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  1. Can confirm that the pretzel logic of this thread is exhausting, and suffice it to say I don't think any lefties on VC or elsewhere are thrilled about Trump being buddy-buddy with the goddamn Saudis, or engaging in brazen pay-for-play with the Ivanka's horseshit foundation simultaneously getting a big gift from Saudi Arabia & UAE. The Trump dudes on here are nothing if not adept at moving the goalposts and accusing any detractors of being hysterical, kinda makes it a drag to attempt discussion. But by all means excoriate message board posters for not coming in here to express outrage about the right fucked up things when there's like 10 fucked up things happening every fuckin week.
  2. This is shipping, baby. And he just recently announced an actual venue show in St. Paul. Bazan forever
  3. Shit's starting to roll in faster than anyone can shovel it:
  4. That may be a little difficult - Hot Water Music pulled their catalog probably 2 years ago at this point, which in retrospect was probably a pretty good sign that No Idea was winding down. Ryan from Off With Their Heads also recently got back the rights to their No Idea releases, and there's a preorder for his own reissue of All Things Move Toward Their End. I just hope No Idea's epilogue looks more like Dischord than Lookout.
  5. John Podesta has satanic orgies in a nonexistent pizza parlor basement, Seth Rich was murdered by hired goons for leaking DNC info to Wikileaks as proven by news reports of an investigator going off news reports, and any and all claims of the Trump administration's foreknowledge of Russia's plans to interfere with the election are totally fake, man. Only a whacko would believe that.
  6. LOL so basically 2 of the same colors as the first press. Feeling pretty awesome about unloading my coke bottle copy for $100 awhile back. Wonder how the guy I sold it to feels.
  7. Just got this update via the No Idea mailing list: Feels like the end of an era. This was hard to read.
  8. I've noticed this too, why are people suddenly averse to making new threads for stuff?
  9. Run it through Tineye and it pops up mostly on 4chan/Reddit-adjacent sites, which sounds about right for Wax.
  10. Wait WHAT I'm going to need a link or something. That makes me so happy. It always bummed me out how as his records got (I thought) better and better, he got less and less recognition in the Christian music industry, while KJ-52 and Toby Mac were able to maintain successful careers as forty-something white dudes who churned out commercialized garbage imitations of mainstream rap to pander to the youth group crowd.
  11. It's pretty fitting that the line in question is "the bullshit's exhausting". I would've thought all the people like that were already dead from shock from when Switchfoot went ~ * s e c u l a r * ~ in 2003.
  12. Yeah baby, preordered some things today and I'm feeling that sweet sweet buyer's remorse. Help me mitigate it.
  13. Includes instant download. I'm listening to it now and it actually rules?