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  1. Added both Lore & Reflections to the cart only to find that shipping to Germany ends up at $50... I wish there was a place over here that gets these beauties at a decent price!
  2. Thanks to the greatness of @whoa I just got both PT records in fantastic condition, although our dumbass postman tried to fit the package in the mail box! @all: feel free to link me in this thread in case HMV is planning to release any special PT-/SW-related releases!
  3. Was stupid enough to buy both Meniscus & all WLTS records...
  4. That definition of "Rock n roll"...
  5. Nice! Although I'm still waiting for their announced re-presses....
  6. But those 10 year old girls listening his music never heard of vinyl...
  7. The German Saturn page now states that it's white the same as the Polish version posted here.
  8. Definitely a candidate for AOTY! Loving it and have it on repeat all day! With the exception of Sonntag, all songs are fantastic!
  9. including the record itself...the $41 is only for shipping
  10. Thanks, man!
  11. Fantastic! Would be great to get them! Thanks in advance, buddy!
  12. DW would've been awesome! Thanks anyways, buddy! Yeah, just read in the OP that it's in-store-only... :/
  13. Shit, just read about the in-store only! Anybody willing to pick those up for me?