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  1. PO: American Nightmare (out in Feb)

    Thank you DW for making this an easy purchase.
  2. No lyric sheet, unfortunately.
  3. They have WM on black with them. Picked it up last night.
  4. Wear it with a clean pair of black jeans and nice Chelsea boots. Remember to floss, and comb your hair. Impress your neighbors. Get that phone number from the person you've been pining over. Make history. Do you Garfeelme?
  5. Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (10/21)

    My Enemy is on Spotify. I want that 7"!
  6. Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (10/21)

    No luck for the troubadour show
  7. Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (10/21)

    Fuck me. I'll have a shot during the general sale then. Just need one for myself.
  8. Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (10/21)

    Anyone here having issues trying to get tickets? Either The Troubadour is not playing ball or they sold out during presale.
  9. Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (10/21)

    Oh shit! Spoke too soon! Just got the email with the dates and password. Catch me on the 23rd, 27th, and 29th.
  10. Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (10/21)

    Really dig the shirt with the Get Right artwork on it. Tempted to go for the litho as well. I almost don't want them to sign it. Might have to change my order soon. I'll wait for that presale password.
  11. Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (10/21)

    I really like the artwork presented so far, especially the photo for Get It Right. I'm glad they went back to photographs.
  12. PO 7/25: Balance and Composure Light We Made

    Screw it. I'll hit those bozos up for a refund later tonight.