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  1. I'll always buy Converge 7"s.
  2. I'm interested in stuff on New Orleans labels. Irma Thomas Eddie Bo Ernie K-Doe Huey Smith Eldridge Holmes
  3. 100% And I have no doubt the new material will be bunk, as much as I loved TJT in my 20's.
  4. Egg Salad with Miracle Whip is better than with mayonnaise.
  5. Cold and hot sandwiches are both absolutely necessary. I'll give up pasta.
  6. At The Show, Part 2. MXPX are the band that convinced me to listen to punk. They introduced me to Descendents. I love Mike, Tom and Yuri. But I don't need this.
  7. I had mono in 2nd grade. I missed like 4 weeks of school.
  8. I was waiting for Summer Slam to renew my subscription but I'm going to get, hmmphh.... "Great Balls of Fire" just to watch Joe v.. Brock. I hope it's a legit 20 minute match. Joe can go. Hope Brock doesn't get lazy.
  9. Started buying records in 1998. I only buy stuff from yard sales and thrift stores to resell now. Occasionally get and trade a bunch of cheap records for a pricey record I've always wanted.
  10. There aren't too many NO people here, but I'll be at this show.
  11. Like Mindovermatter said, some of the shows were sold out. I was flying or driving to Nashville to see it.
  12. This seems shitty, actually. Fulfill your bookings, then go make a record.
  13. I love boobs.
  14. Crazy!