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  1. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    It's sad that the band is wrapping up an amazing career by this time next year and this happens and totally derails a lot. Its even sadder for any of the victims don't get me wrong. I just feel bad for Vin, Brian, and everyone else. This may actually be the end of Brand New. Sucks to put out a stellar closing album and then your lead singer turns out to be an even huger scumbag then thought.
  2. I hope Tom changes the world while Mark continues to sing about seeing naked dudes in a pool. Would be so funny. I support Tom. People hate him cause he dropped out of a kiddie band to do more interesting stuff. Movies, writing, space.
  3. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    well it says brief, so i would imagine I have it by mid-December. It sucks, but it is what it is. I'm not going to complain since I've had the mp3s for over two months now. But I feel bad for anyone who is holding out to hear the album on wax for the first time. And I guess the limited edition is now confirmed to be a different variant so at least we have that clarification.
  4. What video games have you been playing?

    t-minus 1 week until XB1X!
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Just posted on their facebook Hello and thank you for your patience. Below is an update regarding physical orders of Brand New’s Science Fiction. Standard vinyl pre-orders have been shipping out to customers with more shipping every day until all copies are delivered. The Limited vinyl unit is facing an unfortunate brief delay from our pressing plant, but we expect to be able to ship orders to all customers by mid-November. If you pre-ordered the CD without a Science Fiction vinyl or shirt, your order has been shipped. If you did not receive yours, feel free to contact [email protected] at your earliest convenience (US only). Science Fiction shirts are shipping in the next 2 weeks. Regarding the vinyl release in Australia and UK/Europe: Standard vinyl will be shipping in mid-November. Thank you for sticking with us as we work to get all orders out as quickly as possible.
  6. Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    It really sucks when you binge watch the new season in 2 days and your like crap now I need to wait another 363 days before a new season happens. Season 2 was great. Few things I disliked, but not enough for me to not enjoy the season.
  7. The Walking Dead

    makes sense. not here to argue. I see your point. But everyone I know who watches the show feels the same way.
  8. The Walking Dead

    I understand where you are coming from, but I feel like the hype just isnt there anymore. And for most people who watch it, they feel like its a chore now since they have seen every episode and feel obligated to keep watching. I've wanted to stop at least 3 times in the last 3 years, but just cant do it.
  9. The Walking Dead

    I feel like they need to start to wrap the series up and end it after another season or two. I think people are starting to lose interest.
  10. What video games have you been playing?

    really excited to get my XB1X next week. Havent had a video game system in a year. Excited for CoD WWII. Also going to try and join that new gamestop thing they got going. $60 for a 6 month pass to "rent" any used game and then bring back to exchange for another whenever. You could rent dozens of games for only $10 a month. And at the end of the 6 months you get to pick one game to keep.
  11. Dont really understand the concept, but I havent really read too much into it. Was never a Tom hater, so I support anything he is this passionate about. May not pan out, but wish him the best of luck. To go from dick and fart jokes to really attempting space travel is just insane and proves he really is a go getter. good luck Thomas! I hope this works out and everyone realizes he isn't as crazy as he sounds. Just a passionate dude
  12. The Walking Dead

    After binge watching new season of stranger things, and now flipping on new episode of walking dead im not entertained. show is so slow and repetitive.
  13. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I ordered the limited edition /500 and if I have to wait an extra month or whatever its no biggie. It's not like we havent had the actual music for the past two months. It is what it is. And yes it sucks not knowing anything about it, but Im assuming its different than the black version and the indie version since those have been available already in stores. Maybe its a printing problem? Also Handcuffs is by far my least favorite song on TDAG. Jesus is second worst. Good song, just boring AF
  14. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I'll play this game. I will say Jesus is a beautfiul song, but after the first 50 listens I no longer need to hear it. Also I dont need to see it live every time. 1) TDAG (such a toughy so I'll just say Welcome to Bangkok, Millstone, Degausser, You Won't Know (live more so then album) 2) Daisy (You Stole) 3) Science Fiction (Same Logic/ Teeth) 4) YFW (No Seatbelt Song) 5) Deja (Tommy Gun)
  15. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Here's my one and only complaint and I promise its not a typical BN bitch fest. If people ordered the rare variant that originally went up I think they should atleast say what color it is. Ive been holding back 2 months now on the indie release hoping the rare one isnt just black and came with the cd. Granted the CD for the extra $25 was fine with me. Not complaining about the price, just lack of knowledge.