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  1. I hate ordering from bull moose. They never accept any way I write my address. I’ve tried every possible way. It’s stupid. Hopefully I can get this somewhere else.
  2. I’m still bummed I missed out on Define The Great Line. :/
  3. andrewlucas

    PO Dead Poetic New Medicines

    Awesome. I want the other albums too though. I’m in the Minority that actually liked Vices.
  4. andrewlucas

    Mr. Little Jeans

    I did a thing.
  5. andrewlucas

    PO: Anthony Green- Avalon

    Dammit. Missed out. :/
  6. andrewlucas

    Record Store Day 2018

    I’m at fingerprints. The stuff I want didnt require me being here this early but it’s tradition and I have no life.
  7. Apparently we’re getting an Avalon re-press too. no more info yet.
  8. I wonder if we will get a deluxe Avalon pressing too. That would be cool. With all the High and Driving tracks. However, I feel like if that was going to happen they would have included it with the VIP bundles. Im bummed the bundle for the show by my house was sold out in less than an hour. It’s the only one sold out too.
  9. No real info yet, but it is coming. They just announced a tour with Anthony Green. Both artists playing their first album entirely. Avalon and Only Way to Be Alone. I said I was hoping for a re-press in a comment on their Instagram and they responded with “Your wish is our command. “ I’ll post more info when I have it. Can’t wait to finally own this on vinyl.
  10. andrewlucas

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Here’s the link with a photo for people asking to see it. Maybe keep checking to see if it goes back up. It’s happened before with stuff like thrice where they release majority of the pressings later in the day. https://www.hottopic.com/product/underoath---erase-me-vinyl-lp-hot-topic-exclusive/11411224.html
  11. What color is that one?
  12. Unfortunately I kind of agree with releases having their own threads. When Waxwork first did the Creepshow score I had no idea who they were so I never opened the thread. I missed a few variants because I didn’t know they were doing it.
  13. Weird how split people are on this. I like it. Half my friends hate it.
  14. True. Kind of like Fuck Ya Man by Tila Tequila. Or Friday by Rebecca Black. But the UO song is good.