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  1. Cancelled my Beggars order because there are a few German sites offering it cheaper...I waited so long for this, don't bother waiting a few weeks more!
  2. I continously asked on boards for a bunch of records...one of them EiP...one day a guy replied with a link to a German store which had one available. Been a great day!
  3. Yeah, quite some time passed...to be honest, I bought mine one year ago...for ~32€ new. Sometimes you find one...deep inside the internetz
  4. What's the problem wearing a shirt with blood? Guess how stupid people look at me wearing a shirt with huge letters saying ISIS...looking somewhat Arab doesn't really help...
  5. interested and willing to ship overseas from Germany...ok? or no-kay?
  6. Well, 5€ cheaper and jpc adjusts the price until the release...
  7. This will probably show up on some german sites soon...placed the order anyways in case this was something limited and gone before I decide. So so happy to finally complete at least the albums of one of my favorite bands ever on vinyl