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  1. Where do you predict music will be in 5 years?

    The difference between decades is stark, but not five year... uhh -ades. Ask us in 2028.
  2. PO SOON: Dashboard Confessional - Crooked Shadows

    Dusk and Summer was the last DC album that I really listened to and enjoyed thoroughly. I just looked and I have a CD copy of Shade of Poisson Trees and I can't remember anything beyond "Thick As Thieves" However, after many listens, there's enough moments for me that I feel okay about FSF's Penny Black. As far as this album, that single did't do anything for me so I doubt I care enough to pick this up.
  3. Good thing you avoided the risers. I specifically waited so I could be on the front row, seat 1, of a section four years ago. And needless to say, I was a tiny bit disappointed. There were, presumably, less pricey seats further up my section, not on the risers, and I had a clear view when walking back from the food/restrooms. I'm going to hold out. It will probably sell out but it wasn't sold out last time up until the day of the show. They're releasing tickets weirdly this time. I remember searching through thousands of tickets this time back in 2014. Now, it appears the cheapest seats are being held.
  4. I plan on it. But, since there's so much else to do, I might get stuck in the cheap seats. I paid $220-ish and sat in the 100's last time on the "risers" which weren't but a few inches above the floor seats (so when people stood, I had to stand too). Where are your seats, Scott?
  5. I just found out that Bruce Prichard is doing a live version of his podcast with Conrad Thompson that same day as the ROH show. Some places online have it at 2 or 3 pm, while others have it at 10 pm. If it's 10 pm, it's going to run into the ROH show. And it's downtown at a HOB while the ROH show is a university many many miles away in city traffic.
  6. Yeah, I'm stoked to see them work live. I've probably seen Cody since I've been to a number of WWE shows over the years. But this "American Nightmare" gimmick has made his personality so fun to watch. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes was good too.
  7. I was hoping by chance there might be a NJPW show here the weekend of Wrestlemania. It was rumored last year but nothing has come to fruition. But, there is a ROH show. This is how it's listed on the ROH website: ROH Champion Dalston Castle Cody The Young Bucks Kenny Omega Kota Ibushi Hiroshi Tanahashi Very excited to possibly watch Omega, Ibushi and Tanahashi in person for the first time.
  8. The Vinyl Bootleg Thread

    Everybody should read this book. So interesting. https://www.amazon.com/Bootleg-Secret-History-Recording-Industry/dp/0312130317/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1517978826&sr=8-1&keywords=bootleg+the+other+record+industry
  9. How to Start a Record Store?

