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  1. Anyone with leads on the cure, Cocteau twins, sunny day and Marcy playground records, I would love for an assist.
  2. wonder if there will be an indie exclusive /500 like with the Ben Folds reissues.
  3. im such a sucker for those Stoughton old style tip-on gatefolds. those and the supreme sound quality I have gotten out of the recent Ben Folds reissues and Blind Melon reissue really show a quality not seen in so many new pressings.
  4. legit my favorite store ever. been to both the Oakland and SF locations and have always found excellent records at super reasonable prices. the website has also saved me numerous times when I thought I missed out on something. will support til I die.
  5. Analog Spark is quickly becoming my favorite reissue label. Watch out MOV.
  6. I have idler wheel and the pressing is extremely quality. what are you talking about?
  7. first time ever pressed and its a pic disk and signed for $50? the fuck is wrong with people?
  8. I don't agree with what he told you. I just reactivated my subscription to a month to month and they charged my paypal immediately.
  9. lol. yeah, amazon can't handle vinyl. the largest online retailer in the world had it's back finally broken by increased vinyl sales.
  10. I would love a copy of Tidal as well, because having "Never Is A Promise" on vinyl would be terrific. Hopefully I get off the waiting list in time.
  11. Would prefer When the Pawn over Tidal by about a million percent.
  12. when the pawn?!?!?!?!!
  13. yeah, shows in stock now. that was weird.
  14. it is blatant. no argument here. I just really wanna know if people are seeing that as pink. because as mentioned, it does not look pink at all to me.