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  1. Aw. Lemme know if I can ship you a tissue box
  2. FS: The Dear Hunter

    Prices may help
  3. FS :: 'Brand New' rarities/junk

    I definitely wouldn't buy from this guy. I'm betting hard he doesn't come through. I wish everyone the best
  4. PO Now: Ed Sheeran - Divide

    This album is absolutely fantastic (minus the single)
  5. FS: Most of my collection

    Awesome man good luck!
  6. Taylor Swift - 1989 2xLP

    It's a pun. She had a record entitled "RED"
  7. WTB: Bad Rabbits "Stick Up Kids" 10"

    Had a great Monday and thought my luck may trickle into the vinyl world. Still looking for this... Bueller??
  8. WTB: Bad Rabbits "Stick Up Kids" 10"

    Anybody have any leads on this by any chance? Much appreciated
  9. Hey there. I've been looking for this for a few years. If you have one you've even thought about letting go for a split second - please send me a PM. I bought one from MoM way back in the day, but unfortunately have a huge scratch through 3 songs. White/black/half&half, doesn't matter. If by any chance you have the triple box set I'm prepared to give top dollar. Gimme a holler! Thank you kindly.