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  1. Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    I appreciate everyone who has posted so far. Thank you! To my SS: I will write mine when I get some quality time this weekend.
  2. PO: Mansions - Deserter EP

    Oh shiiiiiiiiit. Dig Up the Dead and Doom Loop are both really excellent albums. Wish this was another full record, but I'll sure take it
  3. Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    I'll help if daegor doesn't want to. I'm a sucker for organization and rules, which makes me really good at things like these and also a lot of fun at parties
  4. You said it better than I did. This is my exact feeling. I can hardly tell the difference between most songs. I know Anthony sees Yip as a good friend but holy smokes he needs to use different producers again. It's been way too long.
  5. There is very little about this album that strikes me as remarkable after my first few listens except maybe the Stay/Rites duo. To me this is just a slightly faster paced Violent Waves, except I actually really like that album.
  6. PO LIVE: MUTEMATH - Play Dead

    I think this is a really incredible Mutemath album. Very happy.
  7. PO Now: Odesza - A Moment Apart

    Yeah, I honestly wasn't expecting to care a whole lot for this album but hot damn it really blew me away. Excellent stuff
  8. Is dead format.........dead?

    Thanks, I figured there was a way but Discogs has a lot to it so it'll take a while before I get all the tricks. I'll try it, thank you.
  9. Is dead format.........dead?

    I'm glad we got a warning at least. Being as small as it was, I was always worried that it would just go down one day without any access to my list. I found it easiest to use to catalog and keep track of what I had incoming, all in one place. Time to bite the Discogs bullet now. RIP my old friend
  10. Well shoot. I didn't know I just listened to the last track on the album. I hate that.
  11. That was excellent
  12. PO SOON: U2 - Songs of Experience

    Can't wait for Scott and Scott's take on this
  13. This song is confusing. I'm not seeing how it can have much staying power at all. But I'm just some idiot on a message board
  14. Post your own mockups for fun!

    Dang dude, this is awesome. Thanks for sharing! I always wondered whether vinyl mockups were something a plant sends as like a, "Hey is this what you want," or what a label sends as an example of what they want. It helps explain why received vinyl is sometimes wildly different than a mockup. Whichever plant you're using is definitely on their game.
  15. I gotta say, I'm obviously a raving lunatic when it comes to Circa, but these two new songs aren't really doing much for me. They certainly aren't bad, they're just kind of... middling. Hope the album in full changes my mind