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  1. This album is insanely good...cant wait to get shipping confirmation so I can sit down and listen with the headphones on
  2. PO: Hot Mulligan - Pilot

    The Black LP is $17 and its rarer /400...I think I paid 22 total with shipping which is pretty standard anymore. I don't know why everyone is caught up on the color variant or why it has to come with the CD...but whatever...this album is going to rock fucking hard!
  3. No Sleep put up the pre-orders for Hot Mulligan's debut album Pilot the other day, kind of shocked this isn't posted yet as they are a great band. Clear In Magenta /600 - $27 Black /400 -$17 I highly recommend their E.P. Opportunities as well because its a fantastic record. I know No Sleep has been pretty shady in the past but these guys definitely deserve some support and love regardless. I saw them in Columbus Ohio in August with Save Face and they were a lot of fun. One of my most anticipated of this year for sure.
  4. Love S&G and I have all of their stuff...paid less than $10 for everything at random record shops and antique stores...they sound great Why would they press this album and not fucking Bookends? By far the superior record...I would probably put Parsley Rosemary Sage and Thyme above Bridge Over Troubled Water too even though Bridge Over Troubled Water is probably one of the best songs they ever wrote...
  5. PO now Donovan Wolfington - Waves

    bummer, really loved their last LP...curious to hear where they go with this one...
  6. PO NOW: Eve 6 - Horrorscope

    Congrats to you man...that is impressive. I guess I'm just out of the loop because that was never one of my favorites and I can't imagine dropping that much on an album I love, let alone a soundtrack...but that's just me. Thanks for pressing the Eve 6 records. To be honest...I don't remember anyone giving a shit about them when they were around...I'm just really surprised there is a market for it...but obviously there is because there are losers like me dropping $60 for two Eve 6 albums in 2018...hahah Here's to the Nostalgia I guess
  7. PO NOW: Eve 6 - Horrorscope

    I read this and though...what does your lady smoking have to do with buying true romance? It puzzled me for a good 5 minutes... Never liked True Romance and always lamented the fact that Tarantino didn't direct it because it would have been a million times better...same with Natural Born Killers...but that's just me. I say you should go for it man, buy it whether your lady smokes or not...no regrets...thats my motto...well, that and everybody wang chung tonight.
  8. PO: Brian Fallon, Sleepwalkers

    That's a heavy ass record....probably costs a fortune to ship.
  9. PO NOW: Eve 6 - Horrorscope

    Ordered this and self titled from MerchNow because whatevs.... Not to sidetrack this shit but did anyone else see the True Romance bundle...who the fuck is buying that for $125...
  10. PO: See More Glass - Graveyard Gertie

    9 hours left bump...
  11. devastated I missed this by seconds.... If anyone got an extra copy of the tour variant or is willing to sell theirs to a huge fan/collector of Wonder Years variants please hit me up
  12. The Hotelier - Goodness

    I still go back to this album weekly...its fucking brilliant
  13. The official Horror fan topic

    Watched Cujo tonight for the first time since I was 16ish...liked it a lot better this time...would highly recommend reading the book first though
  14. PO: See More Glass - Graveyard Gertie

    419 dollars out of 3500....don't know if I'm going to make it but It would be great to get some feedback on the song/album... What do you think?