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  1. Looking for the red and black haze, alternate jacket version of this that BSM put out. Stateside ideally, but open to int'l. Have a current blue/Amber press for trade if you still want a copy and wil throw cash on top. Hit me up, thanks!
  2. Yeah I wish that was still on it. I have a little sound degradation towards the end of side A on S4S, sounds great up until halfway through Gracie.
  3. I let go of my Cake box for some bills about a year ago. I will never forgive myself for it!
  4. I would love a press of Naked Baby Photos. Their cover of Twin Falls on that got me into Built to Spill, so so good.
  5. This so much. GCT and Gimme Fiction are my go to albums. KtM is close behind.
  6. Good Mourning, FHTI, and Crimson just got repressed and are readily available as well. Vagrant still has copies of the colored variant on them too. Which ones specifically is he having trouble locating? I too am confused since all of their studio discography is available. The Remains comp is oop but all albums can be found brand new, albeit from different sources
  7. Awesome! I heart Feist.
  8. Video is cool, song is not. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a full Weezer album. I might be in the minority thinking their last two albums were like half solid/half throwaway tracks. I feel like they're all yes men for Rivers by now. "Oh yeah sounds great let's do that, good job buddy!"
  9. There's always Nautical Antiques! Some really solid stuff on there, I'd love to have that.
  10. This was Record Revival. They closed unfortunately. I think he moved out of state and tried to have someone take over but it didn't quite work out. Their pricing was hit or miss for me but their hardcore selection was excellent.
  11. Cartel Coffee is my favorite, there's a few around the valley, even one at the airport now. Really good! Zia Records is our "superstore" but lots of great stuff. I prefer the one in Tempe since its close to the college and there can be some good second hand finds. The manager there tries to be as fair as possible with pricing too. Across the street is Double Nickels Collective which has about ten different vendors and the employees there are some of the nicest dudes ever. Lots of good punk and metal stuff. There's some others around like Stinkweeds and Record Room but those are more centralized towards downtown and North Phoenix. Downtown Phoenix has a lot of good coffee spots too like Giant and JoBot. Downtown has really grown!
  12. I have a few of the remasters and they were all done very, very well.
  13. This..also just found out Depeche Mode is playing here the same day so that's probably happening instead. Still crazy prices, but I mean...Depeche Mode.
  14. Ccmusic 20% off $50 or more: PAUL2050
  15. Man, them and Beach House at Red Rocks. Might have to make that happen.