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  1. Any suggestions on how to repair a warped LP?
  2. spiderland, Your most basic setup need only to consist of a turntable and powered speakers(speakers which have amplification built-in). However, when choosing a record player be sure that you select one that not only has a phono out jack, but also a line out jack (this is what you'll connect to the speakers with). For the man on a budget this is the most advantageous setup because you'll only have spent a fraction of your allotment. With the leftover money you can buy cool things like more vinyl and dirty magazines. If you are looking to "complicate" things, you can throw an amplifier into the mix, thus eliminating the need for powered speakers and a line out connection. This is a better setup option simply based on overall sound quality and fewer constraints on table choice. When deliberating over amplification you will need to choose one of the following options: A. Stereo Receiver- Power amp+pre amp+radio tuner Usually has beyond stereo (two channel) capability and is financially conservative. However, you are basically paying for more options and not necessarily quality. B. Integrated Amp- Power amp+pre amp This middle of the road approach is pretty popular as you are able to achieve more than adequate ends for still financially reasonable means. C. Power Amp and Pre-Amp Really for the serious audiophile. This set up requires that you buy the power amp (having one to two line inputs/outputs) and pre amp (used to control volume and shape the sound) separately. Arguably this setup provides with the best performance but you may find the dollar to yield ratio unjustifiable. All of these come in tube, solidstate, and hybrid varieties. Tubes offer better sound quality but demand more in the price and upkeep departments. Solidstate provides reliability for a lower price but fall short of tubes in yield quality (though the technology is constantly improving). As ThrillHo said: make sure your amp is equipped with a phono input jack. Finally, you'll need to purchase a decent set of speakers. You should be able to judge for your self what exactly will work for you according to your listening space and remaining cash. good places to troll: ebay, craigslist, audiogoN Once you have all that, hook the table up to the amp via the phono jack, connect the speakers to the amplifier a la speaker cable (be sure to match those colors!), plug in your table and amp to a safe, grounded power outlet, select a vinyl, flip some switches.... stare.... stare.... pay your power bill, flip some switches, and thus begins the first day of the rest of your life.
  3. The P1 was the top recommendation in the first version of this thread. So I would venture to say its a pretty safe choice. At least I hope it is; mine just came in today.