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  1. I definitely wouldn't buy from this guy. I'm betting hard he doesn't come through. I wish everyone the best
  2. This album is absolutely fantastic (minus the single)
  3. Awesome man good luck!
  4. It's a pun. She had a record entitled "RED"
  5. Had a great Monday and thought my luck may trickle into the vinyl world. Still looking for this... Bueller??
  6. Anybody have any leads on this by any chance? Much appreciated
  7. Hey there. I've been looking for this for a few years. If you have one you've even thought about letting go for a split second - please send me a PM. I bought one from MoM way back in the day, but unfortunately have a huge scratch through 3 songs. White/black/half&half, doesn't matter. If by any chance you have the triple box set I'm prepared to give top dollar. Gimme a holler! Thank you kindly.
  8. Looks like they limited purchases to two per order... I assume we're down to ~150 now. Go go go!!
  9. Looks real sick, hope I get lucky. Thanks for the hard work and posting here first!
  10. Highly backed, buy this man's record!