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  1. Someone on Facebook from an online vinyl retailer said he heard vinyl would be out in February. I don’t remember who said it though.
  2. Subscribe to my youtube channel and watch all the videos from The Dear Hunter show. Camera was set to record in 4K but for some reason it only recorded at 1080. Must have not saved the settings. :/
  3. They had the bronze variant at the show last night but by the time it was over it had been replaced with silver.
  4. Hell yeah 13 months is a long time! The way I live life I could be dead before the re-press. Haha.
  5. What makes you say Artwork will be repressed in 2019? That’s pretty far away.
  6. I aske Daryl last night about the vinyl preorder. Me: So, when is the vinyl pre order going to be up, or is there even going to be a vinyl release? Daryl: Yeah, were doing vinyl, it will be up soon. Me: What does soon mean? You always say that! Daryl: *Laughs*
  7. Sweet. See you there. I’ll try to go early too.
  8. Yeah I’ll be there. Got the confirmation email earlier today. Hopefully there is something cool.
  9. :/ I’ve moved twice since I last ordered from them. Trying to buy the flexi set through eBay is gonna be a bitch.
  10. Has anyone heard anything from the listening party sign up?
  11. Cool. I want a color press of artwork too. A deluxe version would be cool with all the bonus tracks.
  12. Single LP is all that’s available I thought? That’s what I got in the mail a few weeks ago at least.
  13. PO Now: Portugal the Man - Woodstock

    Can someone post pics of the front and back of the records for me? I want to see if there is any noticeable difference.
  14. Any chance I can get a text buddy if this drops tomorrow? Luckily I’m off but I’ll probably be asleep. I’m guessing if it does happen tomorrow it will be at 9 am New York time, like how the 7”s were. So that’s 6 am here in California.