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  1. I have always been a fan of Alan Moore but I hated Providence. The story was extremely slow. It seemed like 85% of every issue was just two characters having a conversation. IMO this book suffered from way too much depth. I've also never read any Lovecraft, so I'm sure there were countless references that went right over my head. Neonomicon was enjoyable, but Providence was definitely not for me.
  2. Ordered one yesterday!
  3. favorites so far... Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now LP Uniform - Wake In Fright LP Sedem Minut Strachu - General Fucking 12"EP Dreamdecay - YU LP Wolf Eyes - Undertow LP Milk Music - Mystic 100's LP Internazionale - The Pale And The Colorful LP No Faith - Forced Subservience LP Pharmakon - Contact LP Concealed Blade - s/t LP S-21 - Year Zero 7" Bastard Noise / Outermost - Split 7" Sadist - Beauty Fades 7" Ubik - Demo CS Fields Of Mildew - III CS Tony Molina - West Bay Grease CS
  4. Will always luv the older guv records. His releases from 2008-2011 are flawless! Didn't really like Ripe 4 Luv and these new songs are not doing it for me either. Bummer.
  5. Yeah, I think this trend will die quick. Tapes will always be around in the genres where they always have been a constant... noise/experimental, punk and hardcore demos, underground metal... In a couple years (or maybe a couple months) I will be very surprised if people are still wanting 2017 reissues of an Eminem, Blink 182 or Green Day album on cassette. Personally the only tapes I buy are releases that are exclusive to the format. I will buy a LP or CD over a cassette every time.
  6. Ordered the 7"! listened to the demo tape a ton when it came out!
  7. I would say 2 classic albums and 1 good album... but anyway, not often do I find myself reaching for live albums when I can listen to the studio version instead. The couple live songs on Live For Today is enough for me.
  8. Love Boysetsfire, but a 6xLP live album is a bad idea for any band. Will buy if I find it dirt cheap somewhere in a couple years.
  9. RIP Bernie Wrightson http://www.cbr.com/bernie-wrightson-passes-away/ Was always one of my favorite artists. Have a print of one of his Frankenstein illustrations hanging in my living room.
  10. Bound Bible tape does not disappoint! Now I need to get a copy of the first demo. Also really liked the latest Cremation Lily tape, 'Leisure Scars' on Strange Rules! https://strangerules.bandcamp.com/album/leisure-scars
  11. Looking forward to this!
  12. I ordered that Bound Bible tape from Strange Rules. Didn't know it would be available in the US.