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  1. I'm seeing them on the 15th and for some reason I feel like the tour variant wont be available that soon. :/
  2. Is the list gonna sell out?
  3. I hope whoever is working the counter on RSD says "I like to bag it up..." as they put the record into the bag.
  4. We get it, youre Annie. Just release the album already!
  5. The Catcherella Music Festival?
  6. Just found a list on some site. I guess the only things I want so far are Coheed and Cambria and Thrice, maybe the Pineapple Express OST.
  7. Have there been any announcements of a St. Vincent release? I dont feel like browsing through the 15 pages of randomness. I'm lazy.
  8. I never bought the extended edition vinyl. Does anyone know where to get one, was it even real?
  9. Air Raid is on iTunes now. I heard the song a few days ago on some radio show podcast thing. I like it. Sounds like it would be on It Hates You. Also, I have an extra ticket to see them with Norma Jean at Chain Reaction in Anaheim if anyone wants to go. My friend cant make it.
  10. Theres also a new song on itunes. I like it better than green light even though its very slow.
  11. I dont like the "N'" part. It's two extra letters. Just spell out the whole word.
  12. Hopefully theres a big photo of Danny DeVitos butt in the gatefold. The "W" butt.
  13. I've replaced her with MO for now. I'm still excited about the new album, I'm just not getting my hopes up.