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  1. FS: The Early November - Imbue (Transparent Red) Motion City Soundtrack - Go The Starting Line - Direction (Yellow) This Time Next Year - S/T (Tour Press, Hand numbered 70/250) Yellowcard - The Underdog EP
  2. Making LP2, selling my whole collection to do it

    Kid's music is pretty dope.
  3. WTB: Senses Fail

    Are you specifically looking for red? I have a coke bottle one i wouldn't mind selling
  4. Warped record fix?

    link... i can't find shit on this site anymore.
  5. Warped record fix?

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on a way to fix warped records? I've read somethings online about glass and using an oven but that seems insane to me. What's everyone's opinion on here what to do with a warped record?
  6. 1st pressing. Black 2XLP /500 (Hot Topic) gatefold.
  7. Hey i have a sealed copy of the tour pressing (Green). It's gatefold and i believe 1/500. 34PPD
  8. okay thanks. That helps a bit. if anyone has an exact number let me know. I just like my collection to have all the information available.
  9. I have this record on green. I looked up everything i could find for pressing numbers of this color and the only thing i got was that it was a tour exclusive. anybody know how many they pressed?
  10. eBay - Seller protection?

    anybody consider this guy just really has a shitty post office staff and is not trying to scam anybody? My mailman leaves my packages on my neighbors porch all the time even though i have told them 100 times I'm 222A and she is 222B. Sometimes though people just suck.
  11. eBay - Seller protection?

    If you pay for shipping through ebay you get free tracking and it's 30% cheaper then the post office.
  12. Sold

  13. WTB - Coconut Records - Davy

  14. WTB - Coconut Records - Davy