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  1. PO Now: Zao - The Well-Intentioned Virus

    $10 Shipping from Holy Moutain with Priority if you're getting shirts. $5 Shipping Media Mail from Zao bandcamp.
  2. Help me take care of my asshole neighbors.

    This is actually the best advice. Back to the situation. Do you call the cops when they're making noise past a certain hour? What is it, you can't make excessive noise after 10 pm or 11 pm? Call make a report EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME.
  3. Help me take care of my asshole neighbors.

    I honestly have no good suggestions. Unfortunately, if they think you're behind any thing that happens to them, they're dick-y enough it seems to retaliate. I would move. Nothing is more important than your family's safety and your sanity.
  4. Ha. Yeah. I have an 07 Lexus. I had to remove part of the coolant tube to the reservoir. I had to pop out a small panel. Then loosen a harness from a bulb and screw the bulb out the harness. Only took an hour on two different occasions (bought the bulb wrong the first time). Youtube videos, man.
  5. Looking for a certain genre

    If you can dig PTL, then you can dig the man behind the music. Just check out the Bazan solo stuff:
  6. Felt the same way when I replaced a front headlight bulb a few weeks ago.
  7. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    I feel for you Floridians. I was born and raised in Melbourne. My parents still there. I live 12 hours away. I had to do some prodding to get them to leave the east coast when it looked like Irma was going that way. Glad everyone made it through relatively well.
  8. Is dead format.........dead?

    I think you're being defensive. My comment was about people defending Discogs needlessly when we're mourning the death of Dead Format.
  9. Is dead format.........dead?

    Ugh. These people acting like discogs won't be DF at some point in the future. Nevertheless, change with the the times. Discogs is the easiest way to look up pressing info and catalog one's collection.
  10. Watched the first two matches. Fell asleep. Might have been the timing of day. I love JR. I don't think Lita is terrible but yeah, thank goodness for JR.
  11. Cleaned Vinyl with Windex - now it crackles

    You seen the guy using fire to cut hair? Works the same way on PVC.
  12. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Dang, I just got the standard 'you have to confirm your order' email to let them know I still want it.
  13. Looking forward to Mae Young tournament too. Lots of speculation about how long Asuka would hold the title, being that she's unbeaten and they're not really able to make her a heel yet. But if she vacates the title, is out for a while, and shows up on the main roster, how cool would that be? Mae Young will result in some new women coming into NXT so now might be the time to get Asuka up to Raw or Smackdown.