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  1. My first press came damaged. The records kind of move around a lot in the box so I could see it happening.
  2. The first two albums are still amazing. How can you listen to Blue and Yellow and think it sucks? That is all.
  3. Ordered the yellow and orange. The artwork looks great.
  4. Did you mean the early bird for their self titled?
  5. What was the /300? Did they just bump the blue up from 300 to 1500?
  6. Just listened on my flight home. I like it. Probably more than evil friends. That is all. I'm not much of a reviewer.
  7. Ugh. More to add to my variant collection.
  8. Dammit! I wonder if it was a glitch on my end. If Amazon is gold then I'll cancel.
  9. Shipping in the US for the bundle was still like $30. What the hell? Total was$103.
  10. Where are these guys?! We need new music. We also need a re-press of Fever to Tell.
  11. Yeah that's maybe it. It's confusing.
  12. Uhhh. I don't know. The alternate art one.
  13. Apparently the deluxe vinyl is limited to 2000.
  14. I started a new job and I don't have a computer in front of me all day anymore. What time do their releases go up for California? I'll have to take a break and use my phone to buy this.
  15. Couldn't pull the trigger. I've been spending way too much lately.