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  1. I've got a warped copy of of orange/grey split. If you have a good turntable it plays without skipping. If you're interested PM me.
  2. I stop mine (RP3) between records. I give the platter a bit of a start by spinning it before turning it back on. My friend who also has an RP3 doesn't stop his when changing albums. I really don't think you'll cause that much strain by turning it off, whatever option you choose should be fine.
  3. WTB: Such Gold

    Weekend bump
  4. WTB: Such Gold

    I've got everything you've got, thanks though! I'm obviously trying to pay less than they are on there...
  5. WTB: Such Gold

    Looking for the following, let me know what you've got! The New Sidewalk - Teal/Dark Blue and Black/Gold Both the Little Elephant sessions Apparently there's a green retail color for Deep In A Hole Any other rare stuff.
  6. Been playing PUBG on Xbox. It's pretty fun.
  7. Didn't realize they had a Canadian site and it's only about $10 there. Thanks!
  8. https://www.panicstaterecords.com/products/10-years-later Not sure about numbers but I'll update this if I find anything.
  9. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    My Swingin Utters greatest hits showed up today but they didn’t include the copy of Real McKenzies Lochd and Loaded. I’ve never had an issue with them before I guess I’ll email them and see what happens. edit: nevermind, two separate orders. I'm a moron.
  10. Has anyone listened to Frail Words Collapse lately? Maybe it's just me, but it didn't hold up at all.
  11. Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma

    I'm still waiting on my copy of Nightbringers from them. They sent me the tracking number that showed it arrived in Canada on Nov 24th but it's still not here. I'm hoping it eventually shows up but I'm guessing it should have been here by now.
  12. Swagbucks?

    Nice, I use this too.
  13. If anyone gets Podacter or the last Banquets album that they don’t want, PM me.
  14. DACs

    I don't know a ton about DAC's but take a look at a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus. It's balanced, comes in at the low end of your budget and you should easily be able to find one in Toronto to try it.
  15. PO: August Burns Red - "Phantom Anthem"

    Damn if someone orders that Hot Topic variant and wants to get a 2nd one to ship to Canada, let me know!