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  1. Bump Hey guys. Found this tune a while back. Benny Spellman, who is originally from Florida, recorded a ton of singles and lived in New Orleans. Toussaint wrote and produced this track. Benny Spellman found success with other Toussaint songs "Lipstick Traces" and "Fortune Teller" but this has an entirely different sound. Nice dance tune.
  2. Never baby proofed. My kid at 2 or 3 killed a stylus by messing with the tone arm on my TT. That got a stern "NO!" Other than that, no problems. We listen to them and he picks stuff for us to listen to. I think teaching children [when they're old enough] to respect your stuff is a valid lesson and very necessary with expensive shit strewn about. Here's my kid at less than a year messing with the stuff I took to record shows five years ago.
  3. There are albums that if I found a second copy from a different country than the original release (Japan, for instance), I might grab. But for the most part, I just want the best possible copy.
  4. SNL

    Ha, how did this go a year without a hit? Melissa McCarthy is breathing new life into the show as Spicer. Baldwin's Trump is good but is getting old now that we have to endure four years.
  5. I'm hoping to find a VPI used for around $500.
  6. When in doubt, ask for forgiveness.
  7. I hate the pops and bobs. Love some snap and crackle.
  8. I made it four minutes and got this gem: "There's a couple bops on there."
  9. Decent PPV. Bray Wins! Bray Wins ! Bray Wins!
  10. Undertaker was fine putting over Brock, right? Otherwise it wouldn't happen. I bet Undertaker wouldn't want to put over Reigns, especially since the fans aren't having it.
  11. Yeah, I'm still a big fan of the PTL stuff, especially since I was a big fan around the Control and AH era stuff. But, CYB, it's sooooooooooo fucking good.
  12. First paragraph, I get your sarcasm. Side note: I agree with you.
  13. Back to topic. I've never seen a 45 player like this. But I'm dying to get a portable player. When I go look at records, being able to play is essential and I always have to bum from friends. This Singer portable from the 60's is great. I have a friend with multiple of these (for when they break). I've borrowed his and it's wonderful.
  14. I don't know. Nor do I care. Just noticed I never saw any here and there one was in Mississippi this weekend.
  15. Hah. Not as low as I want. I don't actually pay for records. I just trade