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  1. Silver Inside Dark Blue Vinyl LP (Pressing Limit 2500) Album Release Date Is March 9th 2018 http://hopelessrecords.merchnow.com/catalogs/moose-blood
  2. Same here. I never got an answer from them...
  3. [PO Now!] Prawn - Run

    Holy shit, it awesome! I see them in two days, will buy one for sure!!!
  4. If anyone could help me out with a pink/black tour edition, please let me know!! I will pay for your ticket, the record and shipping!
  5. Pressing Info: 300 - Red with Black 400 –Classic Black & Redish 500 - Bone with Olive Green & Classic Black Splatter 600 – Bone & Olive Green 700 - Olive with Bone 1,000 – Bone 1,000 – Coke Bottle Green 2,000 - Coke Bottle Green [P9] with Classic Black Smoke 2,000 – Classic Black w/ Redish Splatter 5,000 – Redish
  6. PO: Choke Up - Stormy Blue

    I tried to order both colors but $55 for the shipping (to Germany) is toooooo much. Sorry, I am out.
  7. Orange is out of 1096!
  8. Ordered! Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Ordered! Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Green_Hell but their RSD stuff online.... (Thrice, BSF,...) http://www.greenhell.de/suche/page_1.html?&searchstring=rsd17&bezeichnung=band_album&searchmediatype=-1&listcount=50
  11. If anyone could help me out with a Damage City pressing of Battery – “For the Rejected, by the Rejected”? I will pay the record, shipping and some bucks more… PM me!!
  12. Battery's first new song in 20 years, "My Last Breath". https://batterydc.bandcamp.com/releases