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  1. I'd say throw a link in the first post of a new thread. I'll quit chiming in here but I just think a fresh start would be best. If y'all disagree, so be it.
  2. This album is amazing. Probably top 5 by year's end.
  3. Foo Fighters - Songs From the Laundry Room is probably my favorite sounding 10". It's so loud & crisp. Cloudkicker & Owel tie for my fav overall 10"ers. Don't think I've seen Toe - The Future is Now mentioned unless I'm blind. I also dig the Intheclouds stuff I have (Owel, Vis, Vasudeva).
  4. 1% of this thread lately has been relevant to the actual point of this thread. If someone new wandered in here they'd find 30 pages of bitching at each other. Shut this one down & someone can start a new thread. A clean slate.
  5. SHUT IT DOWN! jumpingshark.gif RIP POST VC: 2013-2017
  6. Holy fucking shit this thread. What a disaster. Can we just get Juan to lock this piece of trash and wait for the new forum? How can I do that? @jhulud
  7. So if I'm writing a college essay on vinyl collecting, should I post about it here? Or the new place?
  8. Just shoot out the PMs when ready. RIP Post-VC 2013-2017
  9. That seemless transition from Afrika to Harper Lewis is so perfect. Really hope they play Dunk USA. Been dying to see them again.
  10. Just listened on Spotify & it's awesome. Vorel sounded beefy as hell. Can't wait for the vinyl.
  11. *sigh* That was when we peaked. Maybe we can bring it back to that someday. Maybe we should actually do all of those awesome things we talked about doing haha.
  12. Here's my last post on this because I'm sick of complaining and now hypocritically hijacking this thread. But I'm pretty sure this post is proof you know what you are doing here. So you can quit playing dumb about getting flack.