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  1. Me too. I've been listening to the leak for about a week and am really impressed. To me, "Fire" is not the strongest track and I liked that song. Gonna be jamming this one all summer.
  2. Got mine today, too. It's thin, but I have thinner. I have older records, not flexis, that bend when you hold them with one hand.
  3. Fellwarden record up for preorder. A little bit of an Agalloch/Pillorian thing going on in some ways. Looks like black /200 and white /300. https://fellwarden.bandcamp.com/album/oathbearer
  4. Goddamn it! I missed it again. That's what I get for leaving the internet to make apricot jam.
  5. Damn. Missed out on that clear AWLWLB.
  6. Buy everything by Sharon Jones. I don't know how she performed this way while battling cancer. Makes me feel like such a wimp.
  7. Just a heads up that on Friday the 30th, Daptone records is having a "stoop sale" in Brooklyn. They will also have online sales that day from 4-8 ET. Can't go wrong with $10 lps. All Daptone LPs - $10 (LPs also $10 at shop.daptonerecords.com from 4pm-8pm ET) * All Daptone 45s - 5 for $20 (excluding colored vinyl) * PLUS! A limited amount of colored vinyl LPs and 45s Sharon Jones Record Store Day "Heaven Bound" 45s * T-shirts, Mugs, Slipmats, DVDs and giveaways. * FREE BEER courtesy of Braven Brewing Company! Friday June 30th, 4pm-8pm @ The House of Soul Studio 115 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11216
  8. Got shipping from NB and Bullmoose. Finally!
  9. That is interesting. Mostly that Backspacer is on there. I like the record, but it doesn't seem like it's that hard to find. Maybe they will do colored editions of all of these, in which case I would probably buy another copy of Backspacer too.
  10. Got my shipping notification for the bundle today.
  11. Went orb. I have a lot of splats.
  12. Good to know. Thanks!
  13. Still waiting on a shipping notice. Did you guys get a notice or did it just show up?
  14. SH is now saying there is no white vinyl. Someone has their shit wrong. I got my green silver merge, so whatever.
  15. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!