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  1. Thanks!! Ordered this variant too!!!
  2. This guy is my only complain about this song that is sick and 100% Quicksand sound(with Walter singing a little bit more mellow that in the past) But for my tastes everything Will Yip produces has lack of heaviness. For example the last Nothing, everything sounded so clean and radio friendly....
  3. I ordered the clear+shirt from their website and payed with paypal....
  4. And that shirt is very ugly too, but Quicksand is my favourite band ever can't pass on that clear...I will give that shirt to my brother.....
  5. Nope i bought peach and clear+shirt from Usa.....
  6. Fuck!!! For europeans black vinyl only!!!...Went with the shirt bundle to get the clear....It was a pain in the ass with the shipping cost to Italy, but i can't pass this!!! Got the peach too!!! My wallet is dying......
  7. From their fb page: " Don't worry we will have another filthy, bloody color up soon" I doubt there will be an Unsane colored record without some "blood red" in.....
  8. I read that they will put a new color press up for pre-order soon......
  9. I must save money, i could buy every fucking variant of this record....
  10. https://southernlord.com/store 22 red vinyl still available...Go!!
  11. My favourite band EVER!! Can't wait!!!!
  12. Recently i falled in love for this record and i can't stop listening: https://hobbledehoyrecords.com/store/deafcult-auras/
  13. Oh, thanks a lot!! I will wait news from you!! I really would love an In The Wallace's Shadow repress with a proper artwork too!!!
  14. Ouch!! I'm waiting this album from years....I checked the JN website everyday and didn't find it on sale....What the fuck?!
  15. Is it out?? I can't find anything on the joyful website...