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  1. I think I paid roughly $50 for Drukgs. At first I loved the big box. But now I hate it. A weird size with the records kind of loose inside. Over the years the box has taken more of a beating then any other record I purchased around the same time.
  2. The Third Man Records Thread

    Kind of bumming that the Detroit show is a 20k seat arena. Fingers crossed on a smaller Detroit show to pop up. Otherwise I think I'm pulling a grumpy old man move and staying home. Don't want to go to an area and to lazy to drive across the state for a smaller show. No free cd for me.
  3. NO IDEA RECORDS 12" test pressing $25

    Dead Bars "Dream Gig" test has been received. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm head down in about an hour. Hopefully the line will be a bit more reasonable.
  5. I got Seance Fiction. Not familiar with it at all.
  6. If anyone could hook up an evil dead I'd greatly appreciate it.
  7. The Third Man Records Thread

    I've really been enjoying the boxes from the last few vaults. I agree with jacobe that it would be nice to have a box as well. Mine arrived today from fedex looking a bit rough. Both 12" and 7" are wrapped. Completely fedex's fault I do believe.
  8. $225 seems pretty steep for retail price. Yet I'm still debating if I'm gonna try for it. Looks rad. Not sure it's $225 rad though.
  9. PO: Lucero - Tennessee 180g LP

    If someone grabs an extra I'd gladly throw my throw my hat in the ring. Didn't see those when I saw them.
  10. PO: Lucero - Tennessee 180g LP

    Picked up a brown. Didn't have any luck with the ones I bought from the tour. Was really hoping to snag a clear. Maybe sabot would like randomly insert a clear in my order? (Wishful thinking)
  11. Lucero re-presses?

    Both extras are currently pending. If anyone falls through I'll let you guys know.
  12. Lucero re-presses?

    On the way out of the show I'm going to grab a couple Tennessee's. If anyone is interested let me know.
  13. Lucero re-presses?

    Thank you. I've see themselves bunch of times. Sadly I seem to enjoy them live less and less. The acoustic and Ben solo stuff good with me. Still debating to go on Saturday. If I do go I'll try and grab an extra Tennessee if anyone is interested.
  14. Lucero re-presses?

    how long has their set been o this tour? Were there any openers?
  15. Got this in today. Packaging came out great. Thanks for the all stickers and bonus 7".