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  1. Sorry I struck such a nerve, Dummy. . You're response was pretty typical and ignorant. Start reading, you'll sound far more educated. Lol, "Eat A Dick". Hi, I'm King Taco Monster and I say 6th grade things when addressing a comment. .LoserJuanTSway.Gif
  2. Reading is knowledge. Don't be content with being dumb.
  3. Same, plus that $35 price tag. Tempting, because the last represses were super nice, but it seems like unnecessary spending when so much more is coming out in the near future.
  4. Stupid question, but I'll ask b/c I've never done one of the Target things. Do I have to order the cd online to get the free record, or if I buy it in store will I get the same offer? Listening to this for the first time this morning, digging what I'm hearing.
  5. i wish gold was the /200. Stoked to get this, thanks for posting the link.
  6. DOWN - NOLA LP Reissue?

    You can also get Down - Nola and Down - II / Bustle in your Hedgerow at CC Music for around $50 shipped using the code KING25 for 25% off.
  7. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Awesome, thank you very much!
  8. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Anyone know a current CC Music code?
  9. SUBLIME Box Set - Soonish? TBA

    Exactly. I think I'll just hold out for the regular version and find a cheap Amazon copy down the road.
  10. SUBLIME Box Set - Soonish? TBA

    About $1 cheaper than SRC, though w/ the 10% SRC discount, they actually end up being cheaper...... I think, I'd have to check again on SRC but I deleted their e-mail. This goes for both the regular and lenticular.
  11. SUBLIME Box Set - Soonish? TBA

    They're already up on Bullmoose.
  12. PO: Aesop Rock - THE IMPOSSIBLE KID

    Mine arrived over the weekend when I was out of town for WFMU. I was so tired last night that I didn't even open it, but will definitely be bumping it this evening when I get home.
  13. PO: Aesop Rock - THE IMPOSSIBLE KID

    This record is so good. I think this is my new favorite Aesop Rock album.
  14. New site is the worst. A fairly good thing has been completely ruined. Bye bye Internet message board, time to permanently dig in the wild.
  15. PO: Kylesa - Lost and Confused

    Agreed. When I read their post I was indifferent. Maybe they need to go away to be good again. Spiral Shadows, though. So glad I saw them on that tour.