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  1. Don't disrespect JT like that haha.
  2. Black Clouds - Dreamcation on ebay for under $10 shipped.
  3. Yeahhhhh I agree with this haha. I don't get it at all. Especially because the art for their first two albums is awesome. Only thing redeeming this 1%, is that orange vinyl looks good with it. Can't decide if I'm gonna pull the trigger. Gave the album a listen today & if you've listened to Terraformer in the past, you know exactly what you're getting here. It's good for what it is but I didn't notice any real standout moments. Not as good as Creatures upon first listen.
  4. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS SONG? Holy Christ. 2 seconds in I was ready to die. This is the worst song by a band I used to really like I have ever heard. I'm unreasonably mad at how bad this song is.
  5. As much as I could use that money I just don't know if I can ever let go of my VF. Probably my favorite variant of anything just because of what it is. And being that it was my fav album from last year.
  6. I got both from their Bandcamp page for about $53 shipped.
  7. New Watered track. Pretty dull IMO. New Waking Aida track. Real weird. Has vocals. I'm undecided on this one. Another random Bandcamp find that i enjoyed the shit out of. Post-prog-rock is the best way to describe it. Got some 80s metal flair in there and even at times I got vibes from bands like Glaciers & Ocoai amongst others I can't pinpoint. Kind of all over the place but I really liked every song. EDIT: If you're going to listen to one song make it "Surrounded By Strange". Holy shit.
  8. Glad you liked! Yeah prob not something I could listen to frequently but it's a nice "sit around & wind down" type of darker post-whatever.
  9. I'll for sure give Faltre a few more listens, but nothing grabbed me first time through. In other news, thanks to extreme pressure from Adam, I pulled the trigger on Spurv & they arrived today. Pretty flimsy outer makeshift packaging coming from overseas, but I'm not Gumbo so they arrived in pristine condition.
  10. I gave that Faltre a listen & it didn't do anything at all for me. It's funny how far off my tastes are to you guys sometimes haha. As far as that Sleepmakeswaves track, I was severely underwhelmed. Sounded so generic for a band like them. Maybe it'll grow on me. Here it is FYI, unless there's an official stream somewhere.
  11. Came across this band today, Palehorse/Palerider. Although their Bandcamp uses tags like "Doom", "doomgaze", "shoegaze", alternative" & "psychedelic", there are definitely post-rock/metal elements here. I think some of you would dig.
  12. For my birthday a while back I received 2 American Dollar albums on vinyl (A Memory Stream & Technicolour Sleep). Just now getting around to spinning TS (spun MS around when I got them), but I just had to comment on how insanely good these records sound. Perfectly produced & pressed. Such rich, full sound. Really gives new life to these albums. I've always been a pretty casual fan of them but vinyl is definitely the best way to listen to them. Highly recommend picking up copies of their stuff if you don't have it (although maybe I was the only one without it already haha).
  13. Got mine in today (w/ flexi). Sweet looking package. Flexi sounds great but there's a bad skip in the middle of the song. Gonna spin the LP now.