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  1. 2017 is the year that keeps on giving.
  2. Love the Disaster Artist. Can't wait for the movie.
  3. I felt the same way about that song at first but now it's one of my favorites.
  4. Limit to one copy per person. Cancel the multiple copy orders. Simple stuff, bruh.
  5. Well hot topic uses FedEx now so my record will be sitting in my city for a couple days.
  6. I still feel really jipped by them doing a festival on the Phoenix date. They only got like 45 minutes. Amazing show though.
  7. There's a clear blue variant on tour. Limited to like 13 a night.
  8. I got a copy. just hate flippers. Of course I don't want him to get hurt it was a joke ya derp.
  9. Hope that dude gets hit by a bus.
  10. I'm surprised I didn't miss it honestly.
  11. Got it with no hesitation