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  1. Someone help me get Demon Dayzzzzzzzz
  2. Attempt #1: Enjoy The Ride Records got approved to press Catalyst, reached out to New Found Glory and Chad (on twitter of all places) not so respectfully declined, stating that labels like Enjoy The Ride were exploiting bands by pressing classic records by other bands and cashing in. Attempt #2: At a Chain Reaction show back in 2011, Chad said that Catalyst was going to be pressed by 6131 records, but that day never came. When addressed, they said licensing costs for a label like 6131 would be unfeasible. During a Billboard Facebook live-stream, I recently asked if Coming Home / Catalyst would see the light of day anytime soon. They said both are in the works, but it's challenging going through major labels.
  3. Only thing that I wish they included was an insert with a retrospective piece from the band. They did it with Juturna and I enjoyed reading through it. Still a really good package!
  4. 3x LP for On Letting Go is sold out. Few copies of Juturna left.
  5. What are you talking about? Arizona had a show exclusive print too! http://garageland.bigcartel.com/product/circa-survive-the-marquee
  6. I rank them.. 1. Love on the Weekend 2. Moving On 3. You're Gonna Live Forever In Me. 4. Changing
  7. I was just telling my friends how these are the best songs he's put out since Battle Studies! I was lucky enough to see him in a 150 Cap room in January.
  8. Still trying to figure out what this EU variant is out of... Bone w/ Splatter.
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Taking-Back-Sunday-Louder-Now-VINYL-LP-NEW-3RD-MARCH-/112297768174?hash=item1a2577f4ee:g:ZaIAAOSwCU1YnES8