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  1. I saw them open for The Dear Hunter not too long ago. I really enjoyed them. More live than on their albums but they were still good enough for me to purchase their vinyl and I waited around and got everyone to sign it. I also got a set list. That was a good night.
  2. Decided to randomly listen to this band for the first time. Pretty good. Very mellow. Typically I prefer my mellow music to be female singers but this was still very good. Are the other albums better or worse? Or the same?
  3. PO Now: In This Moment - Blood

    I’ve learned that gold usually ends up Orange. Especially clear gold. The only gold I’ve ever actually got as gold was the deftones b sides record. Everything else was marketed as gold and ended up being orange.
  4. K. I have questions about the 7” set. Each of the six 7”s contain 2 songs... will the last one have a bonus track? Or single sided? is the 7” test pressing just one 7” or the whole set? Seems like just one. Maybe it will have to be a scavenger hunt to get the full set. Haha.
  5. So this is the original singer? Not Spencer?
  6. Reminds me of The Exorcist. I like it.
  7. PO Now: In This Moment - Blood

    It doesn’t say colored vinyl like it normally does. Do you know if it is the same color?
  8. WTB: Portugal. The Man

    I only need a few more variants for a full set. Hoping someone can help me out. Waiter: “You Vultures!” - Red /500 Censored Colors - Neon Green (Single LP) /1000 Satanic Satanist - Blue/White Swirl /500 Satanic Satanist - 180g Green /400 Satanic Satanist - 180g Black /500 It’s Complicated Being a Wizard - Black (First Press w/ screen printed insert) /667
  9. I’m still waiting for a Resident Evil 1 and 2 soundtrack.
  10. PO: Superorganism - Superorganism

    Looks like maybe just the sleeve is GID. Not the record itself.
  11. Someone on Facebook from an online vinyl retailer said he heard vinyl would be out in February. I don’t remember who said it though.
  12. Subscribe to my youtube channel and watch all the videos from The Dear Hunter show. Camera was set to record in 4K but for some reason it only recorded at 1080. Must have not saved the settings. :/
  13. They had the bronze variant at the show last night but by the time it was over it had been replaced with silver.
  14. Hell yeah 13 months is a long time! The way I live life I could be dead before the re-press. Haha.
  15. What makes you say Artwork will be repressed in 2019? That’s pretty far away.