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  1. TL:DR 1. Try to Identify the hiding spots. 2. Make a plan with an exterminator. 3. Be ready to bag and treat valuables. 4. Be prepared to potentially throw away furniture or carpeting. If you need PM me or reply here. Best of luck dude.
  2. These are the worst. Really the only thing that worked for me back almost 10 years ago was heavy chemicals from an exterminator friend I had and several rounds of extermination. Really I hate to say it but since they are so hard to get rid of that I'd just take the plunge and hire a professional to get rid of them. If you see one or two you could DIY it but if they're biting you then they are hiding well and there may be an potential infestation.
  3. They use FedEx international now. More expensive but shows up half the time and is tracked. It's pretty much flat rate at a certain point so the trick is to add more items to your cart.
  4. Good to know! I needed that Orange though. I'm a sucker on this one. Holy shit I can't wait for this. Wore this album out back in the day. My favorite release of theirs.
  5. $36. I can't believe I just spent that. Still cheaper than an OG.
  6. Whoa dude! I may have some stuff. Sell some coffee too!
  7. Surprised there is no thread about this yet. They put out one of my favorite records a few years ago: Still great pop punk about baseball and shit. PO here: Pressing info as per Bandcamp (Seems low to me but that's what it says) 100 Big League Chew Bubblegum Pink 100 Classic Black Tar These are shipping now. Got mine today.
  8. Picked one up. Thanks!
  9. This is now up at Fat. Link in OP.
  10. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Saw on Facebook that Porterhouse would be shipping these this week.
  12. Boo-urns