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  1. According to @stl_ben, this is a shared exclusive and shouldn't be hard to find. Hope I'm right cause I really want it too. Also, my Trouble 7" shipped!
  2. It's debated on whether he said "Billy" or "Bing." But either way, after he asks that, the whole diner basically changes. And the guy who runs in and asks the question apparently appears again just sitting in the diner during the last few seconds.
  3. WHAT?? You mean you've never seen those? Oh man you're in for such a treat.
  4. Yes! Big fan of everything those guys have done. Inside, Livide, and Among The Living would make a perfect triple feature.
  5. Sorry man, but I think this version is FAR superior. Hard to explain other than it has that "oomf" that the original version doesn't.
  6. I bought these a couple years ago: Mainly because it was a good deal. Did the trick just fine for me. Used em all up and haven't bought any since though. Now I usually just grab a bunch when I go to my closest record store (30 minutes away) a few times a year.
  7. I haven't swapped out my inner sleeves either. What do you guys do with the printed inner sleeves when you have to replace them? Also yes. Outer sleeves as soon as possible.
  8. Anyone wanna get us some Funko Pops then? How about you Ben?
  9. I still need to grab it. Will probably place a decent size Bullmoose order soon.
  10. The best. This and "Dream a Dream" are my jam.
  11. I'm not going. But just throwing it out there that if anyone could help me out in getting the Black Lodge Cooper/Black Lodge Laura 2-pack Funko Pops, I would love you forever.
  12. Definitelt plan on checking it out.
  13. Oh fuck I'm so excited for Magnolia.