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  1. I opened the VC page to post but then went through with placing my order first. You posted while I did that so I didn't see the updated thread when I submitted. So sorry to step on your toes.
  2. Back up https://us.udiscovermusic.com/products/maybe-youve-been-brainwashed-too-limited-edition-color-vinyl-2lp
  3. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    New limited deluxe t-shirt in the Old Navy preorder package /100.
  4. Just confirmed Bullmoose is black.
  5. OH MY GOD. I've been waiting yearssssssssssssssssssssss for this! I've been looking for a bootleg of it to compensate. I also reached out to certain labels that license out/press 90s albums and they all weren't interested. I really thought this would never get pressed. Amazing album.