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  1. Nevermind, wasn't going to order...just wanted to check the prices on & .de But it's not even listed on amazon Germany (yet)
  2. I think I have two versions of the s/ & white if I remember correctly! It indeed is a perfect album! Listened to "Small Changes..." but it didn't grab me like the s/t....probably the reason I didn't buy it!
  3. So, because two people ask to close a thread you'd consider in doing so? What's the problem of ignoring either certain people or threads when they/it annoy you? I'd say let this thread live and all fuckheads calm the fuck's just a fuckin' thread!
  4. Totally forgot the Junius/Juarez split and EF! They're great! BTW, how is the YPOFH 10"? I'd love to see their s/t on vinyl one day...what a fantastic album!!!
  5. Unmentioned ones: ††† - † / †† / ††† Sigur Ros - Varud Mono - Memorie Dal Futuro Bloodbath - Unblessing the Pruity (probably my favorite 10") Katatonia - Proscenium Team Me - Female Lead Fovea Hex - The Salt Garden
  6. Yeah, that's the one I have! The packaging is fantastic! Highest quality!
  7. Thx for the heads up...turned out to be $55 shipped to Germany...although I love the record, it's too much atm. Already own it on vinyl and twice on CD Should be ok for the moment
  8. FUCK! Didn't even know there was a special release for THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA's MA FLEUR! One of my favorite albums ever!
  9. Super relaxed...walked to the store like 7 hours after they opened and picked up Coheed & Katatonia
  10. Standing in line for hours to *maybe* get access to overpriced records......poor guys