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  1. Can confirm the Northern Lights show was very, very good. Much better than those first batch of reunion shows.
  2. Fireside Appreciation

    Sorry for the nine-years-too-late bump, but I recently threw on Fantastic Four. Was curious to see if it was repressed and I saw that there was a "remixed and remastered" version on iTunes. Sounds like GARBAGE, haha. What gives?
  3. PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    They wrote Slip without Tom. He came into the sessions at the last minute. They had kicked him out previously. Don't get it mixed up, love it or hate it Walter has always been the driving force of Quicksand.
  4. PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    Thought the production was really fitting. Pretty bass heavy, Sergio gets a lot of space to shine. Said this in another thread but to ME, it sounds like they achieved the "wall of sound" feel they were going for. If you take the 98 demo and throw in the heavy layer type tracks like Freezing Process and It Would Be Cooler If You Did, along with a lot of the weird guitar stuff they've been doing live since the reunion, you'd get this album.
  5. PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    Idk, I really like it. People complaining about the pace/tempo... have you heard the 98 demos?
  6. PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    RATS. Hope it goes up soon!
  7. PO Helmet Meantime

    Yeah, on a cool looking blue. Still have mine and the OG. They also did Strap it On. +1 for Aftertaste. The perfect driving record.
  8. Completely forgot I had this. Never played. Purchased brand new and was surprised when I opened it. Stored it next to the regular pressing ever since. /300 Ive seen what these have sold for and I'm not looking anything crazy likethat . Message me and we can go from there. Ships media mail or priority for a little bit more.
  9. Size XL. Fits like an in between of L and XL. No stains or stretching. Norips or tears. Can send more pics Asking 65 shipped OBO
  10. Helmet and Type O shirts sold. QG Quicksand shirt. Size XL. Fits between a large and XL. Awesome condition. No stains. Asking 65 shipped OBO. Some more Helmet stuff. Can give info on the pressings if anyone's interested. Looking to sell the poster, and the Kozik print. The posters are double sided, with each side on display in the picture. Already sold one. Asking 16 for the poster plus shipping and 40 for the Kozik print plus shipping.
  11. Finishing up this batch before getting into another tote. First up is a super rare Meantime era shirt featuring art by Frank Kozik. One of my favorite shirts ever, I've kept it in top notch condition over the years. Size XL. Asking 90 OBO. The other stuff in the picture: multiple records. I can go through those if there's any interest. But the frame is another Kozik print. Great condition. The two posters are Meantime record release promo posters. Double sided. So each one features both sides of what you see in the picture. Also came across a Rollins Band End of Silence record release promo poster. Still have an Unsane Kozik print as well.
  12. I really don't have a use for this stuff anymore. Bills stack up, shelf stuff must go. The Absolute Dark Knight is a hardcover monster sized collection of Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes again. In near perfect condition. Still in the slip box. The Spiderman omnibus is massive. It's the entire Michelinie/McFarlane run. Amazing Spiderman 296-329. Like new. Asking 65 for Spidey and 55 for Batman. PM me if you have any questions offers, or email me directly @ [email protected] No problem sending pictures. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys. Looking to part ways with my X-Files box set. Received it in December. It has been opened once. All seasons are individually sealed, except season 1 which I opened to check the discs. These retail for around 250, I'm looking to get around 140 or best reasonable offer. If interested feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  14. Post Your Record Storage Area

    Got rid of the Ikea, roommate put this together for me. Took a quick picture for his website. I'll post another one tomorrow once I get everything on it.