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  1. That's cool of you to do that for the guy. I'm looking for a lot of stuff, but judging by what you've posted there may be a chance that he has a copy of Rocks the House lp by Etta James. It's not impossible to find, but if he has a nice clean copy, I'd be interested. Thanks for posting these and feel free to post up any sale lists here!
  2. Last tip, don't ever fly Aer Lingus. I don't know if they only fly to or from Ireland, but they fuckin' suck. Terrible staff and I am on day six with no word on my luggage that they lost. Yes, the records I bought in Dublin and London are presumably gone. Aer Lingus is hands down the worst airline I have ever flown for many reasons.
  3. It's sad when you see a thread and can't remember if you ordered the record yet. Good thing I posted as a reminder that I did.
  4. I just got back from London and the FIRST thing I would say is do not take a cab from Heathrow to your hotel. We spent two hours in the cab during the evening rush hour and it cost about 125 pounds. Do the underground. All of our friends gave tons of suggestions for places to eat and drink, but no one bothered to mention this to us. If you're into metal you need to go to Crypt of the Wizard. http://www.cryptofthewizard.com/ I enjoyed Camden Market. There were a lot of little record stalls and shops. The place is pretty overwhelming to navigate, so give yourself a lot of time and try to go in the morning. Seek out the lady making beef bourguignon burgers near Camden Lock food vendors. Best thing I ate in London.
  5. Good question. I just can't bring myself to spend 12 bucks on shipping in the U.S. I might just wait and buy it from them on their tour with Pillorian. That is going to be insane.
  6. Big fan of Hostage records. I get annoyed when a label doesn't include a DL code with the record. Not as much with 7 inchers, but with full albums, especially with what a lot of companies charge these days. I also think it's advantageous for the band to include digital. I buy so much music and only have so much time to sit and listen at home. Much of my listening is in my car on commutes or on my MP3 player. Sometimes I will forget about a release if I don't see it on my digital lists. You guys have always gone the extra mile, even with your elaborate download cards. You could probably cut costs, by just doing a computer print out of a bandcamp code? I'd also say that many of your downloads aren't redeemed because people buy multiple copies of the same release and don't use them all.
  7. Wait, this was already released as a "limited run"? Ugh. So, I'm in London right now and managed to figure out how to underground it over to Crypt of the Wizard metal record shop. Pretty awesome shop. Or course, I had a lot of the doom stuff there, but ended up buying a bunch of black metal that the guy recommended. Very cool and friendly dude. Was hoping to pick up the new Beastmaker, but some bastard bought the last copy that morning! Will post pics when I get home.
  8. Only 300 "die hard" variants? Shit just got real. Real stupid.
  9. I'm really interested to hear how this turns out. Vaenir was good, but didn't hit the mark like Empress Rising did for me. Battleground just posted a short soundbite of the new CHRCH and it sounds pretty massive. Is there such a thing as Black Doom? That's what it sound like to me.
  10. Anyone in London know if the black deluxe is readily available in record stores there? I'm wondering if there will even be a U.S. deluxe version.
  11. I'm not sure how I'd rank them. I do know that Eye and Silver would be battling for number one. This is up for PO, in case you didn't already know. The Word As Law
  12. No use of a brain necessary on this order. YaY!
  13. Got my sweet record package today. It's so cool when a label makes rare records available at a great price to us vinyl fanatics. My collection just got a hell of a lot cooler. Thank you Caleb and Deathwish!
  14. Maybe this is the seller...