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  1. NXT War Games was pretty fucking great. I lost interest in the actual War Games match. But women's fourway match for the women's title was great. And you have to watch that Aleister Black vs The Velveteen Dream match. Fucking great.
  2. Delete

    Formatting issue. Nevermind. Delete.
  3. Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Those things usually never come when you got the scratch.
  4. There isn't much recognition for jazz these days on VC or even in popular culture for that matter. Probably because jazz saw a creative and popularity shift downward in the 1980's. But some of the best music that ever existed was played in the genre of jazz. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington made jazz acceptable for the masses, while the likes of Miles Davis and John Coltrane took it to unforeseen heights. Jazz has as many sub-genres as rock and roll, and without jazz, well, we wouldn't get to enjoy a lot of the music we love today if those blue notes had not been played. Post your recent finds, discoveries, dislikes, and interests, etc. ... Anyone wanting to check out some of the great jazz albums, many of the classics have been reissued recently. They're relatively cheap. Sound Stage Direct seems to have a significant number of both the popular and obscure titles: http://www.soundstagedirect.com/jazz-vinyl-records.shtml
  5. PO Now: Zao - The Well-Intentioned Virus

    Trades or selling?
  6. Pick something for me to listen too

    Add some variety into your life:
  7. Is dead format.........dead?

    Don't worry, someone will come here to defend Discogs and tell you your legitimate criticism is unfounded.
  8. There are Jesus-followers who are holding out hope that he will rejoin the fold. I talk to them occasionally online.
  9. I love Dave. It would be fun to hear the PTL songs again, but he still plays a hardy portion during Bazan sets. I gues the more Bazan material there is, less PTL songs get played live. So these shows would be exciting to hear some of these beloved songs once more.
  10. I liked the cover art before. I love it now.
  11. I've been waiting for a reasonable copy of II to come secondhand market. But I guess it never will. Better preorder.
  12. Wrestling these days is starting to feel a bit more competitive like it did in the 90's. Great Cody Rhodes promo from ROH:
  13. Were they waiting to put Kurt into a story? So weird how this was timed. This isn't planned, he's out with a legit medical condition.
  14. I don't know if those B-sides are really that widely known (like, have I heard them already), but this looks great.
  15. I try to separate personal views and the art an artist makes (i.e., I love John Lennon, but he was a shitty human for much of his life). Yet, I find it very difficult to separate ardent Trump supporters and him. It's a huge, awful pill to swallow.
  16. As long as you go to the WWE Network website and cancel, you can use the service until the date they say would start your next billing cycle.
  17. Does someone know great bands?

    Hey, this came out in 1973. It's amazing and pretty unknown: https://www.discogs.com/Socrates-Drank-The-Conium-On-The-Wings/release/2898283
  18. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Found this jam online. I've put off buying it because it seems relatively cheap and available.
  19. Does someone know great bands?

  20. Vinyl Shelf Finder :: Raspberry Pi and Lazers!

    Yeah, I'm the one embarrassing myself! If this thing can't put a record on for me. It's useless.
  21. Longtime collector of Vintage Audio Joins VC

    Gary Borton, a legend, I presume. Please, sir, humble us with a picture of your collection.
  22. Vinyl Shelf Finder :: Raspberry Pi and Lazers!

    Your stupid app doesn't tell me the order to put them in.
  23. So, I meant to cancel WWE Network and it wound up being the last day of the billing cycle. I tried to cancel, but it didn't go through for some reason. So I was charged on my card. I go back in to my WWE account and end up canceling after discovering this five days later. Long story short, after emailing and calling, I was able to get refunded the charge. I was told through the couple emails and phone calls that they don't do refunds. But they gave it me. So in case in happens to any of you guys, it is possible.
  24. Vinyl Shelf Finder :: Raspberry Pi and Lazers!

    The only thing that remotely takes any time is an artist like The Rolling Stones or Thou. There's a ton of releases and I don't remember the exact chronological order.