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  1. song sounds pretty good. would rather Matt was singing lead though.
  2. acoustic hits is now gone. greatest hits can be yours for 42ppd.
  3. price lowered. and just to alleviate any fears, these are the best sounding pic discs I have ever owned (in fact, they are some of the best sounding records in my collection, which was quite a surprise considering).
  4. no idea the answer to your question, but man I would love it if they pressed the first two New Amsterdams records on vinyl for the first time.
  5. feeling the same. first run through and I was not really impressed at all and I have dug literally every single thing he has done up to this point. gonna give it some more runs though.
  6. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/10163957?ev=rb only like $10-$15 more than it cost from boomkat.
  7. are they sending shipping confirmations? I just saw they tweeted almost a week ago that they were going out. hadn't heard of anyone getting confirmations.
  8. I gotta say, the cure pic discs sound amazing. I know that isn't the norm by any means, but they are incredibly crisp with great levels. one of the better sounding records in my collection, which came as a huge surprise to me. plus they came in a gatefold sleeve as opposed to the usual pvc sleeve that pic discs come in. was quite impressed.
  9. I bought 300 copies. for the board.
  10. 350 in stock to be exact
  11. funny thing is, both appear to be pulling from the same stock. each has 39 copies left.
  12. killer. grabbed both goo goo dolls as well. looks like about 68 left of the pink dizzy up the girl. considering it is like $50 on discogs, peeps should step to that deal.
  13. again, whether it says that or not, if the release date is Friday it would beg to reason that they can't keep taking preorders up until release date. common sense was your friend in this matter. I feel for you not being able to get the record, but you had plenty of time to get something that went up for preorder in February and was billed as limited. as for shipping cost, it still came out to around $51ppd for a limited record and a book, and as I stated earlier in this thread $25 for a book and $25 for a limited lp doesn't seem worthy of complaint.