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  1. It's a bummer that they didn't set a limit of 1 per person on this. I'm sure people bought multiple copies. I would have even been tempted to get two to cut shipping costs.
  2. No cat? I'm a dog guy and this shit is cracking me up!
  3. This sounds like a script for some "reality" show on MTV. Leave the dick and make an appointment with a therapist. Make sure his name is not Dr. Oz or Phil.
  4. It's sad that we have to feel lucky about that. I'm not gonna go all the way back to the beginning of my record buying, but even just a year or two ago it was standard for a double to cost $20. Like others have said, just try and contact the seller. They should be the ones handling your return and then they send it back to the distro. Good luck.
  5. How are you going to hold fire in your hands with squished nipples? Think people, think!
  6. No one cares. Maybe if you had the person who was "RANKED" #29, maybe... I'm not even going to click on the link because that is all you really want = views.
  7. It was a blind(10% chance I'll like it) buy. I can't listen to the track at work, but everything I'm reading about it sounds like the mix of the initial song is horrible. Hopefully it's not the final mix, but not holding my breath. I also just read that he did record an Elvis covers album. Hopefully that album cover will be him dressed in a sequined white jumpsuit wearing water skis and jumping over a shark.
  8. I saw that and it's a legitimate beef. I'm sure they will hook you up with something and odds are at least one will be pretty cool.
  9. I will probably regret this purchase, but I'm a sucker. New Danzig record on orange red swirl limited to 600. http://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/products/sound/vinyl/lp/danzig-black-laden-crown-orange-red-swirl-vinyl-.html
  10. Did you go for a Mystery Box? Mine should arrive Monday. It's funny that some people are whining about what they got. It's a fuckin' mystery and no you won't love everything and you might not love anything you get. That should be the disclaimer. Last time for the vinyl mystery box I got PJ20 colored version, so even if I crap out on many boxes I'm still ahead.
  11. Someone on the 10C boards supposedly contacted JPC Germany and their response was that these are official. Not a surprise, but good to get confirmation of some sort. So glad I didn't plunk down the big bucks for originals.
  12. OH YEAH! That makes a lot more sense. They flip things around over there. I hope that's the case because I was going to cancel my order. I've been spending too much damn money on records.
  13. Did you notice the shipping is TBA and the shipping on the regular one is 12/05/17?! Is this the longest pre-order wait ever? WTF.
  14. I use Bigcartel. It's easy to use, costs me $10 a month, and doesn't tack on that fee for my customer to have to pay.