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  1. I just ordered the standard from Amazon. I'm so boring.
  2. I'm so damn ready for this.
  3. Just gonna wait and hope it shows up somewhere in the US.
  4. Got the email saying they were up on SRC (of course). But was holding out for them to pop up somewhere else. Pretty fucking excited either way. EDIT: Never mind. Just saw they were on Amazon. Awesome!
  5. New song is really good.
  6. Fuck yes. Their last LP was actually my favorite thing they've done so far. Can't wait to hear where they've gone from there.
  7. Subscribed. Grabbed a boot of this a couple years ago and always said I'd get a legit copy if it got repressed. Here you go: Also, I used my friends referral when I signed up. And there was literally no indication between clicking the link and paying for the subscription about a referral being used. Is that normal? I read in here that we get the $10 later, so I'm just making sure. And if we get it later, we have the option to use it before we're charged next month?
  8. Yeah I placed mine ship to store and got it last Thursday I believe. Came in an LP mailer in perfect condition.
  9. Sorry for the bump but I just finished the show and goddamn. Absolutely incredibly. Grabbed the 3xLP.
  10. Yep. I've seen all the rebuilds so far. I definitely enjoyed them for what they are. I like how it's a whole new take on the story without changing the effectiveness of the original series.
  11. Thanks so much! Bought! Also had a $50 Amazon gift card I've been meaning to use, so I grabbed new Sorority Noise, new Japandroids, and new Menzingers from there. I have a little catching up to do.
  12. Well damn... feel like I missed out on this Souix Falls album. Never heard of them before but you guys definitely have me interested. It's OOP now though, isn't it? Can't seem to find it anywhere...