    I worked at a store here for credit a few days a week here for a couple years before I ever had any professional jobs. I liked the idea of opening a store. I collected records since the late 90's. I amassed a bunch. I had store experience, sort of. Sold at record shows, online, etc. But seeing what those guys went through, it made gladly choose to work a 8 am - 4:30 pm job and have a guaranteed 40K a year. Here's the problem currently: You need new records to be legitimate in the eyes of younger people. Old, original pressings are considered just that, old. Probably not younger VC people because they tend to be more of the obsessed music fan rather than the casual 20-something. But I sell to kids a lot and they want new. You'll have to buy reissues and new release, but you make no money on them (or very little). The money is in used records. In a city that size, you have a nice population. But there's already two stores who have been sifting through people's shit. There will inevitably be some weekend warrior record people who post ads on CL, the paper, magazines etc. Hustling to keep new stock is how you stand out to more serious collectors. Going to your store and finding something new or cool is the goal, and if you never get new stuff in, the regulars will seek it elsewhere. You would probably need at least 5,000 records priced to sell at minimum to open with another 5,000 of stock to-be-priced until you're able to advertise and get people calling you up. Then you have to look at endless terrible records until you find the one person who will sell them to you. In my opinion, the hardest thing to do but the most rewarding is just getting people to hang out at your spot. Kids talking music. People who want to feel young and relevant still. Whatever. Getting people to stop just to say hi or see what's new. Those people eventually buy. So, if you have a good month, get a keg, cook hot dogs, have a local band play a set. Getting people in there is key. I'm sort of an older collector, I hate going into a store advertised as a record store and it's a bookstore, cafe, pet store, whatever the fuck. Pick one thing and do it. If you have to worry about food, that's a whole other mess with other regulations. Books about music, band t-shirts, etc are cool. If you have no children and no significant other who relies on you for your share of the rent, then, cool, it's a fun experiment. If you fail, you at least tried. But if you have people who rely on you, it's not worth the stress. Trust me. My advice, if I didn't have debt and a child: I would become a Craig's List, magazine ad, newspaper classified, etc machine and buy records from people. You can amass as much as you afford. Then you can sell the best stuff online, keep other things, and stuff that you're not making much from you can sell it to the record stores. They need used stock. You're not going to make much, but if you kept the best stuff, it will help you get your initial investment back. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  10. Please fix this. Nothing should hinder one from hearing the complete version of What's Going On.
  11. NXT was great. I don't watch the weekly shows, except to watch for specific people so I'm not really invested in the stories but the characters make me care. I loved almost every match. NXT booking makes me hopeful for the eventual renewal of WWE storytelling. Undisputed Era vs AOP was decent way to start the show. Decent match. I was into watching but any details of it now escape me. Velveteen Dream vs Kassius Ohno was great. Velveteen is over and I always think Chris Hero and can't say Kassius. Good match. Felt fast. I think that one would could have been given some more time. Ember Moon vs Shayna Baszler was great. Ember is a good hand and they're building Shayna as a unstoppable force like Brock. It'll be good to see if these two women have more encounters over the next few months (which will hopefully include one at Takeover here in New Orleans for WM weekend). Aleister Black vs Adam Cole was solid. They made a hardcore match somewhat more interesting but again, I'm struggling to think of anything that stand out. Andrade Cien Almas vs Johnny Gargano was really good. This is the first Almas match I really liked. Gargano is a star and sells so well. This one went back and forth and I really thought Gargano was going to pull out the victory. Then for his Ciampa to show up was great too. Royal Rumble was a fun show. Better than it's been the past few years. I really thought I was going to be mad at the results but overall pleased. AJ vs Owens and Zayn was great. I was bothered that the title match was first, but those guys entertain and work so well that it was a great way to get the crowd fired up. Zayn and Owens if they're not working any singles programs should team up for a while. Owens and Jericho was great but this could be better. Usos vs. Cable and Benjamin was anti climatic, but I love seeing Shelton out there. I hope he gets another singles run. He's so great. I thought it was weird that the men's Royal Rumble was on third on the main show. But then I realized they would do the women's last. Worked out fine. Glad they're taking women's wrestling serious. Rumble was good. They put some good folks in. I was expecting Samoa Joe and didn't realize he's out with an injury ( specifically recalled seeing him on the poster) so that was a bummer. The Hurricane and Mysterio appearance were fun, Golddust, ugh. Dolph Ziggler #30 was fun. I didn't think they would pull the trigger on Nakamura yet so I was hoping maybe he would get a world title push now after so many years of giving good performances. Eh, still could happen. I knew Cena wasn't going to win but having him in their in the last four was making me sweat. Reigns in there last two made me mad. I get they were swerving a bit and allowing him to look strong but I'm so glad it's Nakamura's time. The guy has more charisma than 2/3 the roster. Went to do laundry during Cesaro/Sheamus vs Rollins/Jordan so I don't care. I wish Cesaro would get a strong singles push again. Lesnar vs Strowman vs Kane was fine. Nothing to see. Knew Brock would get the win since all I'm hearing is that we'll get Brock vs. Reigns at MW. Finally, the women's match. While the men had just enough nostalgia, I thought the women's Rumble had too much. It was great seeing some of the workers like Jacqueline, Lita, Molly Holly, and Trish Stratus, but sheesh, Tori Wilson and Kelly Kelly? They were models/divas who couldn't work. It was nice to see them, but just torture in the ring. I love they used established stars to set the pace and brought in a lot of the younger talent. Kairi Sane hitting elbows during the match was just to show her off and I can't wait until she's ready for the main roster. Ember Moon was a nice addition. I love watching Naomi. Glad Nia Jax looks strong. I wish she could get a run with the title. The Bellas were fun but I was never a fan. Bayley continues to flounder. I'm so glad they gave Asuka the win. Asuka is bae. Okay, so the rumors about Ronda Rousey were confirmed but I'm glad she wasn't in the match. I guess she could have come in and been eliminated by someone to start a program with, but it's always going to be an attraction. Nobody knows her intentions but I imagine they'll book her exactly like Brock. She'll only lose when she's going away or when it's to put over someone really strongly. I hope she becomes an active worker but I highly doubt it. I hope Asuka's first loss isn't Rousey. That's stupid. Overall, very well. Two Japanese wrestlers being highlighted in wrestling. 2018 is starting off to be a great year of wrestling.
  12. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    ^ That's not it, but that's hilarious.
  13. Jazz Music & Records Thread

    If you don't like this, might be interested in a trade. I live in NO and love the music.
  14. The money isn't a big deal, I know, but people might pay if we keep it cheaper?