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  1. Mexico

    Btw - Duolingo on your phone will give you an assist on some basics. I can speak Spanish like a four year old - some sentences and comprehension. It helps me increase vocabulary and is easy to use. My Mexican in-laws say I speak well but I know they are being kind and complimentary since no one else in my family can say a single word or even tries.
  2. Mexico

    You’ll be surprised how a little Spanish, even slow respectful attempts, can earn you a lot of friends and courtesy.
  3. The Paramedic got signed to...

    The whole band was vile - it just turns out that a couple members were more disgusting than the rest. plus Crabcore.... ha ha ha
  4. The Paramedic got signed to...

    Glad this was being discussed. Vinyl History is more important than moving units.
  5. The Paramedic got signed to...

    This one is for the old-school VC-ers (hey, by the way!): Those that might recall Jake from the Paramedic and the joy he brought many might have been intrigued to see him quoted in the NY Times in support of his White Nationalist pal who used to be their drummer. Ah, the good old days... Those that are curious can check the old Hall of Fame thread or search Paramedic. That band was awful, wore shirts supporting violence towards women and were just creepy mall-metal lameness but this whole article reframes their "legacy" even further. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/25/us/ohio-hovater-white-nationalist.html http://www.metalsucks.net/2017/11/26/nazi-metal-drummer-the-focus-of-new-york-times-feature-on-white-nationalism-in-the-u-s/
  6. The Beer Thread

    I scored Kane Sunday Brunch and Sea Cow this weekend. The hype on Sunday Brunch is legit. Pricey to buy but better thank aftermarket prices.
  7. Has my attention too Juan.
  8. Cap'n Jazz Reunion "Rumors"

    I wasn't going to sit this one out. It's been over 20 years since I caught them last so why the hell not.
  9. Cap'n Jazz Reunion "Rumors"

    I got Brooklyn tix. Looking forward to being an old man among likeminded nostalgia hounds.
  10. Record Store Day 2017

    To conclude my story: I gave up the #1 spot, went home and slept, ordered the one 7" I wanted, played Zelda with my kid and am now going to Home Depot for wood to build fossil hunting sieves so we can go shark tooth hunting tomorrow. Big win.
  11. Record Store Day 2017

    I had a fire call. Done. Record shop is by the firehouse. I'm first but I want only one thing. Is it at all worth four hours to sit here?
  12. Might it be digital only?
  13. whiskey/scotch/bourbon

    The Balvenie is really sweet from the Sherry. It was a nice bottle but I doubt I'd spend that money on it again. I have a nice stash of stuff right now and am not looking to buy anything unless it really catches my eye as hard to come by. I need another bottle of Pikesville Rye for an everyday sipper but otherwise I'm pretty set for months. I am having a 10th Anniversary party in May so will probably make that my next indulgence point. I had an opportunity to get a bottle of A'bunadh Batch 58 recently and passed - I regret it.
  14. whiskey/scotch/bourbon

    My brother brought a 20 year Pappy from his collection to our younger brothers wedding last year. I felt like it was forbidden fruit but nothing to remember as being particularly special. It's like a movie that has been over-hyped for months: there was no way for it to live up when I finally indulged. I'm having my final pour of the 15-year Balvenie Single Barrel Sherry Cask my brothers and I shared over dinner a month back. We've been having a good time the past few years treating each other.