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  1. Haha I've noticed this as well. I feel like that with a lot of you guys. We mesh on certain albums but I seem to dig a lot of stuff you guys don't & vice versa. Keeps it interesting!
  2. I'm sick of Rosita's bitch face & hope she's gone soon. Why would Eugene want to go with her when all she does is bitch & whine & make him feel like a piece of garbage?
  3. This new one grows on me with each listen. I'm really digging it.
  4. Sleepmakeswaves is streaming here I'm about 60/40 on it first time through haha. Definitely a lot I like here albeit "safe" at times. But yeah there is some filler. That closer was weak after my first listen, but the handful of tracks preceding it were really good. Edge of Everything is the glue holding it together imo. Perfect middle of the album beast. And I really am starting to like Midnight Sun. Still don't think it will touch LoC but after a few listens it'll probably turn into 80/20. And a proper vinyl listen will probably help, too.
  5. Came here to post this! This is awesome! Definitely gonna pick this up.
  6. I think I need to give it a thorough cleaning beacuse the A-side had a recurring pop to it, but aside from that it sounded great.
  7. I've still only listened to the 2 songs releases thus far & I enjoy them but definitely have that "That's it?" thought in the back of my head. Really confused why they said on multiple occasions "This is going to be our heaviest/darkest album yet". So far, not the case at all. Also, how do you guys not think Cartography is their best album? Haha. Their older albums feel like build ups to LoC where they finally hit their stride. I always thought songs from And So We Destroyed were good but awkwardly went on for way too long.
  8. Got mine today & it's gorgeous! Lot more orange than I've seen.
  9. Lmao this is the list that was kept the most secret & has watermarked photos? Worst list since I've started participating. Kinda bummed I have zero reason to get up early with the thought I might miss something.
  10. Those tests directly from the Sheath were $50. I hate having to try & keep up this ITTCT collection .
  11. I feel like this review of Sleepmakeswaves' new album is what Gumbo would consider as porn lmao.
  12. ToT b-side
  13. And this AFTER not getting that Discogs notification?????? FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. That's awesome haha. I honestly wondered if there was any connection. Side note: "Awake" was my shit back in high school. Sully's pipes were straight up badassery on full display.