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  1. You're right, collectors are the worst.
  2. I hope kids realize that R&B influenced what would become rock and roll and without people like Chuck Berry, there wouldn't be the music we enjoy today.
  3. That's what all those memes I'm seeing are about. I had no idea.
  4. Here's the FB event page with pertinent information:
  5. Lafayette is the host to a small record show called the Acaidiana Vinyl Haul this coming Sunday. I'll be selling records from 2PM to 6PM at the Blue Moon Saloon. Lafayette is only a two hour drive from NOLA.
  6. Try to go to the Gumbo Shop in the FQ if you can. Best seafood Gumbo you can buy at a restaurant:
  7. Between 2007-2013ish, maybe 2014, it was a thriving community like this. Lots of good people talked about a lot of different kind of music. Collections were simple to track and prior to Nick expanding, linking to one's collection was easy. It was great. I see why it looks like nothing now. But at one point, I was on DF many hours any given day.
  8. It's not all doom and gloom, kids. Story time: Fall last year, I arrived at a local thrift store 30 minutes after a junk store owner beat me to usual place I go. He had a cart FILLED with records, probably 100+. I was just floored. I looked in the cart. Later but good pressings of Miles and Coltrane. Stuff I could use. At this point, LP's were all $1.99 each. Kicking myself for having a job that made it inconvenient to be at thrift stores when they opened, I just drooled. He said, "I scored." Yeah, no kidding. But I check out what's left. Found a Coleman Hawkins first pressing "Hawk Flies High" ($100 nowadays, but use to go for more). So I keep looking. Came across a few things that were cool, but not amazing. Finally, found a weird Brazilian artist I wasn't familiar with. Grabbed it because it just looked ... different. Turns out it was a super rare jazz record. Sold it for $800 to a person in Japan. I can't be sure, but I would bet there's no way junk store man found anything that good.
  9. I need to just use a spreadsheet, but I've been slowly putting my collection from DF to Discogs.
  10. I'm noticing a lot of thrift stores are making up records from $1-2 to $5-8, which makes anything worth checking out not really worth it, unless you know it's good or worth more money. Still, when I'm looking for things to flip, paying $5 to make $10 just isn't worth it.
  11. For live music, see this:
  12. For record store shiz, see this:
  13. I live here and I've written about it other places.
  14. Sheesh, I'm rewatching the gif and it looks like she's just falling on the other woman's back.
  15. Hey, promote my blog! I haven't written anything in two years!