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  1. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    So, how does refunds for shipping work? Do we have to contact Dan? Can't remember... Cause I'm not going to pay $23 for shipping a 7"...
  2. Strange, for me he's one of the very few who technically could do everything he wants to but rather plays very emotionally and doesn't exaggerate the technical jerking... I mean the solo of "Drive Home" (starting at 5:08) is so perfect...my favorite solos of the last 5 years I'd say!
  3. Oh, you should definitely check'em out! Gavin played drums on his first solo album...on TRTRTS & H.C.E. it's Marco Minnemann, who is a freaking beast! I love Gavin's drumming but kudos to Marco Minnemann, he's incredible! To be honest, I was suprised by Guthrie...never heard of him before and he's, hands-down, probably the best guitar player I've ever seen! That guy is incredible...I just can't put it in words! I think where Insurgentes was a collection of songs which didn't fit PT, Grace included more of a real song-writing procedure... But honestly, TRTRTS had brillant moments! Fantastic songs from start to finish although some doodling was just too much IMO! Until Hand.Cannot.Erase, Insurgentes was my favorite solo record...but then came HCE and BOOM! This is perfection from start to finish...it's a whole package that makes it the perfect SW-album! I never really listen to single songs from this record but the whole thing! It's fantastic!
  4. Am I the only one who is on the one hand happy for SW that his solo career is that successful but on the other hand I wish he wasn't that successful so there was still a chance to continue PT? I mean his solo stuff is excellent (the last one was mediocre), but it's still not the same
  5. Impact Crater 172 left Swathes of Smoke 26 left Lava Pool 223 left
  6. My top-2 Bands ever! i know what you mean...there are a lot of people who got to know PT because of their heavier phase. It’s also my favorite phase of theirs...but there are so many good records/songs from their time before the Opeth-link! Especially LBS and SD! Love them!
  7. There was one which ended yesterday...plus 3 blue ones and a red one. Have never seen 5 Deadwing LPs on eBay at the same time...
  8. I meant bothering yourself looking up the numbers... WOW, so many first press Deadwings showing up on ebay right now
  9. Question should be: why do you bother checking this nonsense on a daily basis?
  10. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    Did I just pay $22.45 for shipping the Owel 7“??? haha, will probably cancel if this won’t be adjusted...wtf?!
  11. Well, there were (I'd say) three different phases in the band's history...first the rather ambient/space rock thingy like Voyage, then the mellow rock things like Lightbulb Sun and the last one which was their heavier stuff starting with In Absentia (or rather Steven Wilson producing Opeth's BWP in 2000/2001)
  12. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    Owel? Fuck...thought I won’t order anything this year
  13. That's what I asked myself as well...I'd say it's the same colour as HD never really held any special variants before (afaik)...but you'll never know...