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  1. Missed these the first time, thank you!
  2. That fast hey?
  3. It's always blown my mind how many labels post on social media showing test pressings playing on sub $100 turntables.
  4. Not sure if any Canadians are interested but it's up on Amazon Canada for only $20 compared to over $40 shipped from the US or EU. It's on black but for $20 less I'll take it.
  5. Yip "more or less" wrote all of PV??
  6. It's on from a 3rd party seller. With the exchange rate it would be a bit cheaper
  7. I'll have to try this toothpick trick. I've got a copy of Make Do And Mend's Bodies Of Water that looks like it has a piece of paint on the playable side that came from the screen printed b-side.
  8. Looks like I need to sell my ETR Reel Big Fish and buy the other one. edit: Shit, out of stock. I guess not.
  9. Love this band. Lots of options for the new album. They decided to go NOFX - The Decline for this so let's see how it turns out. Listen to it on their bandcamp: Preorder here:
  10. I liked this back when it came out. I tried listening to it again about 6 months ago and couldn't make it past a few songs. Totally agree with how bad it aged.
  11. $47.25 to Canada. I really gotta think about this one.
  12. Already got it pre-ordered from there, but thanks for the heads up!
  13. RFC please get these to so I can afford it!