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  1. Anyone see any news when these might be shipping?
  2. Awesome show, especially season 1.
  3. bump
  5. I'm looking for the new King Woman LP on splatter. I have Jane Live to trade. Baizley or Bertmer cover. Thanks
  6. Was not aware this was happening, classic album!
  7. That's one heck of a show right there, have fun!
  8. If anybody wants to part with their splatter copy hit me up. thanks
  9. Love this version of Cemetary Gates.
  10. Might need to track down one of those splatters on the secondary market. Looks great.
  11. Shipping confirmation from Southern Lord! I've only listened to the first single and have been holding out impatiently.
  12. Received my copy from Bullmoose, labeled colored with a sticker but was black. Oh well.