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  1. Record Store Day 2018

    I’m just here for the outrage over RSD from people wasting their time complaining about RSD...and hopefully a few releases I’m actually excited about. Last year was the first year I didn’t but anything RSD related.
  2. Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Records I’ll probably never part with... Dredg - Leitmotif Unconditional Arms - Kinship (/6 copy with Jeffrey Wright’s son’s handprint on it...album was written for his at-the-time unborn son) My Cloudkicker tests I got directly from Ben Sharp (Fade, Let Yourself Be Huge, Subsume) Murder By Death - Bitter Drink... test
  3. Records You Are Lucky To Own

    SELL THIS TO ME PLEASE GOD. I know this is an almost 3 yr old post, but if you’re around, how did you “stumble” across this? I have a complete ITTCT collection (sans non-deluxe tests) & have been dying to find just one test to add.
  4. Athletics - BFRSD

    And right on cue this email came out today... Updates: Athletics Black Friday Repress: We are still waiting for these to come in due to delays in production from the manufacturer. With their regular RSD/Black Friday orders and Holiday schedules, our job just didn't make the time crunch, But as soon as they come in we will let you know and they will be shipping out. In the meantime, if you have to change your shipping address or anything please let us know
  5. Athletics - BFRSD

    Probably got backed up with all of the 12 Lathes of Christmas stuff. I’ve learned to just wait for a while on stuff with ITC.
  6. Ok so let's pretend for a second that this isn't one of the worst band names you can have and instead focus on the fact that I just found this on Spotify and saw there is quite an extensive catalogue on Bandcamp. I've only listened to 3 songs, but I dig it. I feel like this has Gumbo written all over it. What I hear seems to lie somewhere between Silent Whale, Fourteen Nights at Sea, and maybe Appalaches? I dunno. Hard to pinpoint it. I'd say start with the most recent release and go from there. That's what I've heard so far (plus one other random song). https://sadnessmusic.bandcamp.com/
  7. Most Anticipated 2018 releases

    Tennis System Nothing Denzel Curry Justin Timberlake Frank Turner Maybe Pianos Become the Teeth. Didn’t like the first song at all.

    New Year, you need new records
  9. Mid Year Review

    My Top 15... 15: Glassjaw - Material Control 14: Riding Panico - Rabo de Cavelo 13: Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold 12: Godspeed You! Black Emperor- Luciferian Towers 11: Hundredth - Rare 10: Spectral Echo - Demo 9: Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark? 8: Run the Jewels - RTJ3 7: Frequency Eater - Finite States 6: Sleepmakeswaves - Made of Breath Only 5: Lowercase Roses - Surgical Pop 4: Death of Lovers - The Acrobat 3: Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile ro the Surface 2: Glories - There is No Stillness 1: Molly Burch - Please Be Mine Most Disappointing: This Patch of Sky - These Small Spaces Langhorne Slim - Lost at Last Vol 1
  10. Great album. Even better artwork & variants. Highly recommended if you don’t have a copy!
  11. I hear ya. It’s far from my AOTY, but I definitely keep going back to it. Kind of surprised I’ve been digging it as much as I have, but I can’t deny it.