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  1. "Seven Veils" by Ranges is amazing. Also, "Bosses Hang" by Godspeed. Wow.
  2. Not familiar with that one. will check out! Balmorhea out today as well.
  3. This Patch of Sky, Ranges, & Godspeed all out today. What's everyone think?
  4. I love all things FiL, but the newer stuff is my favorite so far. He keeps reinventing himself but always sounding more polished & mature but also making sure you can still tell it's FiL. New song is awesome. EFBN is my fav album so far, but I'd love a whole album sounding like this new song.
  5. Also, love you Gumbo. Trying to fill in as This Patch of Sky's drummer at Dunk lmao...
  6. Yeah Spiraling Uncertainties didn't do much for me lol. I checked it out after you were spazzing over it. It's decent, & could see it being awesome live, but overall I didn't love it.
  7. So I've overall been very lukewarm on Set & Setting, with only mildly liking a few songs from them & thinking everything else is extremely vanilla, but holy shit is "Essence of Paradox" incredible. I made a Dunk playlist & just put everything on shuffle. That song came on & I couldn't believe these guys were capable of that. Wish I liked most of the rest of their catalogue 1/10th as much as that song.
  8. Wow that's a hell of a deal. Nice score! Yes that is the only thing numbered.
  9. I need more Grohl screams in my life. Really dug this whole album first time through. A lot of different styles to digest but it flows together pretty well. Think it'll only get better with time.
  10. I think they just played Malabar. But I def heard Signal Tree at a different show of theirs.
  11. Yeah I had never heard of ITTCT and they opened for Russian Circles. That was early in my post-rock days so I really only knew RC. And I was more amazed they were from Akron; 20 minutes from where I live. Biggest vinyl regret ever was having the white haze tour press of AtE in my hands before they played. Went back after they played & it was sold out. Had to fork out $60+ later on to get that same record for the collection later on.
  12. Also, that MG&R album is awesome, sans that God-awful singing in that one song. Check out the band Native Daughters if you like them. https://nativedaughters.bandcamp.com/album/master-manipulator
  13. Hearing Caspian open a show with "Fire Made Flesh" was insane. Also getting to see "The Heart That Fed" live was pretty special considering the rarity. First time ever hearing ITTCT & being won over with "What's In the Ground..." is a standout. The entire 4-song set of Sleepmakeswaves live was one of the most intense things ever. And probably just getting to see Cloudkicker live at all is up there for me. Especially the 2nd time when they really found their groove live.
  14. I really like all 3 songs thus far.