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  1. So if I'm writing a college essay on vinyl collecting, should I post about it here? Or the new place?
  2. Just shoot out the PMs when ready. RIP Post-VC 2013-2017
  3. That seemless transition from Afrika to Harper Lewis is so perfect. Really hope they play Dunk USA. Been dying to see them again.
  4. Just listened on Spotify & it's awesome. Vorel sounded beefy as hell. Can't wait for the vinyl.
  5. *sigh* That was when we peaked. Maybe we can bring it back to that someday. Maybe we should actually do all of those awesome things we talked about doing haha.
  6. Here's my last post on this because I'm sick of complaining and now hypocritically hijacking this thread. But I'm pretty sure this post is proof you know what you are doing here. So you can quit playing dumb about getting flack.
  7. It's because you've completely highjacked a thread I started years ago into your personal complaints about every corner ding, scratch, missed Discogs email, shipping issue, & how literally 9 out of every 10 songs you listened to can be "improved upon". I think Mr Grohl laid out the issues pretty clearly a page or two back. And then you inject all your personal problems into half your posts. That shit never happened here prior to you. I'm sorry but that's what that Small Talk thread is for. I come here to get away from that stuff. You've sucked the joy out of this thread for me.
  8. Maybe it was just a typo but the official RC IG page said something about "3 variants". Can anyone confirm or deny a 3rd variant?
  9. I figured, I'm skipping past his 75 paragraph responses to every single post here as is, I may as well just clean it up for good. Just sick of the ramblings of what sounds like a high-schooler.
  10. I just can't fucking take it anymore.
  11. Pulled the trigger on the color in color the other day. Can't wait!
  12. Did Gumbo make a 2nd account?