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  1. Fuck yeah! Been waiting for this. One of, if not my most anticipated of the year.
  2. What’s everyones favorite Adam Sandler movie? Mine’s “50 First Gapes.”
  3. PO: Hot Mulligan - Pilot

    So the magenta in clear is down to $17 now on Merchnow.
  4. PO: Hot Mulligan - Pilot

    Got shipping confirmation last night! I’m so damn excited to hear this thing.
  5. I grabbed their second album when it went up and I think the first one was sold out or something. Glad to finally get around to getting it!
  6. Only really wanted/needed Posture & The Grizzly’s first album so just grabbed that. Around $10 shipped, can’t beat that.
  7. The official Horror fan topic

    Season finale of Channel Zero was pretty awesome. Rumors are that season 4 should be out in October. Hope that’s true. I can’t get enough of this show. American Horror Story needs to take notes.
  8. I just quoted the thing about Bloodborne because he said he’s taking a break from it like he’s being loving it.
  9. Wait... I thought you didn’t like “Japanese games.”
  10. Checking in to say I just ordered. Real good stuff.
  11. The official Horror fan topic

    Still need to see the finale. I’ve really loved this season so I hope it ends well. Also, The Final Girls is AMAZING.
  12. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Seriously. I was more interested in the stuff with Ward than anything in Iron Fist. Ended up liking him more too.
  13. Wanna take my kid to the movies tonight...

    Is this guy asking or telling?