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  1. Looking to unload 2 hard tickets. Must pick up in central NJ. $100 each I paid a bit more on vivid seats. PM me
  2. round them up @TheWindBlower!! I got my cash ready buddy
  3. Well...if we only get 10 people maybe we do buy in $30 for 3 spots in each rumble?
  4. saw my second film in 3 days. love this thing.
  5. I'm down for whatever. I would suggest 15 people @ $20 each. So basically $10 per rumble. Each match is winner takes home $150.
  6. Signed up 1/7. Got an email 1/9 to expect it in a week or two, Just received it1/19. Not too shabby
  7. What video games have you been playing?

    So I tried bioshock, but didnt like it. I now have traded that back in and have no games and signed up for game pass. Got 2 weeks free and then another month free. So far Im playing Gears of War 4 which is always fun. I also have downloaded but not gotten to these yet; Metro, Mad Max, and State of Decay.
  8. havent watched a minute of WWE since summer, but def tuning in Monday for 25th anniversary Raw. should be interesting. ALSO, if anyone is setting up a Royal Rumble pool (male and/ or female) I want in for sure. shoot me a message. can PayPal or Venmo immediately. Would even make more than one purchase if not enough people interested
  9. man that green looks sick. I bought mine 4 years ago and was torn between the green and blue. I went blue. good price too you are selling for.
  10. such a good movie. i feel like it may head back into more theatres with its recent win and oscars coming up. Also, its slated for DVD in only 2 months.
  11. What video games have you been playing?

    so im starting to rethink the evil with in 2. I couldn't stand it until last night. 8 hours and 8 levels in and im finding myself glued to it. sure the story and dialog are crap, but once I got the hang of everything its not too bad. I guess im just used to only playing 1st person shooters. walk around, shot stuff, done. How's Prey and Bioshock collection? I have both of them too and will start after TEWI2
  12. What video games have you been playing?

    Really cant get into the evil with in 2. If anyone is interested in it (xbox one) for $30 shipped PM me. $60 at game stop or Best Buy. Mint condition.