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  1. Couldn't pull the trigger. I've been spending way too much lately.
  2. What up Fam? It's Schuylar... I want to address some FAQs that we have been getting here but first let's talk about the future. We are going to push the conversation away from this site and more to the socials and Newsletters. It's important for us to have a place to gather virtually and we are creating that space now. The Newsletter that went out yesterday is for potential Street Team members and is going to involve the "Guerilla Marking" and Promo stuff for our future headlining and support tours. We've be staying real close and you will get some cool shit for helping out. AS for all the Loose Ends with this campaign, i think everything is out the door. Quite literally, i bagged your shirts and hoodies and sent them off myself and some have ended up back on my doorstep. I know the same is happening to our merch company, who sent out the vinyl and downloads, have received some returns as well. SO! Let's get this sorted out shall we? I have created a new newsletter group in order for us to be in contact about anything that has not been received yet. When you subscribe please respond to the email that you receive from us with your missing perk as well as your indiegogo order number and your updated address. And while at it make sure that info is the same as your indiegogo account info so that we aren't going back twice when we cross check this stuff. *AS FOR COLORED VINYL* This is something that is usually pressed when the first vinyl pressing is sold out. This is why we sent you the regular vinyl first. But don't worry, this exclusive package will be more than just colored wax, so it's well worth the wait. If you didn't get vinyl from that perk option, let us know. But if you are cooling, streamin, and down to keep chilling a little longer we thank you. Other than that we will keep this site up until every last loose end is tied but pretty soon we will turn the page and start the next chapter. We love you all so so much and as always STAY CLOSE CLICK HERE TO REPORT MISSING PERKS -Legend
  3. I dont remember exactly what happened but I think there was a private link given out when you bought a package or something and that link got shared so people were able to buy without buying the VIP package.
  4. I should have just bought one when they were available online for a short time.
  5. Unless they made separate accounts, but that would have to be some quick buying. I was able to get both. I could have checked out a second time before it sold out but 3 would be tricky.
  6. Sure. Let me know if you can do it.
  7. Can anyone help me out with the Fleet Foxes?
  8. The goo gone didnt ruin it?
  9. me? If Juan cant hook it up, would anyone else be able to?
  10. Nice. Can someone quote me on this when it goes up so I dont miss it?
  11. Did anyone ever figure out a way to get the glue off their record?
  12. Not sure if this song will be on the album since she just wrote and recorded it but I am more and more hopeful this new album will go back towards her hip hop influenced sound.