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  1. Ditto, that song is awesome. J Boy as well. First single I was meh about, yet these songs excite me more for the new album. I have to remember that I felt the same way about Bankrupt when it first came out, but it ended up growing on me real hard after a few listens.
  2. Self titled, Jed, Hold Me Up, and Superstar Carwash are being repressed coming July 7th. Po up at Src, yeah yeah, didn't see anything yet at BM or Amazon or the like. Under 20 like the other RP from them so thats neat. https://www.srcvinyl.com/searchanise/result/?q=The+Goo+Goo+Dolls&page=1&rb_categories=Pre+Order&mc_cid=e1b82af569&mc_eid=9832aff5ba
  3. Was just looking at this earlier. Way excited but also bummed its not coming for another 5 months!
  4. I have an op so i cant say from personal experience, but i have read a hefty amount of complaints on the src pressing. https://www.discogs.com/master/46990-Youd-Prefer-An-Astronaut/reviews
  5. I bought a soda a while ago that was 95 cents, paid with a dollar, and got a nickel back. Good times
  6. Agreed, sounds excellent. Also...yes! They did it with Blue a while back when it went out if stock, i am just waiting for OOTV to follow in suit.
  7. Also excited for a full length. The comp satisfied my tastes for a while but the new song makes me excited for more. Guitar work is on point as usual
  8. I turned this thread about one band, Hot Cross, into the thread about LTJ. They, LTJ, are indeed alive and kicking! Also, record is pending.
  9. Bump. Hot cross is sold. Updated to LTJ repress for sale. Help me buy a new lawn mower
  10. This is beyond awesome for them
  11. Nah i feel you totally. I worked at a record store for two years and seven inches were a cheap way to grow my collection on that salary, but I now own maybe three after unloading dozens. Tedious listening process and, anymore, the songs can generally be found elsewhere.
  12. Thats pretty dang cool. That article talks about the dive into music on that speed, but talks about the downsides that quickly came up. It mentions a chubby checker record with 32 tracks and how locating a track was such a pain in the butt lol. And how they sounded pretty bad. Id be curious to find one just for the sake of doing so.
  13. Update price drop shortstop be-bop. 35 ppd in the U.S..
  14. 45 after shipping. Lolz, maybe not for me
  15. Oh man, this is great news. I picked up a copy again recently for my car and its been in there for about two weeks straight now. Such a solid album. Will be anxiously awaiting news on it