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  1. So it looks like the Pop Up Shop will be in Los Angeles from 08/06 - 08/11. I'm hoping to show up early on the first day and snag a red variant of DAMN.
  2. Perfect. I just cancelled. Thanks!
  3. So I've now received all 3 of my records from the 3 month membership: Gorillaz - Demon Days Fiona Apple - Tidal x2 Just to clarify, I don't have to cancel any memberships from here? I'm assuming the membership will automatically stop and not renew itself?
  4. I wonder if they'll have vinyl with them.
  5. Up
  6. If you're interested in FYF this year, I have a pass I'm selling. PM if you're interested.
  7. Damn, I went to the tour but didn't sign up for any list to receive a link for a tour press.
  8. Found a tan /100 at Amoeba. $19.99.
  9. Just trying to get a copy of a cheap variant, really. Thanks though.
  10. Looking to buy these LPs. Could be into trades. List is in signature. Pet Symmetry - Vision (Oxblood in Clear) Field Mouse - Episodic Field Mouse - Hold Still Life Strike Anywhere - Change is a Sound Strike Anywhere - Exit English
  11. Hopefully I can swap for Fionna Apple.
  12. Anyone grab an extra early bird version? Slept too long.
  13. Not a fan of the artwork. Sucks that they are straying away from the thematic artwork that their last 7 records had. Always excited for new Silverstein though!
  14. First time subscriber! I (finally) got an email to grab Demon Days w/ a 3 month lock in ($81 PPD) What are the chances that I can swap the June ROTM for Fiona Apple - Tidal?