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  1. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Sold out ?? I just check the krm website and nothing !
  2. Rosetta- Galilean satellites

    No idea about pressing number. But i'm not into box set, despites the 3rd Lp. 1 & 2 seperately is good for me
  3. Rosetta- Galilean satellites

    Ho sh$t ! You make my day and it come perfectly for my birthday !!
  4. Amenra . Mass VI

    Still nothing from Merchtable/Neurot but got my shipping confirmation from Consouling
  5. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    (III) and (I) sold out ! Hope there is some copies available at the EU store
  6. Announcing: BIG BUSINESS 4xLP Box Set! See, not everything in this world is complete shit. Yeah yeah, we all might die in a fiery blaze because of one narcissistic orange man... but on the other hand, Big Business is releasing a massive box set of legendary material! 'Solid Gold Metal: 2004-2009' features the first three classic (and long out-of-print) Big Business albums and early Tour EPs in one crazy beautiful limited edition box set. The 4xLP box set is limited to 500 numbered copies, and features deluxe 2-color vinyl and picture disc, gatefold tip-on jackets, foil-stamped art, and even a zine lovingly hand-made by the band. Full details and pre-order here: https://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/collections/big-business/products/solid-gold-metal-2004-2009
  7. Amenra . Mass VI

    I also thought it would be limited to one per person but it was the mess at the merchandise stand and so most people would send a person to buy for others. we were a small group and it was me who bought for all my friends.
  8. Amenra . Mass VI

    I was there and again, it was awesome, like a black mass.
  9. Just got my shipping notification from Deathwish Europe !
  10. Amenra . Mass VI

    Still nothing from Neurot. Nobody got a shipping confirmation ? Consouling send a link to everyboby who's pre-ordered the album
  11. PO SOON: Snot - Get Some

    Yesss !!! One of my all time fav !
  12. I already order from Bis Aufs Messer http://www.bisaufsmesser.com/store/ but one of best German shop is Flight13 https://www.flight13.com/
  13. Amenra . Mass VI

    It seems there is some delays in the production of the euro version : Dear fan of Amenra, We are sad to inform you that the production of the EU LPs has suffered a delay. This due to a technical problem at the pressing plant. We have been kept in the dark about these issues, and only today we have finally received the message the albums will be delivered to us in the weeks to come. The cds are however ready and will be with us tomorrow. In the following weeks we will receive the LPs and ship out all the orders as soon as we can. We will send you a message as soon as your order is shipped. Because you have been waiting for the music, we would love to send all of you who ordered an LP or cd a download code. This way you can already enjoy the music digitally. Via http://vinylcodes.com you will be able to download Mass VI. Your personal download code is: XXXXXXXX You can trust us that we have your order, it is secured, and we will fulfill it as soon as possible. We are very sorry for this delay. Thank you very much for your patience, The Consouling team.
  14. Amenra . Mass VI

    Sh*t ! I was thinking then I can wait for payday. Hope there is still some bundles in a few days.