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  1. Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    I loved the first season of Handmaid’s Tale, but these first 2 episodes of the second season were better than the whole first season combined.
  2. Almost finished with the first God of War. Yeah I’m a bit behind, but better late than never. Loving it a lot so far.
  3. Westworld (HBO Show)

    Season 2 has begun! There was a lot to take in during the premier and I had trouble remembering some things, but I’m so ready for this wild ride again.
  4. Thaaaat’s right haha. Thanks.
  5. Fuck, that new variant looks awesome with the artwork. Oh well. Sticking with whatever I ordered day one. I don’t even remember what the stand-alone variant was for that day lol.
  6. I’m not into this genre of music at all but I just wanted to say how awesome this (and most of the artwork of these bands) are. So that will be my main reason of frequenting this thread. That is all .
  7. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    Anyways... let’s just hope for a repress maybe someday? I wanted to grab this too but I chose Blank Banshee over this today.
  8. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    I usually just take my anger out on my stuffed animals when I miss buying a record I wanted. Never thought about coming on here and taking it out on you guys. I’ll have to keep that in mind.
  9. PO SOON: Blank Banshee

    Glad to hear this. Might grab the other 2 when the second pressings go up.
  10. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    More than likely. Like I said, that was the first time I saw anything about it.
  11. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    Fucking $47 shipped for “0” alone... Whatever. Grabbed it anyways. EDIT: Sorry, that was CAD. $37.27 shipped US. Not the best but it could’ve been worse.
  12. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Probably already mentioned, but just in case: came across the Hollow Knight soundtrack up for preorder on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BF5THKF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Yd02AbYNP30C7
  13. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    Didn’t realize that. Thanks!
  14. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    Gonna be trying for 0 for sure.
  15. My favorite part of the superstar shakeup were the NXT call-ups for sure.
  16. Pretty excited for this. Vinyl or no vinyl.
  17. The official Horror fan topic

    Anyone else watch “Requiem” on Netflix? It has pretty mixed reviews but my wife and I liked it. Only 6 episodes at about an hour each. It’s a BBC show too I believe. Think Broadchurch or any other “who did it show” with a more “supernatural/horror” element.
  18. I can't be the only one here who is completely in love with this genre. I'd probably choose it over any other genre. So I thought I'd start a topic where we can pretty much talk about anything that involves it! Movies, collectables, TV shows, whatever you want! I guess something simple to get us started would be: What are some of your favorite horror films? Which one's are you most looking forward to?
  19. Virus Popups on Mobile Site

    Jinxed myself:
  20. Is that you GatorPrideSonnn?
  21. I actually really enjoyed this album. As someone who kind of fell off of them after “Define The Great Line,” this seems like a pretty good transition from that. I can totally see why you wouldn’t like this though if your were use to them being “heavier.”
  22. Ordered the Loser sedition from Bullmoose! Can’t wait.
  23. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    This is my favorite album of theirs so far. Just saying.