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  1. I have to assume they either cut the hidden track entirely or put it behind a locked groove. Just with the music alone this album is right on the cusp of not being able to fit on a single LP, I don't think they'd be able to add 10 minutes of dead wax.
  2. This release has a bunch of demos from this album:
  3. I have never loved this band more than I do today. True masters of getting people to flip the fuck out. I hope you all get mailed a one-sided 12" with the 3 post-Daisy songs on it, and instructions to send a SASE & $1 bill to a PO box address.
  4. It's cheapest directly from Merge with free US shipping: One of their best for sure, but given that the single LP is still in print, I'm not sure a throwaway EP is incentive enough for most people to buy this again, or for a first time buyer to cough up the extra 12 bucks. Strictly 4 the superfans.