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  1. Saw on Facebook that Porterhouse would be shipping these this week.
  2. Kind of confused how this goes up for pre-order before The Dirty Nil.
  3. I do appreciate the Fat Wreck PO thread, but definitely wish more discussion about actual said records in their own thread. That said anyone else over the 2 song 7" with only one exclusive track business? At this point I'd rather pay $1 for the digital track and call it a day...
  4. There are a bunch of recommendations here as well:
  5. This album gets better with every listen. So good. Only song I skip is "The Bars." I also love that this album is Greg heavy...
  6. Its not a big deal either way. I would say that a lot of records not listed as 180 grams could weigh between 140-180 depending on those same reasons. Some plants manage to press >180 Gram records when they advertise its 180 Gram. Doesn't affect the sound quality but some people might find a reason to write a picthforked e-mail.
  7. Pretty sure I didn't see this posted here. Neaux (ft. Sierra from VersaEmerge, Ryan from Have Heart, and Nick from Trash Talk/Loss Leader) Bandcamp: Vinyl/Cassette:
  8. Got my Brown SRC copy today. Long wait but finally here. I forgot if this was supposed to be 180 Gram but even without weighing it on my postage scale it is most certainly not.
  9. Probably some overrun copies and assuming they finished shipping pre-orders. Labels do this here and there.
  10. Thanks for the Euro store heads up! I will say this though. The Kings Road EU store charges a flat rate for shipping now but at least its tracked through FedEx and you could ship a sizable order. Picked up a few non-Fat things through them.
  11. Hopefully that and the Dirty Nil collection as well. I'm really stoked about that.
  12. Both Anxious & Angry and Crusades Big Cartel are sold out. These pop up anywhere else?