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  1. Getting some White Ferrari by week's end. Woo!
  2. Starting to check out the Dunk bands I haven't listened to before. Appalaches: Awesome...kind of Spurv-lite. Au Revoir: I know they were mentioned a million times & I never checked them out. Holy shit they are heavy. Can't believe I slept on their latest. Thisquietarmy: Yikes. After that 12 minute opening drone track on their newest I skimmed through the rest & decided it's not for me at all. Maybe live it's something, but can't step away fast enough from their Spotify lol.
  3. Dancing Gnome doing good things. Glad they started canning. Brew Gentlemen is one of my favorite current breweries. Hope they can someday! Have some buddies going there tomorrow & hopefully bringing me back a growler of Lou.
  4. Was eyeballing that Sunday Brunch. Wish I knew about it before so I could find a trade partner!
  5. Loving the teaser.
  6. I still think you mean Below the Sky. AtE is basically the intro to that song. And if that's the case, that song is one of my fav ITTCT songs.
  7. That's a good way to put it actually lol. "Wet" drumming. I hate it. You always like the weird non-songs on albums. The sub-one minute Terra Incognita? You also said the title track on Sleepmakeswaves newest was a highlight. (???)
  8. Ugh, I promise I'll shut the hell up soon, but I'm listening to Bones again right now lol. The bass drum on "After the Smoke Clears" sounds like me playing drums on my stomach (gut). I hate it so much. Otherwise it's a fine song.
  9. Shoot me a PM haha. Not gonna give anything away but we can at least talk!
  10. It was the very first Bones show they played. Figured they'd come out with crazy energy but it just wasn't there. The biggest drum offender for me is One Sky. Especially the quieter parts. Ruins the song for me. I hate to say it but I'm contemplating breaking up the collection. Not all of it, but might unload some for extra cash. Looking to buy some kayaks lol.
  11. It's the bass drum & toms that ruin the drums for me here. They just sound so flaccid imo. They have this weird dull sound to them that isn't present on their other albums. Kind of surprised at the lack of love for Red Forest. I love that album all the way until the closer. Not a fan of that song. For me it's Above the Earth > Red Forest > S/T >>>>> Bones. Had Bones come out in place of Red Forest, I might like it more but it just overall feels lazy to me. Just a bunch of rehashed sounds with no real progression, except for Teeth & Glacier. I also can't fathom how you guys think Berlin into One Sky is a smooth transition. It's so awkward to me. It feels like they wrote Berlin without ever knowing how to finish the song. It's like they had a deadline to meet & just said "Screw it, the song ends here". I also saw them for their album release show for Bones & it was probably the least impressed I'd been at one of their shows. None of them looked all that into it. Granted they've never been super amped up on stage, but they seemed less into it than normal. I just see all these other post-rock bands improving their live shows each time I see them (Russian Circles, Caspian, even End of the Ocean) & don't get that with ITTCT.
  12. Goddammit this is their worst album by far. I don't understand how people think this album touches anything they've done prior to this. The flow of the album is terrible, Berlin ends way before it should & is a horrible song to transition into the closer. The drums sound like absolute ass on this album which has always been my favorite part of the band on previous albums. Every once in a while I revisit hoping it'll click but I just end up mad by album's end. Being an ITTCT completist, I'm thrilled they didn't press a million colors. It was enough of a pain in the ass to track down the two marble greys (which are hardly different). Not to mention having to order the Euro black simply for the different D-side etching. Anyways, there are some parts of the album I genuinely enjoy (Swallowing Teeth & Iron Glacier because they actually sound like progression for the band), but overall Bones doesn't touch the first 3.
  13. Holy shit I never actually realized this was you hahaha.
  14. I'm out on the group buy for this one. Thanks anyways guys.
  15. Even more tempting haha.