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  1. I feel odd making a comment about the song, I feel even more odd I opened Spotify to listen to the song. With that said, this song blows. I really liked Red a lot and that's about the extent of my TS fandom but this is boring. Would've been much better if she just got on the mic cleared her throat and told Katy Perry to eat a steaming bowl of dicks with a mic drop.
  2. Always add a minimum of 6 months to SRC pre orders. So we're actually looking at a spring 2018 release of this.
  3. WTB mewithoutYou - all variants/presses/TPs

    Good luck, that NJ/MWY split is super hard to get a hold of!
  4. I've been listening to this album all day, it's awesome! If you're on the fence about buying, you will not be disappointed!
  5. Well thank god! The world could use some SK8ER BOI right about now.
  6. Jus remember when you're feeling achy, foggy headed, cramping muscles your body needs electrolytes, so either drink some chicken broth or put some salt in a zero calorie vitamin water. Keto is a great way to drop weight quickly just remember to have a high carb day every now and then.
  7. PO: Silverstein - Dead Reflection

    Same here it showed up Monday.
  8. SOLD OUT: Anberlin "Help Yourself" Box Set

    I Wish I could get into it, I love his voice but I just can't get past the lyrics. It was the same thing with Dustin Kensrue and his religious album. If that's your thing, that's great it's more SC to listen to, I'm not mad at that at all haha
  9. SOLD OUT: Anberlin "Help Yourself" Box Set

    Just a disclaimer, Stephen's new music is heavily religion themed. Wildfire is good but the overly religious lyrics kill it for me. Not saying it's bad but it's not my thing.
  10. PO: Silverstein - Dead Reflection

    Anyone get their smart punk order? I haven't even gotten shipping confirmation yet, not worried just wondering if anyone got that variant yet?
  11. Also, your use of greek yogurt, that's the educated choice i'm talking about! Low in carbs and generally fat, high in protein! Good choice! A+
  12. All good man, I teach a nutrition unit to my high school students and the amount of misinformation they have about food, sugars, fats, proteins, calories, etc.. is astounding. It's so much about making the educated choice when purchasing/ingesting food. I could go on forever about it but back to the sangwich talk!
  13. There's less than one gram of sugar in mayo and typically 1 gram of sugar or less in miracle whip. The only reason I'm correcting you is because nutrition is an important part of life and people tend to think this, that, and the other thing about nutrition when all it does is spread more misinformation. Sorry, it's the coach, athlete, health/PE teacher in me.
  14. Ya can't, i don't think mayo takes well to being warm. I had a harsh case of liquid ass after I nuked an egg salad sub.