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  1. It looks like these slightly less limited versions of the 4 LPs are going to be RSD releases. I wonder if the US gets any.
  2. That 7" isn't even vinyl. It's a lathe. I think I read it's limited to 500.
  3. Panopticon: Kentucky Re-Press

    Fuck. At least I have a little bit of $ waiting in my paypal. Where did you hear about this? Any word on when this might go up?
  4. PO: THE SWORD - Used Future

    I saw them when they toured for Age of Winters. They were great. I saw them a couple years ago. oof. It's so hard to believe this is the same band.
  5. Probably. I got to see them last year and I took my Indie Market pressing of Kveikur to the show. I met them after the show and asked them to sign it. They had never seen it before or knew that it existed. Then I proceeded to have a really awkward interaction with them (95% my fault) and I'm sure after they left Jonsi and Orri had a "fuck that guy" conversation.
  6. Up until now the only releases I was missing were the Von remix ep and the Oxfam comp. Fuck. I mostly wanted the Route One LP but I don't see this ever happening. The Riceboy Sleeps would have been cool too. I seems like all of my favorite bands eventually do this to me.
  7. Halo of Flies Sale

    Wish I wouldn't have waited on that new Suffocate For Fuck Sake LP. Still going to pick up Vukari, Dawn Ray'd, and Ashbringer. I almost want to buy another copy of Ancst - Furnace LP. That album rips all the way through.
  8. I'm going for the Armageddon because it's the cheapest.
  9. PO: Panopticon - Revisions of the Past

    Thanks. I tried to order from there for a couple of days and the page wasn't working. Just ordered.
  10. PO: Panopticon - Revisions of the Past

    Anyone know where this is still available in the US?
  11. Happy Body Slow Mind put out a record. The cover was a bag filled with liquid and sparkles. Some people didn't like this because they were worried about the bag springing a leak and ruining a bunch of records. http://inthecloudsrecords.com/product/happy-body-slow-brain-dreams-of-water/ Blue and white vinyl in an A/B merge would look like frothy water. Or you could have a transparent window in the front. Print water on it with tiny clear gaps. Have the inner sleeve printed with a pattern so that when you move the inner sleeve it gives the illusion of rippling water. Similar to this old Hamm's beer light
  12. It's not very often that an album that I'm interested in sells out of a variant. This is the first one in months. But I still manage to miss it every time.
  13. PO: Galactic Empire S/T (Star Wars Heavy Metal)

    Ordered. I want movies with Galactic Empire as the score.
  14. Chief Wiggum: Your mission is to find the firework smugglers and get them to say something incriminating on this tape. [Looks at tape] Bart: Hootie and the Blowfish? Chief Wiggum: Yeah, it's cheaper than blank tape.
  15. PO SOON?: At the Drive-In -New LP

    I like this a lot. I was expecting it to be terrible. I've listened a few times. It is a little different from my expectations but that's fine.