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  1. nice electronic pop vinyl

    I can’t even find the album on iTunes. I want to listen to it.
  2. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    This thread is starting to annoy me. The whole “The Used sucks!” Thing was fine for a few posts but come on... it’s not like they’re Nickelback. I actually really like the new song and for the first time since Lies for The Liars I’m excited to hear the whole album. I’m also going to see them on Oct 28 with Glassjaw. They’re still so much fun live!
  3. Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down

    Did you guys see that shit that happened at his concert earlier this week? A huge heavy stage prop fell on him and the show was stopped. They carried him off on a stretcher. I haven’t checked online yet to see what the end result was.
  4. I got a copy of Josie at the event. I havent listened yet but I'm hoping for some hidden grooves or something with subliminal messages.
  5. So... I just happened across this band by clicking a random video that I saw a cute girl in and I actually ended up really liking the music. They only have two songs out right now and a pre-order for a 7" with those two songs. Check them out, you might like them too. http://store.dirtyhit.co.uk/*/*/Television-Romance-There-s-A-Honey-Coloured-7/5ML70000000
  6. Indie exclusive split with splatter. Not sure the pressing numbers but I'm very tempted to buy a third variant. http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=244628
  7. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    New song called About You, in case you didn't want to scroll through all my concert videos.
  8. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    Just saw Bert and Justin perform an acoustic show at the beach in Huntington Beach. It was awesome. Here's a link to my YouTube page, I uploaded every song from the set in 4K. Talk shit if you want, but they're still good. The newer albums never really stuck with me but I have a feeling Justin will bring something new to this album. https://www.youtube.com/user/juniperandbalsam
  9. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    You're tearing me apart Lisa!!!
  10. https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/mdb-records his Instagram says 300 available.
  11. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Did someone say the cd is 67 minutes? The download is 61. Is there an extra 6 minutes on the cd?
  12. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Where is this "indie exclusive" version people are talking about? The white AU version?
  13. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    For those of you saying this album sucks... what the hell are you listening to? The album is great. It's like it was meant to be an in between Devil and God and Daisy record. It's not as noisy as Daisy but they still use feedback in a creative way. If you don't like it then you must not really like Brand News sound.
  14. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    If it pops back up can someone buy it for me? I'll pay back, I just can't sit on my phone all day at work. :/