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  1. Record Store Day 2018

    Numero Group brings the righteous fire: http://numerogroup.com/sendy/w/txRYwSH9Bq3Kea5z763VbfNA/PtzdMeEx763iy9sRJJjiM8ww/j2T763u6ZvFr892eBUZDWKZWDQ
  2. I got it yesterday. Listened this morning and I like it a lot. I dug the production of the last several records but didn't really connect with the whole conceptual Maraqopa thing, so I appreciate that this record is a bit of a return to a more straightforward sound.
  3. Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    I read this thread and I don't quite get why this guy was banned, he is a better poster than almost everyone else on this website?
  4. The aesthetically pleasing aspects of vinyl sound come from distortion at the needle and the amp. I wouldn't think this new stamper manufacturing process would affect either of those things. As to why: theoretically, it's faster, way less of a pain in the ass, and less expensive in the long run. Plus, 99.9% of contemporary music is digitally recorded. Hell, even Jack White uses Pro Tools now. I suppose you could take it a step further and say "why even make vinyl then?" to which I would say, great point! I'm certainly not going to let logic get in my way, though. I'm going to keep hauling my wall of records around until I'm dead like a giant dumbass.
  5. Counterpoint: there is nothing inherently superior about analog recording by any objective measure.
  6. Based on what I've heard here and there about the various bottlenecks in the vinyl manufacturing process, especially in the cutting & plating stages (I don't have the energy to go find it all again but suffice it to say the entire industry could be thrown into chaos if like 10 key old dudes die), this seems like a much needed step toward a more sustainable future for vinyl. Old dorks will throw a fit about it being a digital process, but if it indeed sounds demonstrably better then maybe all the analog lifers will be forced to shut up once and for all. The benefits for new releases are obvious, I suppose the (valid) fear is that this will just be another excuse to dump more reissues of dollar bin rock albums down the pipeline.
  7. How will you be displaying it? Personally, I'd go with a frame of some kind if you're not going to be playing it. Otherwise, pretty much any outer sleeve from Bags Unlimited or Sleeve City ought to be adequate. You won't be able to get just one, though.
  8. "Clubs" Tab?

    I'm pretty bummed that no one has ever asked to join my club
  9. Also depends on the finish of the card stock. Is it smooth/glossy at all? Because otherwise, you run the risk of having a bad time. Whatever you do use, try it on a small spot out of the way first.
  10. Added all this stuff: Bullion - Love Me Oh Please Love Me Casper & The Cookies - The Optimist's Club Casper & The Cookies - Modern Silence (red) Castanets vs. Ero - Dub Refuge Cat Party - Cat Party (yellow) Cheap Girls - Giant Orange (White w/ Orange Splatter) The Cool Kids - The Bake Sale The Cootees - Let's Play House (glow in the dark) First Aid Kit - Drunken Trees (first pressing - black - apparently limited to 300?) House Boat - The Delaware Octopus (olive green) Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow (medium sized bend on top left corner) Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop - Traded For Fire (promo in DJ sleeve - sealed) Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary 3xLP reissue (promo in DJ sleeve - sealed)
  11. None of this era is his strongest material for sure, but Tunnel of Love is 46 minutes and Human Touch is almost an hour. It’s weirder that Human Touch was a single LP in the first place, outside of some ambient releases I’ve never heard of so much time on one LP. The cutoff makes sense to me - Volume 1 covered 12 years, this covers 10, the next one will cover 11 if it goes from The Rising to Wrecking Ball.
  12. Nothing punker than a plush doll of your band mascot. MxPx was an important part of my upbringing, but I don't get why anyone would choose to listen to new material in 2018, much less pay a premium for it on Kickstarter. Plans Within Plans was okay, but I feel like they've been pretty upfront about being a nostalgia act for the last 10 years or so. Then again they've made over $1000 in the time I've had the tab open, so what do I know.
  13. http://brucespringsteen.net/news/2018/the-album-collection-vol-2-boxed-set-out-may-18 Tunnel of Love (1987)* (2 LP) Human Touch (1992)* (2 LP) Lucky Town (1992) (1 LP) In Concert / MTV Plugged (1993) (2 LP) The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995) (1 LP) * expanded across two LPs to maximize audio quality 12” EPs included: Chimes of Freedom (1988) (1 EP) Blood Brothers (1996)** (1 EP) ** first-ever vinyl release Tunnel of Love is probably the cheapest & easiest Bruce LP to find these days, but the rest of these go for $$$$ so this is pretty cool. These will likely get reissued individually at some point as with Vol. 1. Still hoping for a Tracks boxset someday.
  14. Ah, I love reading this website so much. Each listing has its own unique 1,000 word essay on why you are the biggest goddamned idiot on the face of the earth if you don't drop $300 on the same pressing of a Steve Winwood record that you can get on Discogs for $4.
  15. https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/nownow/products/preorder-saved Out 5/18. Just black vinyl and merch bundles so far.