane #4: RK: Nashville Tennis EP #5: FIF: Our Newest Album Ever Any guesses as to the others?
  6. It's pretty common nowadays to have sampled artists credited as "featured" artists since it lets them access streaming royalties that are set aside for featured artists (confusingly named "non-featured artists" by Soundexchange, who do digital royalty stuff: in addition to the negotiated fee for using the sample. If I remember right, it's how Kanye was able to get permission from Otis Redding's estate to sample him on "Otis". All that to say, it could very well be a sample - but c'mon, you guys. Modern day U2 are not so bad, and I trust Kendrick knows what he's doing.
  7. Proving that the music industry will never, ever stop trying to polish turds
  8. I think about this guy, and his custom made t-shirt, a lot.
  9. Oh hell yeah, gonna line up early to pay like $25 for a picture disc with 6 minutes of a hundred year old theme song on side A and a bunch of INTERVIEWS on side B
  10. Bubbles and collapses can absolutely happen within niches and subcultures without the larger culture ever noticing. I'm sure most people aren't aware of the comic book crash of the mid-90s, and yet it had an inescapable effect on comics.
  11. Just took all my filler LPs to the record store, so it looks like all I have left is KILLER. If you're interested in some 7"s, make an insulting offer. You may be surprised.
  12. I did this on a whim right when it went up, here's what I got: S. Carey - Range of Light Merchandise - Strange Songs in the Dark Bonnie Prince Billy - Pond Scum Ty Segall - Emotional Mugger Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill + an Against Me - Disco Before the Breakdown poster, a recent issue of Razorcake, and some case-less CDs. At $8.50 ppd per LP, I'm super happy with it ! I was meaning to pick up S. Carey eventually, and the rest is stuff I'm at least sort of interested in.
  13. My yellow copy arrived on Tuesday with all the bundle stuff. It all looks great, won't be able to listen until the weekend. This album is fucking awesome though. Also, here's a PO for a UK pressing on light blue vinyl:
  14. How dare you drag Robyn's name in the mud in this manner.
  15. Why are you doing this in the first place if you don't want to do any actual legwork to find music to promote Promote your own channel? You didn't even post a link to your channel here. My honest advice is to give up now. You're never going to be Anthony Fantano, and if I were you I'd consider that an unexpected blessing.