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  1. Yep, I remember the comic book insanity. They kept pushing out inferior product with many variants riding on the fear of "missing out" by collectors. Resale prices inflated. One day people realized that that pointless variant of an obscure soundtrack Lady Death comic wasn't worth much of anything. I see happy days ahead for collectors' record portfolios.
  2. Had to jump on that silver. I could listen to "Sugar for the Pill" all morning.
  3. Looks like U.S. folks will be able to get the new Brume record from Doom Stew Records and directly from the band. Text Wizards!
  4. Funny, I was already thinking about that in relation to Stage Four. The track that I did hear from this was definitely tough, but I was luckily able to distance myself to some degree, as I have not experienced the death of a spouse. I do expect this record to be an emotional rollercoaster. Trying to figure out if I wanna rally and see him playing in Oakland. I don't know if it will be a bummer night, as I'm not at all familiar with any of his other work.
  5. I'm in Norcal and got mine this weekend. I ordered whenever my first post is in this thread. Haven't had a chance to spin it.
  6. Yeah, I can totally do that for a song or two, but it just didn't let up. I kept hoping the next song would be something different, but I didn't even get through side A because there was no relief. From what I did listen to, I appreciate the progression in their sound and particularly Jeremy's singing and phrasing. This is why I can't wait for the next one!
  7. Geez. I have had this record since its release and have been trying to find the right time to listen to it. I finally listened a couple weeks ago and couldn't finish. It is a great record, but the lyrical content just hit too close to home. My wife came in the room when I was listening and I was a fucking mess. Well, I hope the next record comes soon, because I doubt I will be able to listen to this one again. I really don't know how Jeremy can perform these songs live without breaking down.
  8. I'm glad Armageddon is putting this out. I have good experiences with them, even when there was a problem with a record I bought from them. Looking forward to another solid outing from Elder.
  9. Brume has a new LP coming out soon. Unfortunately for U.S. people it will be released on DHU. Don't know if there will be U.S. distribution, but I will probably bug the band to find out. I have a feeling the PO from DHU will hit in a couple weeks. Here's their previous record, for those not familiar. BC
  10. I mostly meant that I don't see any point for the consumer who already owns the other versions. Though logic has no place in the mind of collectors, so who am I to say?
  11. I'm not seeing any value or point to this re-release.
  12. Alright, I'm an idiot. I just reread the description and the part about the "black heavyweight" was reading to me like 180 gram record when they were really talking about the shirt. Only records on my mind. This was confirmed by Folkvangr. I need more coffee. Anyway, it grew on me, so ordered!
  13. Why do I always miss out on the rare variant Profound Lore records? Maybe they will put more up. I want the blue black. Waaaaahhhh!
  14. I don't know what to make of this band. One second they are a black metal band and the next they are full on post rock. I do like both sounds. Also, confused about that bundle. I've read and reread it. Do you get one 180 gram record, a t-shirt, and another regular gram record that is also black? I think I need to listen to it some more to see if it takes.
  15. Yeah, I really don't understand who decided that label threads need to be a catch all. It's like some sort of anal neat freak thing. I don't give a crap about most Fat Wreck bands, so I wouldn't have seen this buried in that thread. Individual threads are the way to go.