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  1. I'll pay $20 to pay for two spots in the men's rumble and two spots in the women's.
  2. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Picked this up last week here. Lazy Lester was a bluesman here in Louisiana, but he was from the central west portion of the state. His 50's/60's R&B tunes are great. His blues stuff is not my cup of tea. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/8288301?ev=rb
  3. Shower Farts

    How did I not ever see this thread?
  4. Get outta debt sale. Almost whole list for sale

    This dude is the best. Buy his stuff!
  5. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    I keep waiting for a record to show up like that. Never had it happen, thankfully.
  6. WM is here again this year. And initially I wanted to to pay big bucks because the last one was so amazing live (Undertaker's streak ended, Daniel Bryan's epic title win, etc). But the rumor of all the shit happening that weekend, it's unbelievable. So I might get cheap tickets just to go to WM and really go to the other stuff before Sunday. There should be a ROH show here like last year. Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson will probably do a live show of their podcast here. NXT will have a TakeOver. Just so many other things.
  7. The WWE Network is great for a few months. I would watch the original programming almost exclusively (Table for Three, Legends House, JBL's show, etc). Plus they have a ton of the wrestling documentaries they did in the 2000-current (although those take a while to be added). Then I would get bored. I let it lapse for months and resubscribe around the big 4 PPV's typically. Another fun thing I started doing was when Bruce Prichard's podcast ("Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard") goes through a PPV from the past, I listen to the podcast and watch the show. They often point out funny things that weren't supposed to happen and Bruce gives the scoop on what the creative was aiming to achieve. That makes a potentially boring show way more interesting.
  8. FS: Collection. Jazz, Blues, Soul, & Rock

    I'm sure you can sell that for a cool grand or maybe two. But this place won't net you several thousand.
  9. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    No joke. This is one of the best ska albums from the 90's. I still jam this constantly.
  10. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    I'm going through my collection (very slowly) and adding to my Discogs. Played this. Man. If you guys don't know Eddie Bo from me raving about him, go read up on him. Incredible career. Known a little here in New Orleans. Obscure to the rest of the world. He did R&B in the 50's, soul in the 60's, and funk in the 70's. When he couldn't get his music released, he wrote and produced some stellar funk classics for others.
  11. Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Thanks for this. Added to my queue!
  12. Amazon OOS Waiting....

    Same shit. I think I emailed and it was like "We have no information that order took place." I think I replied with something like "Well, I must just fucking be making it up."
  13. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    But the b-side is a killer dancer:
  14. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    I got a Miles Davis 10" and two soul 45's at the record store yesterday. One of them was this stupid thing. I think I only bought it because I live here. Doesn't sound as good as I thought. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17JRGqTKjvw