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  1. If anyone doesn't want their sub copy, I will buy it from you.
  2. New song is awesome! New song is awesome!
  3. I really like it. The drum tones are great
  4. Yes! I'll pick this up when it comes out.
  5. TW is self releasing a new record this year vis Kickstarter. It has been up for a few days and was funded in the first 7 hours. Album will be released digitally in April with the vinyl expected in July. Vinyl option is $25 180g. Here is the link: From the page: "About this project I'm making an album about fear and liberation. It's almost done. As an experiment, I've decided to self-release it. Digital will be released at the end of this preorder campaign, and the vinyl will ship about three months later. Shortly after the campaign, the album will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and other modern music services."
  6. The single is nice. 2017 is starting off pretty good with new Bazan, TW, and Lo Tom.
  7. Awesome. Let me know if you guys have time for a beer
  8. I live in Estes Park. Are you coming for the MBD shows? I'll be at Friday and Saturday. Also we have a couple of good breweries and one distillery. Let me know if you want to grab a drink or take a hike in the national park.
  9. Thank you so much. I enjoyed everything. Just noticed the signature on Wild Things. Thanks!
  10. I opened this this on Christmas, but have been pretty lazy. Sorry for the delay in posting the picture. Here is what was inside: Tom Waits - Real Gone one I didn't have on vinyl and have always wanted to pick up. Thanks! Dave Eggers - Wild Things. I have the standard edition, but not the furry one. I think it is awesome, but my wife thinks it is creepy. This is a care package comp - I love MBD and did not know this existed. JD McPherson - Bossy 45. Rockabilly isn't my favorite genre, but I really do like this. Plus the Nick Lowe cover is good. The Good Life flexi. I didn't have this. Thanks! Planet Express sticker is awesome. The mixes are great. I love the case and stickers. This SS package was awesome. Thanks santa! My best guess has to be @llamaface
  11. I would love to trade for some Jester King. I live in CO and can get anything from around here.
  12. My wife is a teacher. She said she would be willing to help out too.