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    "When my mind cleared it was 4 a.m. All the lights were on and everybody was gone. I was still sitting there. I found a warm beer and drank it. Then I went to bed with the feeling that all drunks know: that I had been a fool but to hell with it."

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  1. everything seems so close around here too. don't really have to leave the neighborhood.. gonna go see MINUS THE BEAR at the summit next month.
  2. thanks.. i'm actually right down the street from 1up... haha..
  3. i don't do weed.
  4. So i just moved to Denver. Was wondering if there are any native people from the area that might give me some insight or places to visit/eat etc. i'm like 4 blocks away from Wax Trax. that's all i know. Also if anyone is up for hanging out and grabbing a bite or something. Thanks in advance, mike
  5. Here is my list of stuff for sale.. Prices very. Just let me know what you like and i can give you a price.. I purposely didn't put the price because it's dependent on what you purchase. Prices will be fair or lower than fair.. All the albums are in great condition. some only played once... Here is the list:
  6. And now, we are finally done.. Thanks everyone for participating. I"m out.
  7. i'm gonna see if i can go if i can find a ride...moving and know only a handful of people.. none of which like metal of that kind.
  8. It sucks. I move to Denver in a few weeks and am gonna miss both bands. Mind you, it's not like i haven't seen Power Trip or Iron Age on numerous occasions, but Iron Age only plays a few dates a year so i'm kinda bummed. maybe i can buy a ticket back fro the show. Like any Iron Age show it's gonna be hellish. Not sure if interested, but the singer for Iron Age's other band (ETERNAL CHAMPION) has anew album out.. it's pretty awesome. You should check it out.
  9. I wonder if they're gonna have some variants at the release show.... With IRON AGE no less.. I wish i was gonna be in town for that one. Hopefully i can just have someone snag me me one..
  10. sorry, totally missed that.. in the famous words of clay davis from the wire.....shiiiiiiiiiit. im glad you liked it though.
  11. i never saw a photo.... so i just assumed you didn't post. Did i miss it? what page was it on?
  12. I have 2 people on my list that haven't posted.. Not sure if Lauren's people are who haven't posted, but i think everyone's been shipped now.. maybe my person didn't like his/her gift. bummer.
  13. yours is on it's way..
  14. I'm gonna be looking for stuff as well in Denver.. but i'm moving there at the end of the month. Can't wait for the cold weather.. so looking forward to it.