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  1. I too am interested in the group buy if possible.
  2. feels like summer is on pacific daydream. that and Mexican fender are the only two song titles released so far.
  3. my receipt was 12:44pm eastern and I have no cd or anything showing in myusps that one is coming. thinking it was random.
  4. you and me both. boilermaker and no knife are literally 2 of my all time favorite bands. I have messaged the jade shader facebook page and will post here if I get any info.
  5. https://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/blogs/news/tagged/boilermaker says they are sold out and that the band has copies to sell, however I never saw the band selling any. not sure what the deal is. killing me cuz I didn't even realize it was getting a pressing.
  6. anyone have a copy of The Jade Shader lp and want to hook a brother up?
  7. damn, another lesson in not being a dick on the internet. my apologies. so the question of what the $50 version means compared to this new $27 version is a valid one. Brand New, you certainly got me this time.
  8. that is really nice of you to wait when there is no way to get the record.
  9. I mean, there was a page that said "very limited" and a page that said "limited to 5000" so it isn't like that would be an absurd notion.
  10. mine was ordered during the second wave, but before the /lp5 page came up. my email says "LIMITED" and not "VERY LIMITED". nothing en route yet, but fingers crossed.
  11. always funny when a fake account tries to make an earnest post. I always wonder if they forgot to log back into their regular account or if they forget that they have already ruined the validity of anything they post.
  12. two variants? any idea of pressing info? don't wanna get the bundle, but blair has one of my favorite voices of all time, so I feel like I need whatever is most limited. I also hate myself for typing that last sentence.
  13. but will you take your chances with the continued bad jokes in this thread? that is the real question.