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  1. on a vinyl message board that complains constantly about things taking so long to be produced or delays to pressings, you would think the reception to a new pressing plant would be positive. but then again, complaining is way more fun.
  2. gross, who would even want that?
  3. http://usstore.liamgallagher.com/?frontend_message so yesterday there was no music in the US store, so i ordered from the link in the first post. now everything is on the US site so i have contacted the EU store and asked for cancellation. make sure if you order from the US you use the link i am providing and not the first one in this thread.
  4. the single he released is the best thing done by anyone related to Oasis since WTSMG. will definitely be grabbing this.
  5. Went back for clear AWLWLB after already making an order. Shipping refund, por favor? @CalebDW
  6. Thanks for that! Cancelled by Amazon U.K. order.
  7. jesus christ, shut the fuck up.
  8. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a bit pricey, but I have been waiting for this for so long.
  9. damn, I have Another Green World og, but 2xlp at 45 is intriguing for one of the best albums ever made. hopefully these will be able to had for less than ~$40 a pop stateside.
  10. I don't drink either haha! that is why I offered a 'generic' drink. would be happy to grab you a seltzer if you would like. either that or a pull or two off my weed pen if that is up your alley.
  11. thank you so much for this! just got my tickets for Oakland! @Derek™ you are still welcome to a drink for the thought.
  12. they would have to sell an average of over 40 copies a night for them to not have copies left on the Sacramento and SF dates dude. I think you will be fine.