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  1. Vinyl copies finally up for sale: jeremyenigk.bandcamp.com/merch This album is great! Ordered!
  2. PO: Brown Bags (FFO post punk, 90s emo)

    Ordered!..been waiting on a full length since spinning that 7" over and over. Didn't know Side With Us was still putting stuff out. Great label! Highly recommend the Silian Rail and Not To Reason Why releases to anyone on this board.
  3. https://jimmyfloydhasselbaind.bandcamp.com Never heard of these guys..stumbled across them in the vinyl new releases on Bandcamp. They supposedly have a new EP/7" coming out soon as well.
  4. Did not find anything on this board in my search...usually not my style, but this is fucking amazing... Listen to "Smile": http://lowflyinghawks.bandcamp.com/album/genkaku P.O. for most limited version (still available): http://magneticeyerecords.merchnow.com/
  5. Check out the self released 3 song 7" for $ 2 and the EP (released on cassette - still available through Deathwish)...good stuff as well
  6. I love searching for vinyl new releases on Bandcamp: https://mossbreaker.bandcamp.com/ If the best art comes from pain, then Mossbreaker’s debut LP, Between the Noise and You, should be hanging in the Louvre. Self-produced and mixed over the course of a year by the alt-rock trio at their home studio in Los Angeles, the album comes in the wake of singer/guitarist, Gabe VanBenschoten’s father’s death. The result is a raw expression of the human experience told through powerful, haunting, diverse layers of musicianship. By hacking through the thick layers of effect-laden guitars, understated-yet-dominant bass and commanding, hard-hitting drums, one quickly gets to the heart of the matter on Between the Noise and You. The album opens with “Song for My Father,” a modern-day dirge that sets the tone for the heavy beauty to come. It’s followed by “Dissolve,” a Deftones-esque driving march that conveys VanBenschoten’s feelings of loss, with lines like, “I want to hold your hand / As you disappear.” That moves into the title track—a droning detuned, would-be radio hit layered with eerie guitar leads and driving rhythms. And “Shamer” is yet another heavy-hitter with a formula of minimalist verses flowing into catchy, larger-than-life choruses that’ll dig into listeners’ brains and take up residence there.With each subsequent track, Mossbreaker creates a sonic masterpiece that blends energetic ‘90s-influenced rock, melancholy dream pop and shoegaze-soaked post-rock. Overall, it’s raw, yet composed; it’s mournful, but aggressive; it’s meticulous, yet sounds absolutely massive.
  7. http://landland.bigcartel.com/ First recorded material up in limited vinyl packaging.
  8. Saw these guys play at a Sounders FC pregame party in Pioneer Square..really good live and i heard they just recorded a full length. Check the EP out.. https://versing.bandcamp.com/album/nude-descending Vinyl finally available: http://youthriotrecords.storenvy.com/products/15553911-nude-descending-ep-versing
  9. New tracks up: http://stiunustiu.bandcamp.com/album/aegna-saar-tiu-nu-tiu-digital-release Someone needs to press this stuff!
  10. Sonic Boom in Seattle had 6 copies on RSD. Picked it up right when I got in the door.
  11. Ordered the Zum Heimathafen Art Series edition! Been waiting for this for a long time...finally looking forward to getting a physical copy.
  12. Record Store Day 2016

    Is Silver Platter website accurate as to in-stocks? Just checked out there site and it seems they have everything I want except for 2 items. Prices seem reasonable there as well. When does the line start forming at both places?
  13. Record Store Day 2016

    Any have a recommendation for the best place to go in Seattle? I have my eyes on Sonic Boom, but if there is better I want to know. Also, when do people start lining up around here? I have gone to several RSDs in other cities, but first one in Seattle. Thanks in advance!
  14. Digging this! Ordered a clear w/haze. Thanks for the recommendation.