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  1. Got a clear copy for 16.00 plus 2.00 shipping from this weird online retailer Bukoos in Salt Lake City. Jacket and records in perfect condition. Props to a poster on the B9 for sharing a link.
  2. I received an email from the shop I ordered from the streetdate bumped to 7-6-17.
  3. Like rain on your wedding day...
  4. Got my copy from Armageddon today, can't wait to hear this!
  5. Ordered this morning plus the False 7" and Couch Slut LP.
  6. Great record, found a red copy for 25 shipped from the U.K.
  7. A389 and HT copies won't be for sale until late July.
  8. Love the new song!
  9. I've had success a couple times. One cancellation but was emailed and refunded hours later from what I remember. Good luck!
  10. Incredible record!