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  1. Haven't heard anything off this new album, but I'm betting it will be good. His last album showed how much promise this artist has and his performance opening for Temple of the Dog completely blew me away. For now, it's a Pledgemusic PO. Here's some songs from his last album. This one reminds me of a Prince song. Preorder: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/fantasticnegrito
  2. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Even though it all points to Sleep, I would have never thought they would be on TMR.
  3. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    I don't know if this was mentioned in the 14 pages we've reached, but the word is that initially TMR wouldn't even tell retailers what they were ordering. It was a mystery record, but since it was from the much ballyhooed TMR it must be good. In this case it was, but that seems like a crappy game to be playing with record stores trying to stay afloat. I don't know if this is actually true, just like I don't know if there were actually 10,000 green pressed. I do know that I'm getting tired of this type of nonsense.
  4. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Yeah, it's been a while since I've been excited about an STB release. It's a shame, I really liked the earlier stuff they were putting out. Aside from the music on this newest release being not that great, the actual sound is terrible. It sounds like the mic is positioned outside of a rehearsal studio. Everything sounds muffled and flat. I just can't get past that.
  5. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    I'd be down for a copy of DDS, as long as I can pay the first of the month. If not, no worries.
  6. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    This should be nice and confusing for people wanting the green. There are also two different hype stickers for the green. Third Man problems.
  7. Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    This might interest some people. Mortuous - Through Wilderness on Carbonized and Tankcrimes. They each have a /150 version. http://carbonizedrecords.storenvy.com/products/23707224-mortuous-through-wilderness-lp
  8. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    I get records delivered every week and I don't have the same problems you're having. Split jacket seams bug me. Even when I was a teenager it bugged me. I think it's your area/post office. I've also noticed that more labels seem to ship the records outside of the jacket. which is a good thing and something you can request. Anyway, sounds like you're over it and should probably start selling. No shame in that. You need to figure out your priorities for finances and happiness. Good luck.
  9. Search this thread. Some store in SF said they had copies.
  10. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    GONE. Keep checking though. I got mine for the same price on ebay. Ten bucks over retail was worth not standing in a long line. Jump on this quick. Delvon Live 34.99 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Delvon-Lamarr-Organ-Trio-Live-at-KEXP-Limited-RED-vinyl-RSD-Soul-2018-NEW/192518385932?hash=item2cd2fd710c:g:p9AAAOSwqDha3IBz
  11. Marked up, but less than what others were paying, so I guess it's okay.
  12. Just snagged the Delvon live record on ebay for $35. Anyone know what they went for originally?
  13. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    I guess I have some listening to do, because I've never heard of any of those releases! I'm looking forward to seeing what Dream Catalogue puts out next. It's funny how those 2814 records have become my fav in spite of being unsure about them at first.
  14. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    Maybe you two can take a walk together? In any case, can this be more about record releases than trying to clown each other? I know it's VC and all, but the bitching back and forth is starting to outnumber the record posts. What record is everyone waiting for next?