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  1. You bought a Chicago album? Why?
  2. Argh. Missed those Tom Waits records.
  3. Off BCR topic, but on signature topic: I once watched a live debate between an anti-porn guy and Ron Jeremy. Afterward I met Ron Jeremy and for either $5 or $10 (can';t recall) he took a Polaroid with me and signed the white part of the photo. Money well spent.
  4. Would be interested in hearing someone go through this process.
  5. I've only ever been to Revolver Records in Pcola. Bought a couple things there. Nice owner. But it's def a shop opened after the "revival". Minimal used, lots o' new.
  6. Like others have said, you've got a pretty common collection there. Buckingham Nicks is legit the only record that sells for $20-40. See what the insurance company will give you. If you bought those in the 70's, chances are you paid $2-4 a piece.
  7. Awwww, go fuck with some other site, spammers. Leave our beloved Discogs alone.
  8. I looked on a map, lol. My knowledge of Europe is quite limited. Looks like a great trip. Congrats!
  9. Don't know if I posted this one before, but I've had it for a while. This weekend was French Quarter Festival here. Walter "Wolfman" Washington is a local NO guitar player that performs a lot, mostly at big fests like this. He tours but isn't playing anything outside of clubs. He plays some trad. NO soul songs, but lots of it is very typical blues. Prior to what got him paid, he had a couple soul singles that garner big bucks these days. Got this one and it's a funky tune. The Youtube clip sounds terrible but gives a hint at how great it is.
  10. This is a pretty epic trip. What inspired it? Just fancy the place?
  11. I think I paid $50 for my original. $31 on Bullmoose and 32 for the reissue on Amazon. Yikes.
  12. I wasn't serious. That's why I said all the good jokes had been made. America weren't that great, but "A Horse With No Name" is just blah. However this is a jam:
  13. Horses ain't shit but hos and tricks.