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  1. Sounds exactly like Canopy (which isn't a negative), but 18 minutes is a bit exhausting. I think my attention span is decreasing more & more lol.
  2. Manly music for REAL MEN

  3. The Walking Dead

    Thought that was a real good episode. Action packed start to finish. I like when they tackle different groups in one episode. Keeps it moving & keeps any one aspect from dragging on too long. One of my issues with the show is that each episode seems to be so stylistically different from one another. I think having multiple people direct episodes hurts the continuity. I don't know if the same person directed ep 1 & 2, but 1 just dragged on & I didn't give a shit by the end. But I was actually anticipating what happened next in this one.
  4. Yup! That's it! I knew the letter B was involved lol.
  5. I think that was me haha. I can't remember the band's name at the moment. This is going to bug the shit outta me now.
  6. The Walking Dead

    I'm so over the whole "motivational speech montages". I don't give a fuck. It happens like 3-4 times a season. I keep thinking to myself they constantly do the bare minimum to keep me interested, but I'm never excited about it. Didn't even care the new season was starting. It's becoming a chore to keep up on this show. I hardly even care about any of the characters right now.
  7. Anyone see how much shipping is on the deluxe?
  8. Funny enough Gumbo & I never even discussed Mumrunner at Dunk haha. But yeah I've been very high on them since earlier this year. I actually stumbled across them listening to a random Spotify generated playlist. One song is all it took to hook me. Gumbo, you're probably gonna be pissed to learn Gentle Slopes was available in the bins Dunk brought along at the fest. Woulda snagged myself if I didn't already have it. But you gotta listen to their first EP, Full Blossom. Even better than GS imo. But as Don said both EPs should still be available for cheap online. Even with overseas shipping I think I got both <$30 total.
  9. Looks like Man Mountain is streaming the set again tonight as well. Got Tribe baseball tonight so I'll have to miss it again. https://www.facebook.com/ManMountainMusic/posts/1019564348184163:0
  10. Spinning Of the Vine right now. Highly recommended if you just want to zone out & get washed over by ambient/wall-of-sound jams. Real good stuff.
  11. Haha it was def great getting to hang! Not only was I wrong on Junius, but the best was telling some random dude "Ah yeah Coastlands is this real chill ambient band with some climactic moments" & then they were just a singular explosion of sound their entire set. It was a completely different band live than recorded. I was actually hoping for a nice chill set, especially after End of the Ocean just destroyed us all. It just all kind of blended together. Junius was by far the biggest surprise of the fest. Didn't care for them much beforehand but the live show put them in a whole new light (literally & figuratively). Now I'm jamming the hell out of them! That new album is amazing. This Patch of Sky was my fav of the weekend. That shit exceeded the hype I had in my own head. "Time Destroys Everything..." & "Bella Muerte" crushed me! So many stunning performances. I can't say anyone really disappointed. It was amazing finally seeing Unconditional Arms. They were as good as I had hoped! End of the Ocean is still top-tier. Au Revoir, Appalaches, Of the Vine, all stellar. The new Tides of Man songs were next level & I am real hyped for their new album. That pre-Dunk show on Friday was real good as well. Lehnen & Man Mountain are no joke! Y'all definitely need to check them out! Such an awesome weekend, with new found appreciation for Gumbo! haha
  12. Ho. Li. Shit. This new live Pet Slimmers song is fucking massive. https://youtu.be/UG1Fkh8NRgY
  13. I can't fault anyone if they think Ranges is far too formulaic. I agree, but I also am not burned out on "classic post-rock" if it's well done. And I personally think it's a really good album. Same thing applies to Glories from earlier in the year. Pretty "by-the-book" post-rock that's done exceptionally well. I don't feel every band needs to reinvent the wheel. In saying that, Godspeed has easily pulled ahead of Ranges for me. I think it's a much more accessible album than previous works, which is what I was hoping for. I don't really give a shit about field recordings and 7 minutes of nothing happening & all that nonsense so Lucifarian Towers really delivers for me. It's great from start to finish. This Patch of Sky has severely disappointed me. I feel like there is so much going on in this album without anything actually happening (if that makes any sense lol). Bella Muerte & Her Beating Wings are good but overall it's just so bland. Hoping their Dunk performance brings the songs to life. Also checked out Kauan yesterday & was impressed. Got a "more epic American Dollar" vibe to it.
  14. "Seven Veils" by Ranges is amazing. Also, "Bosses Hang" by Godspeed. Wow.
  15. Not familiar with that one. will check out! Balmorhea out today as well.